Footage and short interview from the Avril x Lotto conference in Shanghai.


CCTV Interview before concert in Shanghai.


I have decided to create a site Twitter, so it's easier for those using smartphones to quickly see whats new in Avril world. The Facebook page is of course still going to be updated the same as well. Who knows, I might even follow you back! Check out the Twitter page and become a follower!


Avril looking all pretty in pink at an event promoting Avril x Lotto in Shanghai on Sunday. Thanks Avrilsmusic.


This is the (apparent) set list from Avril's Beijing, China Valley Music Festival show... I have a hard time believing it since Girlfriend is not included (and that is one of her most popular songs), as well as Smile and Push but since it is not an actual concert, the set list is minimized for time purposes. Can't wait to see the full set list from the Shanghai show tomorrow!

01. Bad Reputation video (same as The Best Damn Tour)
02. Black Star
03. What the Hell
04. Skater boy
05. He wasn’t
06. I Always Get What I Want
07. Alice
08. When you’re gone
09. Stop standing there
10. I love you
11. Wish you were here
12. Airplanes+My happy Ending
13. Don’t tell me
14. I’m with you
15. What the Hell (acapella)
16. Complicated


If you have noticed, AvrilLavigne.com's Events section has never had the Japan tour dates posted. ET Canada sent out a tweet this morning: Avril Lavigne has postponed her sold out Japanese tour out of respect for the many families that are still grieving. It does make sense and a great gesture on her part.


Avril kicks off The Black Star Tour tonight in Beijing, China, as part of the China Valley Music Festival. Can't wait to see the set list!

Just like for The Best Damn Tour, I will be developing a fanbook to (hopefully) give to Avril when she comes here to Canada in the fall so start thinking about what you want to say! I also want to start brainstorming a gift(s) to include as well (she's really into Hello Kitty so maybe a few cool pieces from there? Something to decorate the tour bus with? Let me know your ideas!). I won't be starting anything until the summer, I just want to know your opinions

EDIT: Here are the first pictures, courtesy of Avril's Twitter. I will post the set list once an official one comes out. It will probably be a little different from the tour since this is just a festival performance.

And check out Avril singing Airplanes!


Absolutely adorable. I don't think we have ever seen her looking so happy and excited. A must watch!


Videos from the press conference from Avril's launch of Avril x Lotto in Beijing on April 27.

Avril 28


Avril officially launched Avril x Lotto in Beijing today.


Here is the official Smile single cover! Her expression is priceless! I would have liked to see it jazzed up a little bit though, it's kinda plain. I think she is wearing this dress.

The rumor is that the Smile video will be released on May 16... hope it's true!


Some interesting photos were posted on Twitter today (here, here and here) of someone modelling what they say are pictures for Avril Lavigne's microphones. I take it as showing off the ones she uses on stage, but she might be coming out with her own line! She does have the signature guitar, so this would fit quite well! Cool!

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