Avril posted some twitter messages last night...

1: RT @evantaubenfeld: Chocolate Overdose!!!!!!!!!!! Yummmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy http://twitpic.com/20n417

2: Yeah......me and my bois, bowling for Evans bday.... Happy Birthday Evan!!!!! your old....hahaha just kidding. I love you. xoxoxo

3. I love my boyfriend.... At which Brody replied I love my woman!!! Awwwwww, how cute! Do you think I should make a special part in the gallery "Avril and Brody" like "Avril and Deryck" is now?

Evan posted these pictures on his Twitter.

New layout coming Tuesday or Wednesday!


The Lavigne's (Avril, Matt, and Amie) were spotted yesterday out in LA, along with Brody following behind. They purchased some remote controlled trucks and planes, to go with the motorcycle theme from yesterday. Wonder what's going on? Those shoes are sweet! Thanks Avrilsmusic.

Today is Evan's birthday and he did a special live chat, in which Avril called him to talk about their plans for tonight. Skip to 32 minutes to hear Av's little message.


Avril was photographed coming out of Betsey Johnson in LA yesterday, looking her cheery self. Was she finding an outfit for the Twililght Premiere tonight? We know she loves Betsey's designs! Thanks to Avrilsmusic.

[edit] Looks like Avril wasn't at the Twilight Premiere - just another rumor


Forbidden Rose is now in stores in Germany at DM and is also available at The Fragrance Shop in the UK! Pick it up and tell me what it smells like!


Rumor has it that Avril is attending the Twilight Eclipse premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday. Lucky girl!


Thanks to the wonderful picture god that is Avrilsmusic, we have 45 HQ outtakes from Avril's Inked magazine shoot!


Avril and Brody were at the Staples Center last night to watch the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Boston Celtics to capture the 2010 NBA Championship! Brody is looking goooooood. Thanks to Avrilsmusic for the HQs.


Avril recently did an interview with Annie Mac in the UK on her recent trip about Alice and the new album. Hopefully we will get to hear the whole thing. Listen here.


Avril is back in LA and was out with Matt and Amie (and Brody who is not pictured) last night. Looking good, we missed you! Thanks to Avrilsmusic.


Here is the winning video from mine and Chyaz's video contest to remake an Avril video. The winner also sang the song herself, and did it beautifully! Enjoy!


Head on over to Avril-Media.com, to watch Avril during soundcheck and the whole concert from June 13, 2002 at the Viper Room in LA.

Avril has been in Europe finishing up the album and was rumored to have been spotted in Sweden - is another collaboration with hit maker Max Martin happening? I sure hope so!


Like you all know, I HATE to post rumors, but this one is so ridiculous I had to post... According to OK! Magazine, Avril and Brody are allegedly planning an August or September wedding... Avril has apparently said: "Avril put a group of 15 friends on notice that she & Brody want to tie the knot on Vegas in August or September." I smell bullshit, but if it is true, all that matters is her happiness :)

By the way, for those still looking for Inked Magazine, I found it in Walmart today, so I guess it's there for those in the US and Canada.

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