Avril Lavigne: I’m a ‘Quiet, Calm, Sit-in-the-Corner’ Kind of Person
Last summer, Avril Lavigne took a break from the spotlight. She moved to Paris to study French full time, a decision she described as “good for my spirit.”

“When you’re in L.A., people are watching for musicians and actors,” the singer told “But in France, people aren’t really expecting that. So I was able to just get around and hide (I’m very short!). I could kind of just do my thing. I was by myself, I wasn’t working, and it was free time… I felt like a little girl again.”

Of course, Lavigne, 29, is anything but a little girl. She’s enjoying married life with Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, and today, she released her fifth studio album, a self-titled medley of nostalgic teen anthems, some edgier adult tracks, including one racy collaboration with Marilyn Manson, and a melancholy power ballad duet, “Let Me Go,” with her new husband.

The night before her new album dropped, Lavigne chatted with about bonding over music with Chad, being shy in an extroverted industry, and her surprising affection for Frank Sinatra.

How would you describe your new album?
“It’s very me. It’s a good thing I’m saying that because it is self-titled! I think it is very diverse. There’s a lot of different styles on there. There’s ballads, pop songs, rock songs, summer songs. It’s nostalgic. There’s one electronic tune. I couldn’t really find one word to really sum it up. And then visually, from a creative [stand]point, the album cover’s a head shot. That looked better than just a name, so that kind of made sense.”

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Avril celebrated her CD release last night in New York City and it looks like it was a blast! Even some members of Avril Bandaids got to hang out with her - lucky!


Avril Lavigne has a new signature guitar! To add to the 2 Telecasters that have been released over the years, finally, Avril has released an acoustic Newporter! Check out more information about it here.



Sounds different without Chad singing!

Avril also performed Girlfriend and Sk8er Boi. I will post those videos when I find them.


LOL she sure is happy!


Can you believe how patient we have been? The time is FINALLY here, where everyone around the world can hold Avril Lavigne's new album "AVRIL LAVIGNE" in their hands. Buy the album on iTunes here or at your local record store. Don't forget that those in the USA and Canada can get the exclusive Target edition, which includes "Rock N Roll (Acoustic)" and features a blue cover.

It's so important that everyone buys the album in the first week so we can give Avril a STRONG debut!

Enjoy, and leave a comment with your favorite song.


Scans from Avril and Chad's interview with People magazine about married life, working in the studio and baby plans!


This is from earlier today (November 3)...


Remeber WTH.TV? It's back, now as AvrilTV! Check out the first webisode! There will be a new episode every week with behind the scenes footage.


Avril has a playlist with a bunch of her favorite songs featured on Spotify, and they even have a handwritten letter from Avril to her fans, as well as the lyrics to "Let Me Go"! If you are not in the USA and can't use their website, check out the images below.


Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger: Inside Our Romance - and Baby Plans
When Avril Lavigne and Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger first met, it was strictly for professional reasons - they were just supposed to write a couple of songs together for Lavigne's new self-titled album (out Nov. 5). What actually happened is another story altogether.

"We bonded like crazy. It was like we'd known each other forever," Lavigne, 29, tells PEOPLE exclusively. "It's a very intimate process, and you have to really open up when you're songwriting. When it was over and I had to go work with other people, it sucked. So I called him and asked him to come back to L.A. to do some more writing with me, and he was like, 'Hell yeah!' "

Soon the two had fallen for each other romantically - and written enough love ballads to fill several albums.

"We wrote a song called 'My Little Secret,' about keeping our relationship under wraps," says Kroeger, 38. "And others like 'Let Me Go,' 'Hush Hush,' and 'Give You What You Like.' Our writing partner must have been like, 'You guys are making me sick!' "

A month and six days after they began dating, Kroeger proposed to Lavigne with a giant, 14-carat rock, and they were wed a year later in July 2013 during a wild, three-day party at a castle in the South of France. They even debuted one of their new love ballads during the wedding.

"We played our duet 'If I Said I Loved You' for our guests and danced to it for our first dance," Lavigne says. "Our guests got to hear an exclusive song! It's our love song," Lavigne says. "We had to play it at the wedding."

So now that they're married, are babies on the agenda? Sure, says Kroeger, just not anytime soon. Lavigne is busy promoting her new album, and Nickelback are about to go on tour to Europe and South Africa.

"We both want it," he says. "We just need to find a time we're both home to get around to it!"

For more on Lavigne and Kroeger, including their rules for making a rock and roll marriage work, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

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