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Welcome to the NEW! Since Avril is prepping her epic comeback, I felt that it was a time for a more responsive, modern website. Enjoy the new look and new/updated content and leave a comment with what you think. Thanks to Never Enough Design for the design.

There are some pages I am still working on, but if you see anything out of place, please email me.

One other thing: if you want to see old news posts, you can still do so here.


5 Responses to “New Look, New Site!”

September 2, 18 • 2:41 pm

New website looks great Melissa! Thanks for resurrecting the comment section too!

September 4, 18 • 1:30 am

Love the new layout Melissa, excited for new music!

September 4, 18 • 11:22 am

I’m loving the new layout! Let’s hope Avril’s new single does well!

September 5, 18 • 7:22 am

Oh my gosh, what a surprise! It looks AMAZING!! Everything is so nice now.

September 5, 18 • 8:33 am

Looks amazing! Thanks for bringing back the comments 😀

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