Here's a video of Avril and Tyson Ritter performing his song "Move Along" in Vegas from January 17. You can see her on the left side talking and laughing and at 4:00 she comes to the mic. Awesome to hear her singing again! Oh, and ignore his horrible drunken potty mouth


Reminder: Tonight is Avrils episode of American Idol. For those who can't watch, it will be posted here tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here is an interview Avril did this morning with Ryan Seacrest. She talked about American Idol, "Alice", Deryck, and the new album. She was in the car on the way to the video shoot (?!) and the song comes out January 31! That's 5 days!!! "Alice" is not the first single; that will be out in April, with the album in June (the album cover photo shoot has also been shot!)

[edit] Avril was great on American Idol! She seemed to bond well with Simon! Pictures and video to come soon


Avril has allegedly gotten a new tattoo in Vegas last week, the words "Abbey Dawn" on her left bicep. No pictures yet, but I am extremely interested to see what this looks like! Hopefully it's small.

Just a reminder, Avril's appearance on American Idol will be on Tuesday, January 26th. Originally it was supposed to be the 27th, but one day earlier is even better!


Myspace Music is releasing songs from the "Almost Alice" soundtrack everyday, with Avril's "Alice (Underground)" coming out on February 4! And the countdown begins...

Which Music Video?
Which Song?

[is avril still making AD pajamas? because I couldent find them anywhere in my Kohls store.]
No, actually there aren't any more pajamas. Apparently it's because they didn't sell well.

[Hey Melissa! Maybe Avril will make a  promo tour with Evan in spring/summer. Do you plan a new fanproject similar to the last one we had with the slipperse and the scarpbook?]
Absolutely, but I need to think of something else other than the slippers!

[I was watching an interview and there was rumour that Av didnt write all the songs on Let Go, and it was really someone else. Did she write them all?]
She co-wrote all of the songs on the album, and her other albums as well. She's a really talented songwriter

[Do you think Avril uses any products for acne? If so, what kind do you think?]
Well, I guess right now we need to assume she uses/has used Proactiv, being the spokeswoman and all, but who knows.

[do you have any avril related tatoos?]
No tattoos at all, but if I would get something Avril related, it would be the Let Go star.


Thanks to the wonderful, wonderful Zach, we have the first look at the Proactiv commercial! The quality and sound aren't the greatest, but she looks soooo pretty and sophisticated. I'm also glad to see that it's a full 2 minute commercial. It's a little cheesy, but how can an acne commercial not be, right? Let me know what you think!


Canon Singapore has created a subsite for Avril's "Moments" campaign, and in it they have included 2 brand new photos (which are also cool desktop wallpapers!) and 2 30 second commercials. See everything here.

Also, thanks to Cortney, Avril's Proactiv commercial is out on TV! We can't wait to see it!


Here are some more great new Abbey Dawn styles! I'm not sure what to make of the "Don't Fall in Love With Me" hoodie... why that phrase? Thanks Avrilspirit!


Avril was spotted at the Bank Nightclub in Las Vegas last night at the DJ booth with Tyson Ritter from the All-American Rejects. Maybe an Alice in Wonderland party? AAR also have a new song on the soundtrack.


It looks like Avril has designed some GREAT new Abbey Dawn styles for the new Alice in Wonderland movie! Check out the jacket with the cute inscription, the suspender shorts, the dress, and more! Thanks Avrilspirit!


Friday, January 15, 2010


Hi Everyone,

I am saddened by the news of death and devastation coming out of Haiti. What a horrible tragedy. Haiti is just a few hundred miles from the US, and even before this catastrophe, most Haitians lived in extreme poverty. This small country has had to endure so much already… and now this. It is times like these where we should stand up, pay attention and give help where we can. As I have said before, even the smallest of actions have an impact. To all the aid workers on the ground thank you. My heart goes out to all Haitians in their time of need.



Kohls.com has updated their Abbey Dawn banner with 4 cute new photos!


Avril is sure branching out, isn't she?

Three New Faces for Proactiv Acne Treatment
2010-01-13 | 07:19

Guthy-Renker adds three celebrity spokesmodels for its $830 million brand.

Guthy-Renker is as much a talent agency as it is a direct-sales company. The maker of Proactiv skin care has signed pop music stars Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne, as well as actress Jenna Fischer to promote the acne remedy.

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