Click here to listen to a cute new interview that Avril did with Z100 New York.


It seems like the cover for the regular edition of "Goodbye Lullaby" has changed slightly. A more yellowish tint has been added and while it does look good, I prefer the original version. But the deluxe edition is my favorite. Also, the 4 bonus tracks on the deluxe edition will be nothing new, just acoustic versions of What The Hell, Push, Wish You Were Here and Bad Reputation that was featured in a video from the Best Damn Tour.


Today Australia interview


Good news! There will be a deluxe edition of "Goodbye Lullaby" with a slightly different cover, 4 bonus tracks, and a bonus DVD! Check out the cover below.

And a new photo shoot picture!


Here are the picture updates from the week. Thanks Avrilsmusic for most of them.

"Goodbye Lullaby" CD listening party in Tokyo (Jan. 23)

Arriving in Tokyo, Japan (Jan. 23)

Koi Restaurant in LA (Jan. 20)

LAX Airport, coming home from Mexico (Jan. 15)


I am home from my beautiful beach vacation and am VERY pleased to see the What The Hell music video! WOW! So much fun! I know I say this a lot, but this is a different, more mature side of Avril and it rocks! This album era will be kick butt! Check out the video below and I will be adding more updates throughout the night (mostly of interviews and pictures that I missed this week).

A sweet making of the video:

ET Canada interview: interviews:


I will be on vacation from Jan 16 - Jan 23 so no updates until then. Have a good week!


The two lovebirds are still in Los Cabos, Mexico and were spotted taking a trip on a yacht earlier today. Thanks Avrilsmusic.


I guess Hawaii wasn't good enough? Avril and Brody are now relaxing in the Mexican sun. Is that a sun tan I see Avril? I'm impressed! Thanks Avrilsmusic.

Thanks to who supplies us with some rare unseen videos, now has access to some rare pictures. Here are some of Avril in her hotel room on her 18th birthday (September 27, 2002).


Avril called into Ryan Seacrest's show this morning to talk a little about the video for What The Hell, the process of making Goodbye Lullaby, how she is heading off on a promo tour next month in Japan, Europe, and China, and even a little about her "Brody" tattoo. You can listen to the full interview here.

A new rumor is that Sony Italy has said that when the single for What The Hell comes out in Italy tomorrow, there will be a new b-side song. No guarantees as this is just a rumor so stay tuned for more info.

Japan will also have a limited edition of Goodbye Lullaby with 3 unreleased tracks, and a 30-minute Making Of the album... EXCITING! We are going to have so many new songs!


Here is yet another kick butt behind the scenes footage supplied by This one is from Nov 30, 2002 and it features Avril backstage at The Dome is Germany, performing on stage, and hanging out briefly with boy band O-Town (geeze, that brings back some memories for me!). It's a great watch!


According to an article on (A Canadian entertainment site), "What The Hell" is expected to premiere on January 23! I hope they release 2 versions; the 3D and a regular one. Stay tuned!

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