I like seeing Avril so much lately! Avril and Brody were out grocery shopping at Bristol Farms today. Is it me, or does Avril look like she is locked out of the car?? haha Thanks Avrilsmusic.


Avril was at a BOA Steakhouse last night looking a little sad, while Brody was with her looking, well, bald! Thanks Avrilsmusic.


Avril attended the Rolling Stone American Music Awards after party last night.


Avril was looking great at the American Music Awards earlier tonight with her multi-colored nails, and her sparkly "B" (for Brody) necklace. Is it just me or does she look skinny? I think shes definitely thinner than recently. Avril was there to introduce Favorite Alternative Rock Music Artist with Mike Posner. In a chat on the red carpet, Avril said that the album will be out in March!


Avril was spotted at Bed, Bath & Beyond with Brody's mom yesterday looking happy. Thanks Avrilsmusic.


Don't you love all of this positive news?

Avril will be presenting an award at Sunday's American Music Awards!


Ryan recently tweeted this:

"U got it, just booked her on my new years showRT on abc @AnthonyP3ro: @RCAPromo @RyanSeacrest why are you not giving Avril Lavigne any promo".

How excited! This will be the first live performance of "What The Hell" and will take place on December 31 in New York City. Can't wait!


Rihanna has revealed that she wanted to collaborate with Avril Lavigne on her new album.

The singer, who samples Lavigne's vocals on Loud album track 'Cheers (Drink To That)', admitted that she wanted Lavigne to re-record her vocals especially for the song, but producers had finished working on it before the two could pair up.

"I asked whether she could appear, but when I heard the track it was already embedded in the music, so the producers already had it that way," she told MTV.

"But it would have sounded the same. I'm just glad that we could use her sample, because it became such a huge part of the instrumental that if it were not in the song, it would change the whole vibe of it."

She continued: "'Cheers' is one of my favorite songs. It makes you feel like celebrating. It gives you a great feeling inside like you want to go out and have a drink. People can't wait for the weekend."


Avril and Brody were spotted grocery shopping yesterday at Bristol Farms in LA. Avril was looking shy, but looked great in her Abbey Dawn leggings, and Victoria's Secret "Pink" hoodie. Thanks Avrilsmusic.


THANKS AVRIL!!! This is from her Facebook page

Hey Everyone!

How's it going?? So... I just wanted to fill you guys in...I'm done with my 4th record!!! Well, actually I have been done for a year... and now my record company have finally decided to release it. OMG..How nice! Thanks guys.

I have been dying to get back out on the road and do what I love the most... PLAY MUSIC. I know you guys have been waiting for a long time.....and so have I, but not by choice. I have been sitting with this record for a year now. It's really special to me. I have produced a couple tracks alone for the first time, written solo, with friends, I have pushed myself and I feel proud.

In saying all that, this has been a really difficult record for me to create and to release. Not only is this the most meaningful and special record I have written, it is sincere, honest and close to my heart. But for the first time I experienced a bunch of bureaucratic BS. People do their best work when they are doing what they want, love and is natural for them, not when you are forcing them to be something that they are not.

From the beginning of my career my message has always been to be yourself and stand up for what you believe in. Follow your heart.

My first single off this record is called: "What The Hell". This song is the least personal song to me off this album. It's a fun and funny anthem. It has a broad message about personal freedom. It is the most pop track on the record.

I am shooting the video in 2 weeks and it will be out in January. I have been extremely busy designing Abbey Dawn and taking the line internationally for the first time, establishing "The Avril Lavigne Foundation" and focusing on my personal happiness and health. Balance!

Love you guys!

xo Avril


Avril and Brody were FINALLY seen out in almost a month. They were at Sunset Marquis in LA on November 6, and leaving a movie theatre at the Grove in LA on the 7th. Sad to see that the pink streak is back in a BIG way... NOT a fan. Thanks Avrilsmusic.


Here's the full version of Rihanna's new song "Cheers" which samples Avril's "I'm With You". The song is ok, but I think that Avril's part in it seems a little unnecessary for it, but in my opinion, is the best part of the song. You can listen/download here and let me know what you think.

[EDIT] OK, after listening to the song a few times, it's growing on me... the chorus is very catchy and Avril's part does really add to it. Still not an amazing song, but I like it

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