I'm back and it seems that I've missed a lot!!!

Avril is FINALLY on Twitter! Yes, this is her official one! I can't wait to hear what she has to say. For now, here is our first new picture.


Avril had an interview with Ryan Seacrest on May 6, talking about how she is still writing songs for the new album, because she is having more inspiration... Brody, anyone??? Great interview! Listen here.


Here is a new Avril song, rumored to be on the new album, called Think About It. It sounds more like a demo to me and an older sound to her voice. I HIGHLY doubt that this is the first single, and I can't say that I'm liking it. Listen here.


The new rumor is that the first single (according to a person at Rolling Stone magazine) will be called "Scars" and the album, "Nice Demons". I like the single title, but the album title doesn't make any sense... well its not like The Best Damn Thing did either. but this is just a RUMOR!


The ads for Avril's Proactiv spot is out. Pretty!


Here are some pictures of Avril's new lightening bolt tattoo on her left wrist, a new one that says XXV (25 in Roman Numerals) on her right forearm, and rumor has it that Brody and her got matching tattoos of the word F**K on their ribs the other night.


Avril was spotted leaving Jerry's Deli in LA yesterday.


Avril and Brody were getting all lovey-dovey at BOA Steakhouse on May 3.


the 17th annual Race to Erase MS gala was held in LA on May 7, Avril performed some of her hits, along with the band Heart, singing "Lean on Me". Watch here.


Hi guys and gals. This is just a quick update to let everyone know that I am going on a vacation and will be home May 11. I might have some time to check emails, but not to update, so any pictures and news I won't get to post until the 11th. Have a good week!

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Yesterday was the kick off for Multiple Sclerosis Month at Kitson clothing store in Los Angeles, and Avril took part with the Race to Erase MS. Looking very pretty! She is also wearing the shirt that she designed for the foundation. Thanks to Avrilsmusic.

Avril also posted a blog after the event

Hi Everyone!

I was just at the Race to Erase MS kick-off event at Kitson Melrose and WOW, what an amazing turnout in support of the fight to erase MS! May is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness month and throughout the month, Kitson will sell a variety of orange products with 100% of the sales going to benefit the Nancy Davis Foundation in the fight against MS. I can't wait for the 17th Annual Race to Erase MS event which I'll be performing at on May 7th in LA.



Thanks to Avril Spirit here are 3 more items from the upcoming military collection. Can't say that I am liking this collection...


All I have to say is, it's about time! Boathouse (in Canada) will be the exclusive retailers of Abbey Dawn swimwear! That means that it (at least for now) will not be available at Kohl's or anywhere else. Everyone can still buy from their website, but Boathouse is expensive and shipping can be killer. I really REALLY love a couple of the styles, but at $40 or $60 a piece, I will be hoping that Kohl's will carry them later on. All of the pieces can be mixed and matched, and I think Avril did a great job.


Avril posted a new blog, and she's still in the studio...

Inked Magazine and Race to Erase MS Event

Hey Everyone,

I'm still in the studio but have some really cool things coming up that I'm excited to share with you! Yesterday, I shot the cover of Inked Magazine with Mark Liddell for the June/July Music issue. Next week I'm performing at the Race to Erase MS Event for my good friend Nancy Davis and The Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis. It's such a great cause. Check out http://www.erasems.org/.



I guess we now know what Avril was doing at the photo studio yesterday!


Avril was spotted looking happy arriving at Siren Photography Studios for a photo shoot yesterday for Inked Magazine. She was decked out in head to toe new AD (looking great!) and sporting a new hot pink hair extension. Can't wait to see the pictures! Thanks to Avrilsmusic.

Avril and Brody were out with friends after the shoot at Mr. Chow Restaurant


Avril-Media.com has posted another exclusive, never before seen making of video, this time it's before and soundcheck at the KRBE radio show in Houston, TX from 2002. It's a short one, only 8 minutes, but download here, and you have to be a member of that site to download (it's free to sign up).


Here's a little change! This layout is made by Celeste at Second Dawn Designs!. I love the slideshow pictures from the Canon Singapore shoot, and the font and overall look has changed a little bit. Hope you like it! By the way, it is best viewed in Firefox to see all of the features.

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[Hey Mel! (: I really love your site!! But do u know if Av ever listens to her own music? :D lol, what a question x)]
I really don't know, but I personally don't think so. I have heard of some artists listening to themselves, but I would think that Avril would be so sick of singing the songs over and over.

[Mel, Avril says she doesn't smoke because it will ruin her voice. Why do you think then that occasionally we see pictures of her with a cigarette?]
It's been a long while since we have seen her smoke, but she used to say that she did it only when she was drunk (which still isn't an excuse to do it, but...)

[do you know whatever happend to that independent movie she was supposed to be in?]
Looks like it fell through, and honestly, I am really happy about that. I don't think that she would be good at acting in a lead role, and since we all love the music, I'm going to assume that she decided to concentrate on that.

[Hey Melissa! Do you know why Avril abandoned Arista Records ?]
She didn't abandon them, Arista merged with RCA/SONG/JIVE.

[What type of Extensions does Avril wear? Clip in?]
Yeah I'm going to assume that they are just clip ins since she takes them in and out quite a bit.

[Hey. I was just wondering, do you know when Forbidden Rose is to be released? And where and how much? Thanks! (: ]
It is supposed to be out in July/August, but no one knows for sure on a date and which countries will get it first (Europe will probably get it first, then the US like with Black Star)


Avril was photographed at Brody's apartment on Friday. uh hmm... if you look at the paparazzi photos from the last 2 days, Avril is wearing the exact same clothes on the 22nd and 23rd... just sayin'.


Avril and Brody were seen holding hands and with some friends going to Voyeur Nightclub in Los Angeles last night.Thanks to Avrilsmusic.


Avril was out last night with Brody heading into SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. I never thought I'd say this, but I am glad to see a little bit of the pink streak back. It looks very subtle, and adds some nice color to her hair. Thanks to Avrilsmusic.

A new layout is coming Monday!

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