Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne, the rock star known for her kohl-rimmed eyes, is teaming up with retailer Kohl's and launching her own rocker-chick clothing line in July 2008.

Dubbed Abbey Dawn (Lavigne's childhood nickname), the back-to-school juniors' collection will draw on the eclectic contents of Lavigne's own closet: "a lot of hot pinks and blacks and stars and purple and zebra," she says. "Basically, everything I wear." "It's rock glam: fun, colorful, young and edgy." The brand will start with apparel and jewelry and add more products as it rolls out new collections every two months. Abbey Dawn is feminine and flirty, but with a rocker edge.

"I have a very particular style," says Lavigne, 23 one that's often replicated by her fans and one that's not readily available at the local mall. "I want it to be available to a lot of girls, and I want it to be affordable." Apparel prices will range from $24 to $48. "I walked through (a Los Angeles) Kohl's the other day and said, 'Oh, when my line is here it's totally going to stand out.' "

Mixing skulls and plaids with checks and stripes, it's "a rock collection with a feminine edge," says Don Brennan of Kohl's. "I think it will broaden who we bring into our junior department".

Unlike other celebrity-endorsed collections, Lavigne stresses she's not just entering into a licensing deal. "I actually am the designer. What's really important to me is that everything fits well and is well-made, so I try everything on and approve it all."

The second she can get herself into an Abbey Dawn hoodie and pair of jeans (her most-anticipated pieces), she will. "I can't wait," she says. And "juniors" label notwithstanding, "I'm making sure that I think people in their 20s are going to wear it because it's going to be a sexy fit, not just, 'Oh, T-shirts and hoodies.' The hoodies are slimming. It's not a thick, bulky material."

Her husband of two years, Sum 41's Deryck Whibley, is "excited for me because he knows, especially with the clothing, I've wanted to do this for a while. He's really supportive. He likes anything I like pretty much."

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