This is a surprise! Avril is on the cover of Maxim's November issue. It's a pretty big cover to land, so maybe this means that we will finally get new music news around that time? Cross your fingers! P.s. Check out how they photshopped her "FUCK" necklace to say "LOOK" and her right arm is REALLY photoshopped badly! haha


Avril and Brody were in Malibu yesterday hitting up Kitson then dining at Taverna Tony Restaurant. Thanks Avrilsmusic.


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[Hey, I'm trying to sell my entire Abbey Dawn collection but the thing is I don't have an ebay account. I was wondering if you knew of another site? or if you could help me out in any way? I'll send you pictures of it all if need be.]
I would definitely create an ebay account, because that is the safest way to ensure you receive the money from the buyer, and the safest way to protect yourself when shipping

[The new single?! When is it going to be released? I'm starting to get really upset about that, don't you?]
Yeah it would be nice to have some sort of info, but I;m going to assume the single will be out before the end of 2010

[At my Kohls there was only abbey dawn on the clearance sectiion and none anywhere else in the store. Is Avril stopping Abbey Dawn?]
I think Avril is slowing down a little with AD production. Some Kohl's stores I believe have a bigger selection than others, so that might be why yours is only in the clearance. Just keep checking back for the newest collections

[Mel, a few months ago I submitted online for my free sample of Forbidden Rose. However, I still have never received it. Did you ever submit for a free sample and did you ever receive the sample?]
I live in Canada and the free samples aren't available here :(

[okys .. i would like to know if ABBEY DAWN is only in US]
Abbey Dawn is in the US at Kohl's stores, and at Boathouse stores in Canada.


Here is some more unseen footage from Avril's second show in Whistler, BC and behind the scenes from 2002.


So by now this news isn't exactly surprising, but it's nice to have some sort of confirmation.

New tours from Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne confirmed for 2011.

Pop fans should be in for a treat next year after Live Nation chairman Irving Azoff confirmed that 2011 will see brand new tours from Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne. Adding to the excitement is the inclusion of a number of classic rock acts who will also hit the road, such as Fleetwood Mac and Van Halen.

The news was broke when Azoff, who also doubles as Aguilera’s manager, spoke to USA Today about declines in touring revenue throughout 2010.

“Next year may improve, he said, as hitmakers who sat on the sidelines in 2010 plan major tours. He’s especially optimistic that the cast of the TV show Glee, Van Halen, Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera, and Fleetwood Mac will fill arenas and amphitheaters.” No other details have been revealed, but I’m going to speculate and say that Aguilera’s tour will not only promote her failed fourth album Bionic (roughly 237k has been sold in the US to date), but also the soundtrack to her new musical-movie Burlesque, which will contain several, all-new Christina recordings. While Aggie’s Bionic tour was initially scrapped due to poor sales, the powerhouse singer has proven her selling potential in the past, as her 2006 Back to Basics world tour managed to gross an impressive $90 million.

As for Lavigne, she’ll be touring in support of her upcoming fourth album, which currently has no release date but is expected some time within the first half of next year. It’ll be Avril’s first tour since 2008′s successful The Best Damn Tour, which unfortunately, never had an official gross calculated.

Avril’s ticket selling potential is going to rest with the sales of her next album, and Christina is going to have to hope that both Burlesque and it’s accompanying soundtrack are big hits if she wants to play anywhere larger than theaters for the US leg.


Avril and Brody were spotted out last night for the first time since August at Premiere Nightclub in LA. Av looks great, but Brody, what's with the gloves? Thanks Avrilsmusic.


Here is some old and unseen footage from Avril's second show ever in Whistler, BC and some funny behind the scenes footage from 2002.



Here's a video of Avril dancing to her very own "Girlfriend Remix" and frolicking in the pool at her birthday party last Saturday in Las Vegas.

Avril and company hit up Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in Vegas on Saturday Night and seems like the girl might have had too much fun!

Avril Lavigne throws her Birthday Party with the Men of Sapphire

Avril Lavigne was partying in Vegas Saturday Night for her Birthday and ventured to Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club to get table dances and watch the Men of Sapphire perform Dance routines to her songs. Avril arrived around 1:20am. She had an entourage of 6 (2 guys/4 girls). Avril immediately went to the male revue, where she got dances from a few of the male entertainers.

The Men of Sapphire Host (AJ) & a few other male entertainers danced for Avril, then Avril surprised the boys and asked if she could dance for them, which she did for a few moments before returning to the main club floor. Avril continued to have fun, dancing for her own friends as well as some of Sapphire’s 400 entertainers. Avril and her entourage left around 4:05am.


Avril Lavigne's Lifelong Obsession: Cooking

Move over Wolfgang Puck. The next celebrity chef may come in the form of a brash, pop punker.

"I've always been obsessed with cooking," Avril Lavgine told PEOPLE Saturday in Las Vegas. "I can make anything."

Lavigne even asked for cooking tools for her recent 26th birthday, which she celebrated over the weekend at MGM Grand's Wet Republic.

"I got some spatulas with skulls on them and some fun stuff for my kitchen," she said of her birthday gifts.

"I swear to God, my family asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted a serving bowl and all these things for my kitchen. I asked for a stone plate to put in my oven to cook and crazy stuff like that."

The "Girlfriend" singer is known to show off her skills at dinner parties, she said, adding that Yorkshire pudding is her "specialty".

"I make really good bruschetta, too," the chef-in-training adds.


Avril had her birthday party in Las Vegas yesterday. Looks like a great time with a yummy cake! No sign of Brody (in the pictures) and she didn't look very dressed up, but it looked like a lot of fun! Thanks Avrilsmusic.


Remember when I posted a few weeks back that Avril had reportedly written a song called "Cheers" for Rihanna's upcoming album, Loud? Well it turns out that the song just samples Avril's "I'm With You", which is why she is given a writing credit for the song. Thanks to reader vampvamp for pointing it out!

"Cheers" - The song samples Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You” and is so unbelievably catchy! Avril’s “yeahh, yeahh, yeahhh, yeahhh” are prevalent throughout. This song will be so huge in clubs, bars, and everywhere that serves alcohol. Everybody will be raising a glass! Sample lyrics: “Turn it around with a dollar round, there’s a party at the bar everybody put your glasses up… Cheers to the freakin weekend, I drink to that. Everybody put your glasses up. Don’t let the bastards get you down… Drinks on my mind and my mind on my money.”


If you are going to be in the Las Vegas area this Saturday, October 2, you will be ECSTATIC to learn that Avril will be celebrating her 26th birthday at Wet Republic at the MGM Grand! Tickets are available here in advance for $40. If you get to go, tell her we say HI!

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