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Which song(s) would you like to see Avril cover?





Chris |@|www| "Fat Lip" by Sum 41 or "Why Can't I?" by Liz Phair | 'cause I like both songs and think she would do a good job doing them

Hunter |@|www| "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morissette | By that song rocks and Avril would do good at it.

Ayla |@|www| "I Feel So Light" by Nina Gordon | Because I love the song and I love Avril Lavigne

Lynda |@|www| "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson | Because she wrote that song and she would sound so good if she sings it, she can do better than Kelly

Annalise |@|www| "Bring me to Life" by Evanescence | Because that song rocks, and Avril rocks too

Matt |@|www| "Head Over Feet" by Alanis Morisette | Because everyone says she's like Alanis, and I think it should be settled, so we can see if she sounds like Alanis, sing one of her songs.

Pola |@|www| "Sweet Child O' Mine" of Guns N' Roses | Cause its got vocals and melodies that avril would kick ass singin them !

Alexa |@|www| "Hold On" by Good Charlotte | 'cause the song rocks and avril rocks too

Elizabeth |@|www| "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson | Well, she wrote that song...she should sing it! suits her more. not saying that kelly sings it badly!!

Liz |@|www| "Rumors" by Lindsay Lohan | Because i bet she gets kind of tired when she here's bad stuff about her.

Jackie |@|www| "Numb" by Linkin Park | Av likes LP and I think that she could do really good with that song.

Stephen |@|www| "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson, "Aerials" by System of a Down, "Still Waiting" by Sum41 | shes dating deryck of sum41 so she should do more sum41 covers, I love her cover of chop suey so System of a Down obviously works, and she wrote Breakaway, like Lynda said...actly any song by Avril, cover or not, works perfectly fine

Evelien |@|www| "American Idiot" - Green Day | I Just Like That song!

Mhyke |@|www| "Fuel" by Metallica | She sang this in her consert and she sang it very cool!!!! i love it... and it's gonna be cool!!!

Haya |@|www| "Welcome to My Life" by Simple Plan | cuz it has a nice tune and it suits her !n and the words are true....

Katherine |@|www| "Better Off" by Ashlee Simpson | They both have high dreams and they are both very good artists with talents that have reached the world...(ok I know that sounds corny but it's true)

Sarah |@|www| "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson | She wrote it, so she should sing it at least once, that would rock.

Ashley |@|www| "Fly" by Hilary Duff | 'cause i like the song a lot and i think Avril would do a great job singing them even though Hilary Duff sings it stupendesly awesome.

Eda |@|www| "Pieces of Me" | I think Avril would sing much better than ashlee

Luis |@|www| Any song by Alanis Morissette | It will be awesome, cause I love them both so much!

Lacey |@|www| "1985" by Bowling for Soup or "I'm Just a Kid" by Simple Plan | Because I love those songs and it would be really cool to hear Avril sing them!

Cortney |@|www| "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence | cuz i think she will sing that good

Danielle |@|www| "The Party Song" by Blink 182 | that song is reaally fast and it'd be wicked to see her do that song

Morgan |@|www| "American Idiot: by Green Day or :Boulevard of Broken Dreams: by Green Day | Doesn't Av. like Green Day? She did Basket Case at some concerts. But I can see her doing American Idiot or Boulevard of Broken Dreams. and i like those two anyway. ^_^

ece |@|www| the Rasmus "In the shadows" | because i think in the shadows the rock single that i like too!! and avril can cover up!!! i think so !!!

Alyssa |@|www| "Love Hurts" | The song reminds me of my dad and he died so now when I listen to it I cry and I just think listening to her sing it would be great

Mandee |@|www| "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson | Because it sounds like something Avril would write even though she didn't. =)

Shawna |@|www|  "American Idiot" by Greenday and "Ain't My Bitch" By Metallica | She's done a song by both bands and I wanna Here more!!

Lydia |@|www| "Miss You by Blink 182 | because it a awesome song and avril is awesome

Ingrid |@|www| "Linger" by The Cranberries | when i first heard this song i thought avril would sing it real well.

Chelsea |@|www| "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson | I think this song is so avril. when i found out avril wrote a song for kelly clarkson i thought it was since you've been gone until a friend told me that it was break away.. i was like woah since you've been gone is so avril style though .. dont u think?

Burke |@|www| "You're so Vain" by Carley Simon | I love the song and i think that she would do a really good job on it

Lissa |@|www| "Pieces" by Sum 41 | I dunno, i just think this song could be amazing in Avril's voice.

Morgan |@|www| "Shut Up"  by Simple Plan | I think av would do that one really good and it seems her.

Cynthia |@|www| "Numb" by Linkin Park | al rock n linkin park rock too!

Ashley |@|www| Alanis Morrisette's "Head over Heels" | Because it would be a great song sung by her

Kara |@|www| "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger | It seems like a fun song that I could see her doing a cover for.

Alexx |@|www| "Pieces"by Sum 41 and "Nothing to Loose" by Billy Talent | Because they are good songs very well writen and I think Avril as the talented singer she is could pull them off

Hardish |@|www| "La La" by Ashlee Simpson | coz that song suits avril and plus avril can sing any song good and better 2 tell u da truth!

Ariel |@|www| "My Immortal" by Evanescence | its a beautiful song

Vivian |@|www| "Imaginary" by Evanescence or "Holiday" by Green Day | Because both of those songs totally rock and so does she! Plus she has the voice to sing both of those songs...

Kara |@|www| "Welcome to My Life" by Simple Plan | Because I want to see her do it.

Daniel |@|www| "Its My Life" by Bon Jovi | Because It was one of my favorit songsa and I just think it would sound better if it was Avril singing it

Hannah |@|www| "American Idiot" by Green Day | cos its an awesome song. Shes done a cover of Basket Case and i could just imagine her singing american idiot

Debbie |@|www| "Can't Help falling in love" by A*teens | Because I think she can do better than the a*teens since she had sang a song for Sponge Bob. It might be something fresh.

Nina |@|www| "Bad Day" from Daniel Powter | Cauze It's A Feel Good Song And Avril Makes Everyones Feel Good =D

Tia |@|www|  "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson | Because it's a cool song and it's her tipe of song she'd sing

Mariana |@|www| "She" from Green Day | Because it is a wonderful song and I think it would like great with her voice

Cassy |@|www| People Avril already covers American Idiot on her Bonez Tour..To whoever asked if she liked green day she loves them!...I think Av should cover "In this life" by Chantel Kreviazuk | because she helped Av write her songs so she could cover that song by her....and i dunno because it has a lot of piano in it so Av could show off her piano skills!:P(Chantel taught her how to play)

Brittani |@|www| "Behind These Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson or maybe even "Extraordinary" by Liz Phair | because i think that both of these songs are so awesome.I also think that Avril could cover these songs so well that you would honestly believe that she was the original artist that sung these songs. also Avril is "Extraordinary" and "Behind these hazel eyes" sounds like something avril would sing if she could and she would have so much fun singing both of these songs!!

Justin |@|www| "Miss Independent" by Kelly Clarkson | Because it rox and it fits her criteria

Tiarna |@|www| Any of Kelly Clarkson's songs | Because her songs would suit Avril's voice way better.

Ashley |@|www| "Helena"  by My Chemical Romance | Because they both rock and she would do an amazing job at it!!

Ashley |@|www| "Some Say" by Sum 41 | Because i love that song and i think she would do an awesome job doing it

Dizziee |@|www| "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears | It would be very funny!!!

Astrid |@|www| "Tourniquet" by Evanescence | Because this song would do good if Avril would sing it.

Lauren T |@|www| "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson | because i think avril can rock out more to this song than kelly clarkston can! i mean avril can do n e cover song good!! cause shes awesome!!

Melina |@|www| ''American Idiot'' by Green Day or even ''I just wanna live'' by Good Charlotte | 'cause these songs totally R-O-C-K!!..and they suit Avril perfectly!!!:)

Jesse |@|www| "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson | because she wrote that song and i think she can do better than Kelly because av's the best when she sing other song

Katherine |@|www| "Life Styles of the Rich and the Famous" by Good Charlotte | I just think it would be a nice challenge for Avril and she probably would do good at it lol

Danielle |@|www| "Iris" by Johnny Reznik, "Rush" by Aly & AJ and "No One" by Aly & AJ | she sounded great when she sang "iris'' (i saw the video,she sounded great)

Meredith |@|www| "Behind These Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson and Lindsay Lohan "Over" | avril has the best vocals obviously and evrytime i listen to behind these hazel eyes  said whoa avril would tottaly cover this song and its the same thing with over

Jessica |@|www| "I don't really like you" by Skye Sweetnam or "Leave (get out)" by Jojo | avril likes boy payback songs and both songs are really good for her and she likes jojo's music

Giulia |@|Www| "All The Things She Said" by t.A.t.U | Because this song is amazing,and I'm sure Avril could sing it perfectly

Danielle |@|www| "Billy S." and "Tangled Up in Me" By Skye Sweetnam, "Are you Happy Now", "Everywhere", "Breathe", and "All You Wanted" by Michelle Branch | I think she would sound good singing these songs

Sarah |@|www| "Get Out" by Jojo | That is my fave song other than all of Avrils!

Paris |
|www| "Whatever Life" by Haylie Duff | Because it'd be really cool if she sang it, and it'd be nice to hear her sing something more pop.

Corel |@|www| "Im not ok" and "Helana" by my chemical romance, and "fat lip" by sum41 | think shed sing them really cool cause tyhey send a kind of sence and dat would be good for av

Karen |@|www| "Jesus of Suburbia" by Green Day | Because avril's voice is great . i love when she songs musics by green day as Basket Case

Sebas |@|www| "Toxic" by Britney Spears | Avril and Britney are my favorites singer!!

Maggie |@|www| "Hand in My Pocket" by Alanis Morrisette | I think that Avril would sound cool if she covered it.

Candy |@|www| "Time of your Life" by Green Day | Avril's good when she sings ballads so that's why I picked it.

Danielle |@|www| ''Goodbye to You'' and ''Til I Get Over You'' by Michelle Branch | cuz boys she sang ''slipped away'' 4 her grandpa when he passed away and these would siut her perfectly.

Nina |@|www| "Be My Escape" by Relient K or "Black Horse" & "A Cherry Tree" by KT Tunstall.  | 'Cauze both songs rock and KT Tunstall is like sooo like Avril and her songs too. So Avril woulded have any problems with singing it. :)

Kayla |@|www| "Who Knew" by Pink | Because it's like when she says i'll punch them out on the song & makes me think this should be Avril's song!

Brittany |@|www| "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield | I Think Avril should sing that because I love that song, and I bet Avril could relate in a small way.

Laura |@|www| "Boys of Summer" - The Ataris, and "My Immortal" - Evanescence | Her voice would sound amazing singing both of these songs.

Tink |@|www| "numb" by linkin park or "hella good" by no doubt | those are awsome and she would make them rock

Rayne |@|www| "Snow" by JJ72 | She has a very distinct sound, and she could really make it her own.

Carlos |
@|www| "Hanging On" by Cheyenne Kimball | I think Cheyenne's style is a copy from Av's, although, this song is not that bad... I bet Avril could sing it a 100 times better!

Carol |@|www| "American Idiot" by Green Day | Because thats an kinda rocked song, just like Avril.

Aaron |@|www| "Breaking the Habit" by Linkin Park | because the whole song is a one singer, and i think she could do a good job with it

Cheyenne |@|www| "My Humps" by Black Eyed Peas | she would sound real good i mean with her vocals

Marissa |@|www| "The Anthem" by Good Charlotte | Cuz totally flippin LOVE that song and I love Avril so I think it'd be cool. Plus Avril would sound good singing it

Ellie |@|www| "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana | Because the song is really good and I'd like to hear Avril covering a Nirvana song

Drusila |@|www| "Dead" by My Chemical Romance and "Since you been gone" by Kelly Clarkson | cause she has got voice like that to sing theese songs

Nela |@|www| "Stupid Girls" by P!nk | Because she doesn t like  stupid girl who is song about:D

Michelle |@|www| "Stuck" by Stacie Orrico| Because it suits Avril's personatlity in the Girlfriend video and she would do a great job singing this song | "Girl Next Door" by Saving Jane | It's a great song and Avril would sing it wonderfully about her jealousy for another girl!

Rachel |@|www| "Umbrella" by Rihanna | cause shell be cool at it

Jessica |@|www| "Anything" by Iggy Pop | Iggy Pop is the godfather of punk and..since everyone seems to think that Avril is sooo punk I think it would be cool for her to do that. Plus, her new CD sounds alot like Iggy's older stuff.

Kimberly |@|www| "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith | It's timeless music and I'm pretty sure she's gonna do justice to it.

Lisa |@|www| "Good enough" by Evanescence / "Surrender" by Billy Talent | Because I love both songs so much and it would be so cool if she would cover them

Miljana |@|www| "Ironic" by Alanis Morissete | `cause i like the song...and Avril`s the BEST

Michelle |@|www| "Jericho" by Hilary Duff | Because that song rocks and Avril would be great singing it!

Olivia |@|www| "Who Knew" by Pink | Because it's a good song and Avril would do even better.

Beth |@|www| "Fully Alive" by Flyleaf | Because Its Just Like Her Style

Aren |@|www| "Who Do You Think You Are" by The Spice Girls | b/c it would sound SOOO good...:P

Dani |@|www| "In Another Life" by The Veronicas | Because this is my favourite song.

Ellen |@|www| "Building a Mystery" by Sarah McLachlan | 'cause Avril performed Adia live at Roxy and I think Sarahs Style fits to Avrils voice

Francesca |@|www| "Mother" by John Lennon, and "Thank you" by Dido | Because she has an amazing voice, and It would be good to see her do more songs with more range

Ily |@|www| "Gimme More" by Britney Spears | it would be fun!!!!!!!!

Anette |@|www| "I don`t wanna miss a thing" Aerosmith | `cause it`s such a beautiful song

Jessica |@|www| "Search and Destroy" by Iggy Pop | because...hes amazing

Aliza |@|www| "Keep Breathing" by Ingrid Michaelsson | the original is pretty good, but the high notes are not powerful and i just love avril's piercing high notes

Ingrid |@|www| "Linger" by the Cranberries | Because I reckon I reckon she'll do it well

April |@|www| "L.O.V.E." By Ashlee Simpson, "Breathe" by Michelle Branch, or "Are You Happ Now" by Michelle Branch | I luv all three songs and Michelle and Ashlee are my favorit3e singers besides Avril

Barbara |@|www| "Almost lover" by a Fine Frenzy | because Avril has beautiful voice and I love this song but I wan't hear  Avril version

Emily |@|www| "Never too Late" | I like the song and avril would do good at it. :)

Ashlee |@|www| "How To Save A Life" by The Fray or "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol | I really love The Fray they're one of my all time fave bands and this is a song that I never get tired of'd be cool to see how Avril sings it. Or "Chasing Cars" cuz it's a beautiful song and it would be really cute and...u know...emotional if Av sang it:)

Britney |@|www| "Pocketful of Sunshine" By Natasha Bedingfeild | This song would just suit Avril very well and it'd sound pretty with her voice

Brittany |@|www| "Cruchcrushcrush" by Paramore | Paramore is an awesome band and Avril is a (F**KING)awesome solo artist...haha! I think she'd just have a good time singing it cuz it's a fun song to rock out to.

Lauren |@|www| "Better Off" or "Rule Breaker" by Ashlee Simpson | "Better Off" is a pretty song and Avril is a pretty girl so it just makes and I just think that it suits Avril well and she should sing it and "Rule Breaker" cuz it's just a fun song and it's kind of fiesty so it fits her personality

Samantha |@|www| "Hot Stuff"or"Outta My Head(ay ya ya)" By Ashlee Simpson | Cuz "Hot Stuff" is kinda funny how it's making fun of slutty girls...haha! And it would be hilarious and entertaing to see Avril sing that. And "Outta My Head (ay ya ya)" cuz Avril can kinda relate 2 it i think. also cuz it's just fun and a lot of ashlee's song's suit Av very well:)

Emma |@|www| "Misery Business" by Paramore | Cos Paramore Are Awesome Just Like Avril & It Sounds Like Something She'd Sing!

April |@|www| "Don't Let  Me Get Me," "Leave Me Alone," or "Like A Pill" by Pink | The lyrics just really sound like something she can relate to and they really suit her well.

Julia |@|www| "The Call" by Regina Spektor | The call by regina spektor reminds me of I will be or innocence, as they are sad but gentle and i think it'd suit avril alot. Its a fave of mine and with avril's voice put to those lyrics and tune it would work

Allie |@|www| "Face Down" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and "Never Again" by Kelly Clarkson | Theses song rocks and be perfect for Avril :)

Tanner |@|www| "Womanizer" by Britney Spears, "Say Ok" by Vanessa Hudgens | Cause these are awsome songs! and avril is an awsome singer and she can sing anything!

Taylor |@|www| "My Immortal" by Evanescence | its one of my fav songs and i would love to hear avril sing it

Jess |@|www| "The Good Kind" by The Wreckers | coz the vocals are good an avril would sound amazin singin that song

April |@|www| "All Around Me" by Flyleaf | I think this song is great for avril to sing. She would sound so good in it

Abbey |@|www| "I Miss You" by Miley Cyrus | its a brillinat song

Dalton |@|www| "Homecoming" by Hey Monday | I really like the song and I think Avril would do an amazing job on it :]

Nick |@|www| "These Four Walls" by Miley Cyrus | Because this song is really beautiful and I think that Avril would sing it very good!!

Taylor |@|www| "Bring me to life" or "Tourniquet" by Evanescence | just because i think avril would do such an awsome job singing thoughs songs!

Katie |@|www| "Nothing New" by Ashlee Simpson or "Breathe" by Taylor Swift | "Nothing New" sounds like something Avril would sing, and she and Ashlee have a similar attitude/Avril is very good at emotional ballads and "Breathe" is beautiful

Priscila |@|www| "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses | Cause its got vocals and melodies that avril would kick ass singin them !

Lauren |@|www| "Grace and Love" by Kutless on Piano and "Hurricane" by Something Corporate | her voice is perfect for the melody and notes. the songs are amazing and if people heard the songs they would agree

Mira |@|www| "Hello" Evanescence or "Hallelujah" Paramore | Because Evanescence and Paramore is some of my favourite bands :D

Ann |@|www| "Dreamer" by Jenn Grant | It's like when she covered 'kiss me' and she sang it so well, it's kind of a country-ish, acoustic song.

Roxy |@|www| "Teardrops on my guitar" by Taylor Swift | Its a very beautiful song and i wish Avril sang it in her own way! I think it would be amazing!

Kelly |@|www| "In Between" by Linkin Park or "The Snuff" by SlipKnoT | Cause I love this songs an Av too, and that will be interesting if she does it...

Gianna |@|www| "Everybody's Fool" by Evanescence | Avril likes Evanescence and so do I!XD Plus,the both of them rock!!!

Caitlin |@|www| "Behind Blue Eye"s by Limp Bizkit and "Ms. Jackson" by Outkast | I saw a video of her and evan and it was with this song in the background, and cause their is a video of her singing it on youtube but you cant hear the whole thing and i want to hear how she sounds singing that song

Daniel |@|www| "Ignorance" by Paramore | I think that they have a similar style