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Picture 1: Let Go Sketchbook, Let Go Snippet Sampler, Angus Drive EP, Let Go, Let Go 2 disc Australian Tour edition with DVD, Let Go Dataplay disc, Complicated single, Complicated UK single, Complicated promo single, Sk8er Boi single, Sk8er Boi Euro single, Sk8er Boi promo single, I'm With You single, Losing Grip single, Unwanted promo single

Picture 2: Live Acoustic, Let Go/Under My Skin double pack, Under My Skin, Under My Skin UK, Under My Skin 2 disc Special Edition with DVD, Don't Tell Me single, Don't Tell Me UK single, My Happy Ending single, My Happy Ending Limited Edition single, My Happy Ending promo single, Nobody's Home single, Nobody's Home UK single, He Wasn't single, He Wasn't promo single, Fall to Pieces promo single

Picture 3: The Best Damn Thing clean signed by Avril, The Best Damn Thing explicit 2 disc with DVD, The Best Damn Thing Limited Edition explicit 2 disc with DVD, The Best Damn Thing Taiwan Limited Edition 2 disc with DVD and 5 extra CD songs, The Best Damn Thing Japan Tour edition, Keep Holding On promo single, Girlfriend single, Girlfriend promo single, Girlfriend Ringle single, When You're Gone single, When You're Gone promo single, Hot single, The Best Damn Thing single, The Best Damn Thing Maxi single, The Best Damn Thing Music Pass

Picture 4: Alice single

Picture 5: Goodbye Lullaby, Goodbye Lullaby deluxe edition, Goodbye Lullaby Expanded Edition, What The Hell single, Smile single

Picture 6: My World DVD, My Favorite Videos (So Far) DVD, Bonez Tour 2005: Live at Budokan DVD, The Best Damn Tour: Live in Toronto DVD, Sk8er Boi/ I'm With You DVD single, Losing Grip/Complicated DVD single, Over the Hedge DVD, Fast Food Nation DVD

Picture 7: Chart (October 2002), YM (October 2002), Seventeen (January 2003). Teen People (Winter 2003), Rolling Stone (March 2003, Elle Girl (April  2003), Flare (June 2004), Chart (June 2004), Cosmo Girl (June/July 2004), Elle Girl (August 2004), YM (October 2004), Maxim (October 2004), Cosmopolitan (April 2005), All Access Yamaha (Summer 2006), Elle Canada (September 2006), Nylon (September 2006)

Picture 8: Night & Day, Arena (April 2007), Jane (April 2007), Seventeen (April 2007), Lucky (May 2007), Cutie (May 2007), Cosmo Girl (June/July 2007 subscription), Cosmo Girl (June/July 2007), Blender (June 2007), Flare (November 2007), Maxim (March 2008), Kohl's Flyer (July 2008), Body & Soul (Muller magazine July/August 2009), Elle Canada (August 2009). Z!nk (Fall 2009), Savvy (November 2009)

Picture 9: Try to Shut Me Up Tour 2003 Shirt, Bonez Tour 'Don't try to tell me what to do' shirt, Girlfriend Tee, Mayhem Tee (devientART winner), Type tee made by me for devientART, Star Cross tee made by me for Piczo, Bonez Tour program signed by Avril,  CD case, The Best Damn Tour personalized concert guide/magnet/bracelet, Make 5 Wishes Volume 1, Make 5 Wishes Volume 2, 8 promo photos, Make 5 wishes USB wristband, Let Go pins, Let Go sticker set, 2007 promo tour guitar pick, star tank top (missing: Pillowcase/keychain)

Picture 10: 2004 Calendar, 2005 Calendar, 2006 Calendar, 2007 Calendar, 2008 Calendar, 2009 Calendar

Picture 11: Let Go Easy Piano song book, Under My Skin Piano/Vocal/Guitar song book, Complicated song book, Complicated Piano song book, Sk8er Boi song book, I'm With You song book, Don't Tell Me song book, My Happy Ending song book, Nobody's Home song book, Keep Holding On song book, Girlfriend song book, When You're Gone song book

Picture 12: Squier Avril Lavigne Telecaster guitar by Fender autographed by Avril

Picture 13: The Best Damn Tour Merch: Poster, hot pink Hoody (with skull on back), white flag (signed at the meet and greet), pink flag, Girlfriend: Sleight of Hand and Heart comic, pink The Best Damn Thing underwear, change purse, laminated pass with lanyard, Military hat

Picture 14: Canon Rebel XSI and Canon ELPH digital cameras. Avril is the 2008/2009 spokesmodel for the brand! I won these cameras from the Shoot Like A Star contest.

Picture 15: Canon Rebel XSI life size cutout

Picture 16: Canon Elph HD life size cutout

Picture 17: Avril Lavigne Black Star 15ml Eau de Toilette

Picture 18: Avril Lavigne Black Star 50ml Eau de Toilette and leather clutch

Picture 19: Avril Lavigne Black Star deodorant, body lotion, and shower gel

Picture 20: Avril Lavigne Black Star 10ml Eau de Toilette

Picture 21: Avril Lavigne Forbidden Rose 50ml Eau de Toilette and body lotion

Picture 202 Avril Lavigne Wild Rose 30ml Eau de Toilette


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2 posters, 2 posters from sh! Mag, 3 Avril tee-shirts (one in wash atm and other can’t find :( :( ), 3 Piano – vocal – guitar music books (Under My Skin, Girlfriend and Let Go), Avril Lavigne Life Story, Blender, Girlfriend, Dolly, Top of Pops, Under My Skin Tour Book, 2 DVD’S Un offical Biography and My World, 5 packs of Badges (one isn't in the pic), BDT, BDT DVD addition, Girlfriend, When You’re Gone, Under My Skin, Let Go, Complicated, Losing Grip and  I’m With You/Sk8er Boi DVD single, 3 Sheets of stickers 




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