AvriL and Deryck were out with friends in Hollywood last night at Crown Bar Thanks to Avrilsmusic.

[EDIT] "The Best Damn Thing" was performed on Dancing with the Stars by Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysecek and his partner... the dance worked really well with the song!
[EDIT #2] Happy Birthday Lil Lindsey!

Here is an article for those who are wondering about their relationship...

Lavigne, Whibley not back together

LOS ANGELES The hopeful, romantic buzz around Canadian rockers Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley has been they’re putting their divorce on hold and getting back together.

The Ground Zero reason for the gossip is this: Lavigne had a jealous fit when she bumped into one of Whibley’s girlfriends, Hanna Beth Merjos, in a Hollywood nightclub back in February.

But one jealous rage does not a rekindled romance make.

It did serve to get them on speaking terms again (yes, she still cares!) and back collaborating in the recording studio. (They’ve been procrastinating finishing Lavigne’s very late new album.)

Since February’s blowout, they’ve also started hanging publicly again, which started the get-together rumours.

Tongues really wagged this past week because they had dinner last Sunday in Hollywood before visiting a tattoo parlour to get some more ink together....


Once again, this pretty "Forbidden Rose" themed layout is made by Natalie. Hope you like!

I apologize for not updating the interact, Abbey Dawn, and especially the newest videos. My final year of University is winding down so naturally all professors like to give out the most work now. I'm trying my best to update, but all of the videos will be added in the next few weeks. Has anyone else noticed that there haven't been any new AD items since the Alice in Wonderland collection? Maybe Avril is concentrating more on her music!

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Here is another beautiful picture for the Race to Erase MS


Avril, Deryck, and friends were at Tattoo Mania and Madeo in Hollywood last night celebrating Deryck's 30th birthday! Looks like they had a great time. Apparently they both got new tattoos and Avril got an outlline of a musical note. Thanks to Avrilsmusic.

Here are 2 videos as well.

New layout coming later this week!



Here's another interview with Avril about "Alice". Remember, Avril did about 60 of these interviews that day, so there might be a lot more coming out soon!

Avril posted a blog about the Race to Erase MS.

Thursday, March 18, 2010
Join Avril to Erase MS!
Hi everyone,

I am so happy to let you know about an amazing charity that I have been involved with for quite some time now called the Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis. Last year I attended their annual fundraiser and this year I joined the Board of Directors. Multiple Sclerosis is a devastating disease that primarily affects young women and I want to help raise awareness and find a cure! I will be performing at the 17th Annual Race to Erase MS event on May 7, 2010. Please check out their webpage, donate if you can, and fan them on Facebook @Nancy Davis Foundation!



Here's Avril's interview on Chelsea Lately. They played it safe with no new questions, but nice to see her!


Avril was out last night in Beverly Hills (celebrating someone's birthday maybe?) with some friends, and obviously didn't want to be photographed.


WOW! Avril's second fragrance is called "Forbidden Rose"! Just like Black Star had the tagline "Be Your Own Star", this one is "Dare to Discover". I can't wait to smell it! It will be out in the Spring (which probably means the next month or two).

You can hear Avril talking to a radio station about it below (click it).

I also just want to remind everyone that Avril will be on Chelsea Lately tomorrow night. This will for sure be a GREAT interview! I'll post it up here the following morning.


Avril was out last night in Beverly Hills and here are some pictures. Funny shirt! Thanks to Avrilsmusic.


My friend Chyaz has a wicked cool Youtube channel (that you might remember me posting about before) where she gives GREAT Avril hair, makeup and wardrobe tips. She also has a little segment called "Chyaz Recommends" in which she recommends things that she likes and in the newest segment she talks about! Check it out around the 3:55 mark and take a look at all of her other great videos. Thanks Chyaz!


Here's a version of the "Alice" video without the scenes from the movie, and instead has Avril running through the forest. The quality isn't the greatest, so hopefully a better version will come out soon. Enjoy!

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