Sorry about posting this so late...
SONY BMG will release a "new" Avril album on September 20 called "Essential Mixes" with some of Avril's greatest songs, remixed and acoustic.

1. Complicated (The Matrix Mix)
2. Girlfriend (Dr. Luke Mix)
3. Hot (Wolfdeck Remix)
4. Sk8er Boi (Acoustic Version)
5. My Happy Ending (Acoustic Version)
6. Take Me Away (Acoustic Version)
7. Nobody's Home (Acoustic Version)
8. He Wasn't (Acoustic Version)
9. When You're Gone (Acoustic Version)
10. Girlfriend (Junkie XL Mix)

There is also another rumor floating around that the 4th album will be out end of October/early November, with a single release in August. Here's to hoping this is true this time!


Avril was out at the Los Angeles Dodgers pre-game yesterday practicing her pitches. Remember how she threw out the first pitch in Toronto last summer? Hope you had fun, Av! Thanks Avrilsmusic.


Avril was out yesterday at "The Dry Land" movie premiere probably supporting her friend Wilmer Valderrama. Thanks Avrilsmusic.

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MAKING OF "FORBIDDEN ROSE" COMMERCIAL posted this making of the Forbidden Rose photo shoot and commercial shoot.

3 new behind the scenes pictures.


Again, I never post rumors, but this one is too funny to not share. In Touch Weekly is reporting:

"Brody Jenner has been pitching a reality show about his new romance now he’s just got to convince his girlfriend, Avril Lavigne, to co-star! According to an insider, Brody, 26, is determined to increase his C-list level of fame, and he thinks dating Avril, 25 in front of America is the way to do it. “Brody came up with the idea for a reality show, and he’s begging Avril to do it,” her pal tells In Touch. “She’s in love with him, but isn’t sure about it, yet she doesn’t want to tell him no.” Brody and Avril have been seen together since February soon after his split with Playboy model Jayde Nicole and her separation from husband Deryck Whibley."

Avril has said that she would NEVER consider doing a reality show, but over the past few years she has been changing her mind with various things (remember how against dancers and wearing pink she used to be?) but as much as seeing Avril on TV every week would be awesome, this is not a good idea

[EDIT] Brody posted this on his Twitter: "Let me clear this up... I am absolutly NOT pitching a reality tv show!! Keep reading about this and it's driving me nuts!!" Thanks for clearing that up!


Avril and Brody were out at My Studio Nightclub last night. OK, I admit, the partying is getting a little old... the album better be 100% done! Thanks Avrilsmusic.


Avril was out at BOA Steakhouse and later at Troubadour Nightclub last night with Jamie! We haven't seen her with Avril since she started dating Brody! Thanks Avrilsmusic.


Avril, Brody and Brandon Davis were spotted at Las Palmas Nightclub in LA last night. Avril looked so cute in her glasses, once again! There is also a great shot of Brody's "Avril" tattoo. Thanks Avrilsmusic.


Avril and Brody were at Trousdale bar with friends last night.


I'm back from my mini-vacation. Got to check out a Kohl's which sadly was a huge store but with a mini AD section. Are all Kohl's stores getting rid of their AD? I still managed to get 3 shirts.

Thanks to everyone who wished the site a happy 6th birthday yesterday!

Thanks Avrilsmusic for these pictures.

Avril and Brandon Davis out in Los Angeles on June 30.

Avril and Brody out with friends at My Studio Nightclub in Los Angeles on July 2.

Avril and Brody out frolicking on the beach and surfing in Malibu on July 4. Also, check out Brody's tattoo on his arm and Avril's tattoo on her ribs. I'm not sure what I think of them, getting someone's name on your body when you are only dating is never usually a good idea. Here's to hoping everything works out!

Here is Avril showing off the new Abbey Dawn collection!

Does Avril have a new movie role? According to the Internet Movie Database, Avril will voice a character called Shelly in the new Ice Age: Continental Drift movie coming out in summer 2012! Hope it's true!


This layout is again made by Celeste and features my new favorite Avril picture! The colors are a nice change. I am not 100% done tweaking it yet, but will finish that next week.

I am going away on a mini-vacation from July 1 - July 5 so no updates during that time.

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It's a random selection so everyone has a fair chance

[Where can I get similiar looking clothes of Avs in the UK or Ebay? I've seen some stuff she's worn and I would love something similiar... have you ever come across any on Ebay? Thanks love... amazing website! x]
You can probably just search through ebay using Avril Lavigne and selecting the clothes category. Most clothes will probably be Abbey Dawn but you can also try to google it.

[Does Avril wear Colored eye contacts? because her eye color seems to change in almost every photoshoot ive seen her in?]
No it's just the way that the pictures are edited afterwards (most of them are photoshoped in some way)


Oh my gosh! Here is a preview from of a new Avril song, Won't Let You Go.... it is amazing!!!! I am really hoping this is going to be for the new album and not an old bside. The song is realllly good and the lyrics??? WOW Avril you have made me incredibly excited for the new album! Download links are here or listen below.

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