Check out these 3 stills from the upcoming "Alice" video. It looks like Avril is really channeling the Alice in Wonderland theme! Can't wait to see the finished product, hopefully very soon!


It seems like the version of "Alice" that we have previously heard was the radio edit! There is a 5 minute version for the album "Almost Alice" with 2 new verses! Listen below (or download) and check out the Lyrics section under Other.


Avril's doing an "Alice" radio promo tour! I hope to find some more!

Check out the interview with 101.3 KDWB Twin Cities (direct link).

[edit] Here's a little one that she did with Germany's Eins Live (direct link).

Just a reminder, "Alice" should now be on all versions of iTunes, so support our Avril and buy a copy!

WINTER OLYMPICS POLL has a poll running about who the viewers want to see perform at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. No word on if this is something that can happen, or just a harmless poll, but vote for Avril and we shall see!!!

Avril had a small scene on tonight's American Idol - see it here


Once again, this wonderful "Alice" themed layout is made by Natalie. Check out the gallery for another one made by her as well. I LOVE the Gothic feel to them, and they match really well! Hope you like!

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[Hey Mel, do you know, if the name of the new album is relly "Crash & Burn"? Love your site!!]
No, that is just a rumor started a few months ago

[Is it true that most people in Canada doesn't like Avril? We had some guests in our hotel and they said that Avril is in somem parts of the country not as popular?]
That is the first I've heard about that - Canada loves our Avril. The radio stations where I live play her music all of the time.

[hi, don't get me wrong i love the alice song and everything but didn't you also think she was kinda screeching and a bit off at the chorus? or am i the only one who thinks that?]
I agree as well that it would have been better to take it down an octave and sing lower, but the song is still great.

[did avril write keep holding on for eragon or did the movie ask to use her song]
The movie company showed her a couple of clips of the movie and asked her to write a song for it.

[why doesn't update just the same as old times]
LOL can only update when there are new Avril pictures to add. Lately it's been picking up.

[I read somewhere that the songs on which avril worked with deryck wont be part of the album. That's not true, is it?]
No true. Avril mentioned last week about working with him on the record.


Avril recently opened up about "Proactiv" to BusinessWire.

Pop Rocker Avril Lavigne Opens Up about Acne

New Proactiv® Platform Allows Popular Singer and Actress To Encourage Young People Based On Personal Experience

PALM DESERT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Avril Lavigne today said she hopes to reach millions of teens and young women with an important message about acne, summed up as: “Be Proactiv.”

“Acne is a drag. It’s not cute. It’s not fun. I think it’s really important to take care of your skin—especially from an early age.”


Avril was out shopping with Jamie in LA yesterday, and thanks Avrilsmusic we have some pictures

Chyaz is the new FOTW, but EVERYONE needs to check out her Youtube page. She does really cool makeup, style and hair tutorials, as well as some to promote her upcoming projects. Check it out!

A new "Alice" themed gallery and site layout are coming VERY soon!!


Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hi everyone!

I just wanted to check in and share a bit of what's going on with me right now. I am so excited! I feel very lucky to be a part of Tim Burton's new film Alice In Wonderland.

It all started off with me designing an Abbey Dawn/Alice In Wonderland collaboration for my fashion line at Kohls. I was working at the Disney offices going though graphic images from the movie for my designs and getting up to speed on the movie project. I was really inspired and excited about the film at that moment, so I asked Disney if they would like me to write the theme song for the film. They went back to Tim and he said yeah give it a go.

I was so excited when I got the news! I sat down on my piano immediately and wrote the song. I wanted to come up with something a little on the moodier side to fit his film. I think the piano adds a cool dramatic element to the song.

I met with Tim Burton and he played me some clips from his film. I finished the song and he really liked it and said he wanted to put it in the film as the first end credit song. OMG soooo cool! Hehe. Disney also wanted to use it as there marketing song around the film and so I shot a music video. So fun!!!!!

Working on this project was such a treat! It was such a great experience and Tim Burton was an absolute pleasure. He is very smart. I am so grateful for this opportunity...and can't wait to see the whole film!!!!

Avril xo


If you've been looking around online, you would see that unfortunately, all is not positive when talking about "Alice". This article, published by, is a really refreshing take on the song.

Avril Lavigne - "Alice" rating: 4 stars
By Bill Lamb

The Bottom Line
Reportedly, Avril Lavigne told Disney executives she could write a song for their upcoming new film version of Alice in Wonderland, they agreed, and it came together very quickly. There is a raw immediacy to the sound which grabs listeners instantly. It's hard to know if it will be a major pop hit, but the song does provide a suitably dramatic to publicity for the upcoming film. ...


Avril was shooting the "Alice" video again yesterday, and the paparazzi got quite the cool shots. Avril running through the forest, her brother Matt picking something out of her hair, and running into a flock of Canadian Geese! You can also see her new "Abbey Dawn" tattoo pretty clear. Thanks Avrilsmusic!


BTW, the news system might go down from time to time today, because of the increase in visitors to the site - check back later if it does.

The name has officially been changed just to "Alice", and it's very dark sounding, different from anything we've heard from Avril. Let me know what you think! Lyrics are in the Other section. Listen to the HQ song below!

She premiered it on Ryan Seacrest's show this morning (with a really great interview that you can listen to the here).

[edit] I heard it on my local radio station! AHH!

Here is the single cover! has added lots of new "Alice" goodies:

Behind the scenes video from the set yesterday

GORGEOUS pictures from the photo shoot on set!


Here's the video! ENJOY!

If you have having problems, you can also watch here:
WiseVid | DivX Den | TV Force |

One thing I don't get, why are people so negative towards Avril? Look around the blogs and on the net, and 90% of the comments are all negative toward her. Is it because she said 'no' to the pastor with 3 kids because being a pop star will take you away from your home? Because of that she's a 'bitch' and 'hurtful' person? Give me a break. Sure AI is all about being able to sing, but it's also about handling the stardom. She gave the guy props for a good voice and you can tell it killed her to say 'no'. Call me biased because this site is all about Avril, but it ticks me off when people are so quick to judge her. Just my opinion, can't wait to hear yours!

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