Here are some pictures of Avril and Brody out at Voyeur Nightclub last night. Thanks Avrilsmusic.


So my friend Zach, being the computer savvy person that he is, found a way into and the items that will be on sale when the site launches. There are no prices yet, but there will be a VERY extensive line including:

shoes (platforms, heels, sandals, boots, flats, wedges and sneakers)
loungewear (slippers, robes, pajamas, underwear, etc)
bags (handbags, backpacks, luggage tags, passport holders, etc)
clothing (tshirts, hoodies, tanks, dresses, jeans, etc)
accessories (earrings, necklaces, etc)
kids line of clothes.

Click Read More below to see some of the new designs.



Darn, I liked it!


Avril and Brody were shopping at Fred Segal yesterday afternoon in Hollywood, then having a date night with Avril's sister in law, Amie and brother Matt. Thanks Avrilsmusic.


I've just added a great new layout, made by Celeste. I'm changing the look of the content as well, so it will take a little while to get it all changed over. I hope you like it!

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Avril posted a welcome video on the (almost) open website.


AHHHHHHH IT'S OFFICIAL!!!! Sorry for not posting earlier, just got home from work.... BUT...

"GOODBYE LULLABY" is officially going to be released on MARCH 8, with the first single "WHAT THE HELL" debuting on New Year's Eve, but I wouldn't be surprised if it leaked earlier! Avril looks GORGEOUS on the album cover and absolutely flawless. Click on it to see the HQ version! As well as the promo photos! I love what kind of font they have chosen for this album era. It's kind of a forest, glamour, feel. Check out AVRILLAVIGNE.COM for a brand new site and info!

Here is an excerpt from the press release on her website that you can read in full here.

Among its upbeat tracks are "What the Hell," an unabashed embrace of fun and freedom, and "Stop Standing There," fueled by an early-‘50s girl-group feel. The album runs the gamut of emotions: Lavigne expresses her gratitude for special people in her life in the rocker "Smile," explores the dynamics of a relationship in "Push," shows her vulnerable side in "Wish You Were Here," and finds the strength to close one chapter of her life and move on to the next in the title track "Goodbye."

Even more song titles were revealed on the new Avril Lavigne Bio posted on Read the full bio here.

“I pushed myself and didn’t hold back,” Lavigne says of Goodbye Lullaby for which she wrote or co-wrote every song, and wrote and produced two “4 Real” and “Goodbye” entirely on her own. “I allowed myself to be vulnerable. I think it’s during the real moments that people can relate the most. Those who have heard the album have had very strong emotional reactions to the songs, so I realized that when something is so real, it will probably touch somebody. The beauty of music is that it’s open to interpretation.”

Written at various stages over the past few years, Goodbye Lullaby is filled with appealingly relatable, heartfelt songs that convey a variety of emotions and reflect a bittersweet mood not generally associated with Lavigne’s best-known tunes. Except for the anthemic first single, the irresistibly feisty “What The Hell” and “Smile,” which create a perfect bridge from her previous work, the remainder of Goodbye Lullaby finds Lavigne exploring what it means to push through the tough times and emerge stronger for it a theme apparent on songs like “Everybody Hurts,” “Push,” “Remember When,” and “Wish You Were Here.”

“Overall, the album is about how we all go through difficult experiences, whether it’s ending a relationship, losing a job, or just missing someone,” Lavigne says. “We get through it and we grow.” Nowhere is this feeling better expressed than on “Goodbye,” a delicate piano-and-string ballad that closes out the album. “’Goodbye’ is the most raw and vulnerable track I’ve ever written and recorded in my career,” Lavigne says. “It’s a very special song because I wrote and produced it myself. It’s so real and truthful. You can’t fake that.”

Goodbye Lullaby’s intensity is balanced out by its instrumentation: bright, rich textures of acoustic guitar and piano, as well as an orchestra on “Darlin’,” “Remember When,” and “Goodbye.” Through it all, from the upbeat pop tracks to the mellower ballads, Lavigne’s voice is front and center, summoning up and soaring easily through the emotion that her lyrics require.

“This album is all about me being a singer, a songwriter, and a musician,” Lavigne says. “Typically the lead vocal gets buried in the track and you can’t always hear the quality, character, or emotion after a certain point. I wanted my voice to be the main instrument. It forced me to really throw myself out there. I still love rocking out, but I wanted this record to show a different side. That’s why I produced some of the songs myself, which I never thought I’d do.”

For the rest of the album’s tracks, Lavigne turned to her longtime friends and collaborators Evan Taubenfeld and Butch Walker, as well as Max Martin. Another important influence was Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley, who lends his production skills to several tracks, including “Darlin’,” a song Lavigne wrote at the age of 14. “Whenever I hear ‘Darlin,’ I think of the family room I wrote it in and playing it for my mom,” she says. “So it’s really special for me to have it on the album.”


It's so great to see Avril so excited about this new song/album! She posted a whole bunch of small pictures from the shoot, and it is rumored that the video will be shot in 3D! It doesn't make much sense to me as to why, but it's a cool feature if it is! Below are some paparazzi pictures of the shoot.

I'm guessing we will be hearing this song any time!!


Evan tweeted this, this morning:

off to rock with @avrillavigne video for "what the hell" just like old times! (but damn its early)

. Can't wait to hear/see it!

Are there going to be aliens in the "What the Hell" video? Probably not, but Evan tweeted an interesting message:

I was tired 6 hrs ago, now we're all just dead & apparantly being possessed by a alien lifeform for these last few takes. What The Hell vid!

Maybe he meant that they are all so tired that something "extra" is keeping them all going.

EDIT: Hmmm... it seems that Evan has deleted these tweets... I wonder why...

Avril also tweeted something, but its far less informative:

Lights, camera........


Avril and Brody were out at Koi Restaurant in Los Angeles last night with Avril's sister in law, Amie (I don't see Matt?)... Avril was dressed in a pretty black dress. Wonder what the occasion was? Thanks Avrilsmusic.


Avril and Brody were out cruising around in his Escalade on Saturday afternoon, then were spotted in Los Angeles later that night. Check out Avril's hot pink bangs and a new lime green streak! Thanks Avrilsmusic.



At least I think that's what she said it's called! Check out the video at 0:55 and let me know what you hear. Thoughts?

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