Avril attended the Billboard Music Awards tonight in Las Vegas to present the award with Alyssa Milano for Top Digital Song, but before she did that, she walked the blue carpet with her best accessory: her fiance Chad! Looking great you two!


Avril is on the cover of Nylon magazine's July 2013 issue!



Avril talks the meaning of life and her perfect wedding playlist in Part Three of our interview

In Part Three of our interview with Avril Lavigne, the Canadian star opens up about her biggest life lessons to date and her perfect wedding playlist.

The 28-year-old singer has worked in the music industry since she was just 15 years old, and learned the hard way how career pressures can damage relationships.

Avril - now engaged to marry Nickelback's Chad Kroeger - divorced her first husband, Sum 41's Deryck Whibley, in November 2010, after three years of marriage.

Read below as she discusses the importance of balance in maintaining healthy relationships and enjoying life. She also reveals the meaning of life! Oh, Avril...

What does an average day in the life of Avril look like, when you’re not doing interviews, performing and recording?

I like to exercise. Like, I like to swim. I like watching movies now, more than I ever have before, and I like red wine. My new thing is Champagne.

Very nice. So you’re not just a beer girl anymore?

No (laughs).

What else has changed in your late twenties? Have your priorities changed?

You know, you live, you learn. You grow up, you get a little wiser.

What have your biggest lessons have been?

To have balance, ‘cause when things are really intense - like this career choice, or anything it is in life, like your job or whatever - what I have just learned for me personally, is that I want to keep a balance, to always enjoy what it is that I do...

Break it up a little bit, versus having too much to do. If you eat your favourite food every single day, you get sick of it, you don’t like it anymore.

I think it’s important to… work really hard and then focus on family and friends... Because you know how it is when you go on tour, you don’t see your family or your friends, or you’re never home. So what tends to happen is relationships don’t work and things like that. You get my drift? (Laughs).

So that’s it, balance.

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Avril with straight hair and subtle makeup!? MY FAVORITE! She looked great as she popped in for an interview and performance at SiriusXM Hits 1 yesterday. No video/audio yet, though.


Singer Avril Lavigne stopped by TODAY on Friday to perform her new hit "Here's to Never Growing Up" and she was sporting her trademark punk princess look.

Did you like what Lavigne was wearing? Here are the details:

- YUKA top
- Shoes from her clothing line Abbey Dawn
- Her fiance Chad Kroeger's hat

Lavigne said the hat was her favorite part of her wardrobe, as it holds special sentimental value.

"This is actually the hat my fiance Chad (Kroeger) was wearing when he proposed," Lavigne said. "I grabbed it and put it on on my way out of the hotel room this morning."

Known for her punk style, Lavigne said her biggest challenge is trying to keep her look fresh.

"I love black, so I'm always trying to find ways to mix it up," she explained. "I guess today I'm looking pretty goth with the boots and the tights."



Avril took over SiriusXM Hits 1 Twitter handle this afternoon to answer questions from fans and said that her favorite song on the still untitled 5th album is "Give You What You Like". Sounds saucy!

These are the confirmed songs that we have:

- Here's To Never Growing Up
- Seventeen
- Bad Girl
- Hello Kitty
- Let Me Go
- Give You What You Like
- Rock and Roll


Avril, Chad and the rest of the crew were spotted in Los Angeles airport catching a flight to New York City yesteday, May 15. Avril is in town to perform on the Today Show Friday, and for interviews with MTV News and SiriusXM today. Tweet your questions for Avril using #AskAVril before 2:45ET today!



Video of the interview coming soon!

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