Avril and Brody were FINALLY seen out in almost a month. They were at Sunset Marquis in LA on November 6, and leaving a movie theatre at the Grove in LA on the 7th. Sad to see that the pink streak is back in a BIG way... NOT a fan. Thanks Avrilsmusic.


Here's the full version of Rihanna's new song "Cheers" which samples Avril's "I'm With You". The song is ok, but I think that Avril's part in it seems a little unnecessary for it, but in my opinion, is the best part of the song. You can listen/download here and let me know what you think.

[EDIT] OK, after listening to the song a few times, it's growing on me... the chorus is very catchy and Avril's part does really add to it. Still not an amazing song, but I like it


So the Kohl's and Boathouse website's have almost completely stopped selling Abbey Dawn, and in stores only have what is left on clearance. Now, it seems that will be featuring a NEW Online Collection, and they will be shipping all over the world! (Unlike Kohl's that was US only). Stay tuned for the website for more info, but it sounds to me that her exclusive contract with Kohl's has ended.



Huummph. Avril, where are you? No pictures, no Twitter updates, no news, nothing. Now it's being said that Abbey Dawn is stopping. We desperately need some new music, Avril, c'mon!

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Avril and Brody were spotted looking happy at BOA Steakhouse last night. Thanks Avrilsmusic.

MORE MAXIM GOODIES posted some new picture from their shoot with Avril, and I never thought that she would pose topless, but nothing is really surprising me anymore. On a positive note, she looks GREAT and Maxim also posted a behind the scenes video with the Avril that we know and love.


Today we got to the 3 MILLION mark in site visits! This is 3 million visitors, not individual page views that some sites have. Thanks everyone, and here's to 3 million more!


This is a surprise! Avril is on the cover of Maxim's November issue. It's a pretty big cover to land, so maybe this means that we will finally get new music news around that time? Cross your fingers! P.s. Check out how they photshopped her "FUCK" necklace to say "LOOK" and her right arm is REALLY photoshopped badly! haha


Avril and Brody were in Malibu yesterday hitting up Kitson then dining at Taverna Tony Restaurant. Thanks Avrilsmusic.


Sorry for taking so long to put up a new layout, but this one is once again made by Natalie. Comments are now at the bottom of the update. Hope you like it!

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[Hey, I'm trying to sell my entire Abbey Dawn collection but the thing is I don't have an ebay account. I was wondering if you knew of another site? or if you could help me out in any way? I'll send you pictures of it all if need be.]
I would definitely create an ebay account, because that is the safest way to ensure you receive the money from the buyer, and the safest way to protect yourself when shipping

[The new single?! When is it going to be released? I'm starting to get really upset about that, don't you?]
Yeah it would be nice to have some sort of info, but I;m going to assume the single will be out before the end of 2010

[At my Kohls there was only abbey dawn on the clearance sectiion and none anywhere else in the store. Is Avril stopping Abbey Dawn?]
I think Avril is slowing down a little with AD production. Some Kohl's stores I believe have a bigger selection than others, so that might be why yours is only in the clearance. Just keep checking back for the newest collections

[Mel, a few months ago I submitted online for my free sample of Forbidden Rose. However, I still have never received it. Did you ever submit for a free sample and did you ever receive the sample?]
I live in Canada and the free samples aren't available here :(

[okys .. i would like to know if ABBEY DAWN is only in US]
Abbey Dawn is in the US at Kohl's stores, and at Boathouse stores in Canada.


Here is some more unseen footage from Avril's second show in Whistler, BC and behind the scenes from 2002.

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