It was 3 years today that The Best Damn Thing was officially released. Just keep that in mind while we wait for the next album... Avril has taken 2 or 3 years between each album to make it that best that she can. She is not overdue with releasing one, we are just so impatient because since TBDT she has come out with a clothing line, perfume, and various endorsement deals and Avril has been in the spotlight, unlike between other albums. Let's be optimistic and hope to hear something soon!

Mark Liddell posted on his Facebook page (a photographer who has done dozens of Avril shoots - she is his "favorite girl"!) that Avril's new album photo shoot has her looking "more beautiful than ever"! Can't wait!

Also, support Avril and her fight against Multiple Sclerosis by buying a tshirt that she designed for the Nancy Davis Foundation.


Avril and Brody (who isn't pictured) were partying at The Bank Nightclub in Las Vegas on Sunday at an event called the "Cocktail Sleepover". Pictured with Avril are actor Emile Hirsch, Olympic snowboarder Shaun White and some others.

The caption for the pics said:

Avril Lavigne downs shots and shouts out her love for Brody Jenner ...

Looks like Avril Lavigne has finally met her match. The divorced pop star and her new man, Brody Jenner, were knocking back Jägermeister shots at Bank nightclub at Bellagio in Vegas Sunday night. A spy told us, "Lavigne and Jenner were having a blast. They were taking shots with friends including Olympic snowboarder Shaun White, grabbing the microphone, shouting, 'Jager shots' and making the crowd go wild." Lavigne later grabbed the mike and shouted, "I love you, Brody!" Then the two broke out singing the Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling."


Avril Lavigne & Brody Jenner Turn Up the Heat in Vegas
By Mark Gray
Monday April 12, 2010 08:30 AM EDT

Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne's apparent romance is showing no signs of slowing down. After paparazzi caught the singer and the Hills star kissing, the duo headed to Las Vegas this weekend, where Friday they had dinner at Aria's Union and later went to Haze nightclub, where they "were all over each other," a source tells PEOPLE.

On Saturday, they were spotted together at the grand opening party for Mario Barth's King Ink.

Both avoided the red carpet leading into the club, thereby sidestepping any questions from reporters. Sitting next to each other on the patio of the combo bar-and-tattoo-parlor, the two danced together, continually touching each other's arms and legs all through the night.

As the night wore on they became even more affectionate. At 1 a.m., Lavigne, 25, decided to get a tattoo on her wrist – of the number 30, accompanied by a lighting bolt. Beforehand, she and Jenner could be seen kissing several times.

Jenner, 27, later got a matching tattoo of a lightning bolt below his ear.


Avril and Brody (not pictured but he was there) were in Vegas last night visiting the King Ink Tattoo Shop. Thanks to Avrilsmusic. has posted another amazing, exclusive, never before seen behind the scenes video, this time featuring the KISS Jingle Ball concert back in December 2002! It has the whole concert (6 songs), as well as backstage footage before Avril goes on stage and after (it also features a kiss between Avril and Jesse at the end!) It's a big file, so download here, and you have to be a member of that site to download (it's free to sign up).


Avril was out at BOA steakhouse with Evan last night, after her afternoon with Brody. Thanks to Avrilsmusic.

Here are also some more pictures of Avril and Brody yesterday afternoon, as well as with Evan.


"Avril and Brody sitting in a tree - K-I-S-S-I-N-G". Am I the only one who thinks that these 2 are adorable together? The 2 lovebirds were spotted in Hollywood today getting cozy. He is soooo HOT hahaha. At least we will never see Avril on The Hills (and believe me, that is a good thing).

I do feel sorry for Avril because we always (even me) prejudge people without knowing them, and that's what everyone is doing with Brody... Sure he might be a womanizer on TV, but "reality" TV isn't real - we don't know what kind of person he is, so we shouldn't judge... I don't know about you, but I would rather her be with him than Brandon Davis!!!


Just wanted to let everyone know, the spam bots are getting out of control and deleting comments, etc, so this weekend i'm installing a captcha (where you have to enter the word before submitting) and i hope that works... bare with me... i'll fix it, eventually :)

if not, then I will change the commenting system


Here are some new Abbey Dawn tshirts, finally!! I'm not too keen on the army collection that this seems to be. Thanks Avrilspirit!

Here's also a new Proactiv commercial for Japan, that is a little different.


Avril and Brody were out again in Los Angeles on Sunday, this time at Red Rock Bar, and they were joined by Brody's mom who seemed very comfortable with Av. Hmmm having nights out with the mother? Sounds serious to me... Even though we don't see them doing anything couplely (no holding hands, kissing, hugging, etc) we can still assume it's a friendship, but Avril looks happy, and I am happy for her. Thanks to Avrilsmusic.


Avril and Brody were out in Los Angeles on Saturday. We can also have a great view of her 2 new tattoos! GOOD NEWS! The "D" tattoo is still there! She got a music note right under it on her right wrist (which was done on Deryck's birthday on March 21), and a "30" on her left wrist. I'm assuming the "30" was to commemorate Deryck's birthday, at least I can't think of another reason lol. Thanks to Avrilsmusic.

MAKING OF "COMPLICATED" has posted an amazing, exclusive, never before seen 1 hour making of the "Complicated" music video! It has TONS of footage as well as short interviews with Avril, the band and her sister. Oh, and "Complicated" plays ten thousand times haha. It's a really big file, so download here, and you have to be a member of that site to download (it's free to sign up).


Just wanted to tell everyone to NOT believe what Bandaids posted about the album being delayed until July/August. This was an April fools joke (not funny to me) and it is still slated for a June release with the new single to come out in the coming weeks! Of course these dates can still change, but until there is an official source, then June is still the month.

And just to let everyone know, I didn't delete the last 2 update comments and some other ones... for some reason they disappeared... sorry :(

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[Do you know if avril plans to make any bigger sizes of the Abbey Dawn items? Because as of right now I cannot fit into any of her clothing and I am 15]
You never know, but I think she's just sticking with the Juniors and Kids line.

[Hey Melissa, why do you think Avril has not done a Christmas album yet?? She grew up in a church, it sort of surprises me she doesn't sing Christmas songs]
She's had O Holy Night, but I would love to hear some more songs too! Anything sung by Avril is a good thing.

[Do you think we'll be able to buy vip package this year too?]
She does have different management now than the last tour, so we will have to wait and see

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