Avril was out last night in Beverly Hills and here are some pictures. Funny shirt! Thanks to Avrilsmusic.


My friend Chyaz has a wicked cool Youtube channel (that you might remember me posting about before) where she gives GREAT Avril hair, makeup and wardrobe tips. She also has a little segment called "Chyaz Recommends" in which she recommends things that she likes and in the newest segment she talks about! Check it out around the 3:55 mark and take a look at all of her other great videos. Thanks Chyaz!


Here's a version of the "Alice" video without the scenes from the movie, and instead has Avril running through the forest. The quality isn't the greatest, so hopefully a better version will come out soon. Enjoy!


Here's an interview showing off the "Alice in Wonderland" collection.


Avril was out last night with Brody Jenner and friends at Beso Restaurant in Hollywood. Thanks to Avrilsmusic.

INTERVIEW WITH TYSON RITTER - A MUST WATCH! posted an interview with Avril and Tyson Ritter from All American Rejects about their songs for "Alice in Wonderland". Let me tell you, this is a MUST WATCH! My favorite interview EVER and her laugh is so infectious! The outtakes are hilarious! Let me know what you think!


The Young Artists for Haiti cover of K'Naan's "Wavin' Flag" was just released, and Avril has a tiny part at the beginning of the song... her voice sounds very strong, and very much like the UMS days! Don't forget to buy the song/video wherever you buy your digital music.


If you haven't noticed, all of the "Alice in Wonderland" inspired Abbey Dawn collection is on Kohl's, but today Kohl's updated their AD page with a free download of "Alice" and a new banner... What is disappointing, is that Avril is not modeling this collection, just different models. Hopefully this is only temporary because of her busy schedule.


Danny Lopez (who filled in for Johnny Depp in the "Alice" video when Avril is sitting at the table - not the close up shots, those are actually Johnny) says that as he was filming the video he was interviewed for a behind the scenes featurette for the Alice in Wonderland DVD! Excited! You can read about all of the wonderful things he had to say about Avril here.

Avril will apparently be on Chelsea Lately March 17. It's a talk show, and Chelsea is not afraid to say whatever comes to her mind. There is no official confirmation, but keep checking her site for updates.


Avril was out (looking drop dead gorgeous) last night with (friend) Brandon Davis at the "Araki: A Prespective" Exhibition in Hollywood. It seemed to be an odd event, showcasing Araki's (a photographer) erotic art. Yes we all hate when she is with Brandon, but I think it's safe to say that they are just friends.


Here are a couple of new videos of Avril at the premiere of "Alice in Wonderland" and about how she plans on playing "Alice" on tour.


How cute does she look in glasses? Here are some pictures from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno dress rehearsal on March 3. Thanks to Avrilsmusic.

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