Avril spent the afternoon hanging out with Cassadee Pope, a final contestant on The Voice (USA) version. Avril will be singing a duet with Cassadee on the finale TONIGHT!

Cassadee has sang "My Happy Ending" and "I'm With You" on the show this season, which you can watch below.

Check back later tonight, as I will have the video available for your viewing pleasure!


Listen to Avril's hauntingly beautiful piano cover of Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" for the Japanese One Piece Film Z film. I'm very impressed! What do you think?


Avril's "What The Hell" is nominated for the SWRV Top 25 of 2012 Click here to vote and you can find Avril on PAGE 4. You can vote multiple times so start clicking away!


The Avril Lavigne Foundation has started a really great way to earn money for the foundation, just from your everyday online shopping! Download the giving assistant and each time you buy something online from participating retailers, a portion of your purchase gets donated to the Avril Lavigne Foundation. Perfect time for your Christmas shopping. You can also win some great Avril prizes like autographed pictures, official merchandise, fragrances, and more. Great cause!


A few months ago, Bobsled, a video conferencing service had a contest to win a talk with Avril. Check out the video below!


Sorry for not updating these images sooner, I was on vacation.

Avril is accompanying Nickelback on tour in Australia, and was spotted with Chad at the airport in Perth on November 15.

Perth Airport on November 18.

Brisbane Airport on November 21.

Sydney Airport on November 23.

Sydney Harbor boat ride on November 23.


Here is a preview of Avril's version of Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" and I have to admit that I'm liking what I hear! By changing the melody and tone of the song slightly, it adds a new element. Can't wait to hear the full version!


Avril and Chad were out celebrating his birthday at Disneyland in California with her bff/hair stylist/makeup artist Gabriel! And how cute is the picture on the roller coaster??? MY FAVORITE!


Avril Lavigne planning rock ‘n roll wedding

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger is convinced his upcoming nuptials will be "the most unique wedding the planet has ever seen" as his fiancee Avril Lavigne is putting a rock 'n' roll spin on the event.

The rocker had a traditional ceremony in mind, but he admits Lavigne has taken control of the wedding plans and wants an unforgettable celebration for her second trip down the aisle.

He tells Men's Health magazine, "We (grooms) get such an incredibly small chunk in terms of what we can actually participate in... I get control over nothing. I just show up. But I'm glad, because she has... traversed these territories before. These are unchartered (sic) waters for me. So it's nice to have her to guide me through this.

"She's got great ideas. I would have gone a little too traditional, I think, and she's giving it a real rock 'n' roll edge. The groomsmen won't be wearing piano neckties (but) let's just say she's taking the bull by the horns and steering the ship towards what is going to be the most unique wedding that the planet has probably ever seen."

Kroeger, who announced his engagement to Lavigne in August, insists he never envisioned himself settling down, adding, "There was a time in my life that I thought I would never get married. But this definitely took me by storm. Honestly, it was more my idea than hers to get married. I'm just lucky she said yes."

Lavigne was previously married to Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley, and also dated reality TV star Brody Jenner before they split earlier this year.


Check out this new backstage video from the 2012 New York Fashion Week Abbey Dawn show. You can see all of the models getting ready, as well as Avril dying and shaving her hair!


Harry Fox Agency, a performing rights website, has registered some new songs written by Avril, Chad and David Hodges. Do you think these will be featured on the new album? Song titles include "Secret", "Hush, Hush", "Bad Girl", "Let Me Go", "It's Not Ok", "Time Goes By", "What You Like" and "This One's For You". Can't wait to find out!


Chad Kroeger on Avril: She's steering our engagement

Chad Kroeger recently spoke about his engagement to Avril Lavigne. He's revealed that when it comes to their relationship, she's the one calling the shots and “steering the ship” as he put it.

As you all know, Avril was once married to Sum 41 rocker Deryck Whibley from 2006 and 2009. Even though the marriage didn't work out, Chad, who is the front man for the band Nickelback, is happy she's in charge of planning the wedding, because she's done it all before. So don’t count on Avril being too forthcoming with her Facebook and Twitter, or visiting www.foxybingo.com, because well, she has some major planning to do.

"If you're travelling through uncharted waters, it's always nice if you've got someone steering the ship who's been there before," he said.

The 37 year old is nine years Avril's senior, but that doesn't matter for them because they have so much in common. Chad says that one of the things he loves the most about his fiancee, is the fact they have so much in common in terms of their careers. It's not just the music they can talk about. Apparently, they get into the nitty gritty of the industry, and the dynamics of touring as well.

"She's toured so many times, it's strange because when I talk to her, she talks about production, she talks about how difficult it is - time-lines for shipping things overseas, and whatnot.”

It's good to know the two are happy together.

"It's mind blowing,” he gushes, “because I just look at her and we can talk. Music we can talk, touring we can talk. About anything, and we have so much in common, it's just fantastic."

Let's hope that when she eventually manages to plan their nuptials down to the last letter, they have a longer and happier marriage than her previous attempt. She deserves it.

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