Avril will be the musical guest (performing "Alice"?) on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno March 3. Mark your calendars!


Avril and a handful of other Canadian artists have collaborated in Vancouver earlier this week to record a version of K'Naan's "Wavin' Flag" as a benefit single for Haiti relief. Most of the artists (including Deryck Whibley, Kardinal Offishall, Metric, among others) did theirs in person, while Avril, Drake, and Justin Bieber recorded their parts remotely (as in not physically being in Vancouver). Can't wait to hear the final version! You can listen to the original version here.

I have also added a new layout in the Videos section!


Here are some site updates to tie us over with no new Avril info.


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[who is the director of "alice underground" videoclip?]
Dave Meyers. You can read about him talking about the video and song here.

[Now that you have a new update system, are you going to archive the updates, or will you continue to delete them whenever there's a new layout?]
They will be archived as long as nothing goes wrong and they get deleted hah

[I saw a picture of a paper from a company, rca records. and it stand "craash and burn (2009)" and under all her singles and the realese date...was that fake?]
That was fake. No one knows what the real title is going to be yet (and no, it's not Pink Crust either hah)

[Hey, Mel, how many hours a day do you dedicate to run this site? Do you ever get tired of it, cos it looks like a lot of hard work! I love how you've made it though, I've been following your site for years! lol! :) ]
I try to spend an hour a day but it's hard when I have University work to do. I'm doing my best to make sure everything is updated.

[what color are avrils eyes? they look blue at times and other times they look green... maybe they are blue-green? and does she wear colored eye contacts?]
They are blue, but sometimes pictures and videos are edited a little to make them bluer (eg, Alice video)


Avril was out last night with Jamie, Brody Jenner, and his friend Frankie Delgado (driving the car). If you are not familiar, Brody and Frankie have had numerous appearances on The Hills. TMZ is reporting that they are dating, but who knows? Regardless, he's hot! See a video here.


Here it is! WOW! What a dark, gothic, perfect video, and Avril reminds me of the UMS era. Her eyes look so blue in it too! haha... I love how they incorporated the Mad Hatter in there as well, and the whole "Alice in Wonderland" theme is done really well. What do you think?

Avril also posted a blog about the video

'Alice' Music Video Premiere!
Hi everyone,

I'm very excited to announce the premiere of my new music video ‘Alice’, for the Tim Burton film, Alice in Wonderland, exclusively today on VEVO. I had so much fun doing this video. We shot it in the Los Angeles was beautiful. We wanted the visuals to capture the spirit of of the movie.

Click HERE to check it out now.



ET Canada has confirmed tonight that Avril will be performing at the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver on Feb 28! YES! Wonder what song she'll sing? My bet is on Alice since the movie comes out that following week, along with old time favorites.


Here's a great preview of the "Alice" video which should be premiering any time now! Thanks to Jagscupid from Bandaids.

Avril was at BOA Steakhouse in LA last night and thanks to Avrilsmusic we have some pictures


Check out these 3 stills from the upcoming "Alice" video. It looks like Avril is really channeling the Alice in Wonderland theme! Can't wait to see the finished product, hopefully very soon!


It seems like the version of "Alice" that we have previously heard was the radio edit! There is a 5 minute version for the album "Almost Alice" with 2 new verses! Listen below (or download) and check out the Lyrics section under Other.


Avril's doing an "Alice" radio promo tour! I hope to find some more!

Check out the interview with 101.3 KDWB Twin Cities (direct link).

[edit] Here's a little one that she did with Germany's Eins Live (direct link).

Just a reminder, "Alice" should now be on all versions of iTunes, so support our Avril and buy a copy!

WINTER OLYMPICS POLL has a poll running about who the viewers want to see perform at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. No word on if this is something that can happen, or just a harmless poll, but vote for Avril and we shall see!!!

Avril had a small scene on tonight's American Idol - see it here


Once again, this wonderful "Alice" themed layout is made by Natalie. Check out the gallery for another one made by her as well. I LOVE the Gothic feel to them, and they match really well! Hope you like!

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[Hey Mel, do you know, if the name of the new album is relly "Crash & Burn"? Love your site!!]
No, that is just a rumor started a few months ago

[Is it true that most people in Canada doesn't like Avril? We had some guests in our hotel and they said that Avril is in somem parts of the country not as popular?]
That is the first I've heard about that - Canada loves our Avril. The radio stations where I live play her music all of the time.

[hi, don't get me wrong i love the alice song and everything but didn't you also think she was kinda screeching and a bit off at the chorus? or am i the only one who thinks that?]
I agree as well that it would have been better to take it down an octave and sing lower, but the song is still great.

[did avril write keep holding on for eragon or did the movie ask to use her song]
The movie company showed her a couple of clips of the movie and asked her to write a song for it.

[why doesn't update just the same as old times]
LOL can only update when there are new Avril pictures to add. Lately it's been picking up.

[I read somewhere that the songs on which avril worked with deryck wont be part of the album. That's not true, is it?]
No true. Avril mentioned last week about working with him on the record.

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