So... Remember how 2 months ago Avril said that the 5th album is finished? That might not be the case... Chad Kroeger was interviewed 2 weeks ago and this is what he had to say:

SoJo: What can you tell me about the work you're doing with Avril Lavigne. I saw some photos on Facebook that kind of made me all fluttery. Did she reach out to you?

Chad Kroeger: I met her manager, when I was in Cabo for New Years. He got in touch with my manager and suggested that her and I get together and do some writing. We've done two or three different writing sessions now, and it's just amazing every single time we get into the studio together. She's got, just an amazing voice! We've probably done eight songs now, and theres another week scheduled here coming up in about four or five days.

Take that as you want, but either they are still writing together because the creativity is flowing (or maybe they are hanging out for other reasons!) or Avril is now struggling for more songs (which doesn't make sense to me since she was on vacation for a month). Let's hope for some more details soon!


Today is's 8th birthday! Thanks for sticking around and for all of the support, Little Black Stars!

And happy independence day to those in the USA!


Dare I say that Avril's hair looks good in this pictures? Didn't think I would! Here is Avril at a tattoo parlour called "Atelier 168 La Bete Humaine" in Paris in June, getting her "La Vie En Rose" tattoo.


Avril was out yesterday with Chad Kroeger (couple, do you think?) in Los Feliz, CA. We also have a view of another brand new tattoo! This one is of the french phrase "La vie en rose" (which can be loosely translated to mean 'life through rose colored glasses'. That brings it to 3 new tattoos in 2 months! Also, this tattoo below the Abbey Dawn tattoo (that we have seen part of previously) is a skull.


Avril was spotted looking casual in her hoodie and sweats out in Beverly Hills on Sunday with a friend and sister in law Amie.


SHE'S BACK! Avril is home from her 2 month holiday to France, and I think we've been patient enough... so let's begin the 5th album era! Hopefully now that Avril is home and ready to get back to work, we will get some sort of new album confirmation soon. Welcome home! Check out a possible "Fuck You" tattoo on her right middle finger!


Exclusive Abbey Dawn New Look Q&A With Avril Lavigne

Question #1 From: Sarah-Jayne Dixon/ Amelia-Rose Sydenham / Becky Costigan
Where do you get your style inspiration from?

I love shopping in Japan! They are always doing everything first in fashion and wear clothing without reservations but I also love everyday essentials. I like to mix and match but you have to have that great hoodie or a kickass pair of heels to complete the look.

Question #2 From: Daisy Haining
What's your favourite casual / day look?

Right now its my Pin Skull and lace raglan with a dope pair of tights. I always have a hoodie with me and heels - just in case!

Question #3 From: Eleanor Bandey
What is your favourite outfit that you have ever worn?

Ever?? There are so many to choose from….If I had to choose one that came to mind right now it would be the Champagne room dress that I wore to the Teen Choice awards. That dress rocks!

Question #4 From: SophieDobby Crump
Would you say your style has changed from when you first began singing?

I wouldn’t say that it has changed so much as it has evolved. I wouldn’t take back any of the outfits that I wore when I first started. Now I will wear dresses and heels but still have my staple converse!

Question #5 From: Sarah Saunders
What is your favourite piece from the Abbey Dawn collection?

I love everything Abbey Dawn! All of these pieces I pour my heart and soul into and totally can’t pick just one! What is your favourite??

Read More.


This is sure to get people talking! Avril was spotted out (STILL - is she moving there?) in Paris, France yesterday (June 11) with a new hair style - a HALF SHAVEN HEAD. Not liking this AT ALL. Maybe if she was smiling or in a different setting then it would look better. It honestly looks horrible to me, and I am hoping to God that her hair is just parted far over and that it can be covered up. What were you thinking Avril? You can't cut that beautiful hair! I have to hand it to her though, this is sure to get people (and the blogs) talking!


Can you believe it? One of the best pop albums of our time, "Let Go" has been in our lives for 10 YEARS! A DECADE! For those of us who have been fans since the very beginning, doesn't that make you feel old?? HAHA

What is your favorite song from the album? Favorite photo shoot from the past 10 years? Favorite live performance? Favorite interview? Let me and other Avril fans know your favorite memories from the past 10 great years.

My favorite song is "I'm With You". It's not only my favorite song from Let Go, but my all-time favorite. For me it just never seems to get old!


She lives! haha

Avril was finally seen in public by a couple of fans at Hotel Costes in Paris, France (yes she is still in Paris). Avril has been on holiday there for the past month. No idea who she is with or if she is there for business or pleasure, but she looks great in her Abbey Dawn! Glad to see you out in public, Avril!


Rita Ora And Avril Lavigne Rumoured To Be The X Factor's Final Judge

Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell may have been given the chance to impress Simon Cowell as a judge at the first X Factor auditions in Liverpool this week, but if she wants the job permanently she'd better watch her back because a host of stars including Avril Lavigne and Rita Ora are reportedly in contention for a judging role on the TV talent show.

Speculation has been rife as to who'll fill the shoes of Kelly Rowland, who left the show after one series. Former judge Dannii Minogue was thought to be being lined up, but the Australian beauty reportedly decided against rejoining at the last minute.

According to The Daily Star, Lavigne could be set to take a permanent spot on the panel. Surprisingly given that she's relatively new to stardom, Ora is also reportedly being thought of as a potential judge.

Read More.

Katy Perry: Labels wanted me to be like Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne

Katy Perry has revealed that her previous record labels wanted her to be just like Kelly Clarkson or Avril Lavigne.

The singer explained that she was dropped from three record labels before she signed with Capitol in the US and had to fight to retain her sense of identity.

"There was a lot of the word 'no' being thrown my way and I just never accepted that," Perry told The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"You know overcoming everybody saying, 'It's not going to work', because a lot of people wanted me to be like someone - whether that was a Kelly Clarkson or an Avril Lavigne - and I was like, 'I want to be Katy Perry first', and they didn't really understand that."

She added: "Maybe because my vision was so strong, but finally I got to go with it and it's kind of worked out."

Read More.


Everyone remembers the controversy regarding Avril's loss of UR Fave Artist at the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards (when she had more votes but it was given to Justin Bieber anyways).

This year, Avril is nominated for just 1 award (International Video of the Year by a Canadian) but this is not fan voted so we (unfortunately) have no control.

Tune in to the 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards on June 17 at 9pm (on TV if you live in Canada, and probably streamed live around the world as well) and let's cross our fingers for an Avril win!

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