Singer Avril Lavigne visits Pleasanton Safeway to launch campaign for disabled

PLEASANTON -- Shoppers got a dose of pop star with their groceries Tuesday when singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne visited a new Safeway to help kick off the chain's national fundraising campaign for the disabled.

Showing she wasn't too proud to mess up her trademark long blond hair, the 27-year-old singer mixed it up in a celebrity grocery bagging duel -- only to be bested by ex-San Francisco 49-er Dwight Clark.

"Avril is so cool. Loading the groceries shows she is just like one of us," said Haley Dean, a freshman at Foothill High School in Pleasanton.

Dean heard of the singer's surprise visit from her mom just in time to catch a ride to the store along with two friends who also are big Lavigne fans.

Lavigne, the mega-platinum singer nominated for eight Grammy Awards, dropped by the new Safeway on Bernal Avenue to help the chain launch it's annual Support for People for Disabilities program that benefits Easter Seals and Special Olympics.

As part of the campaign, shoppers who donate $5 are rewarded with a code allowing them to view backstage videos of Lavigne.

Lavigne, who has her own foundation to benefit the disabled, was a women of few words Tuesday as she appeared on a temporary stage with executives from the Special Olympics and Easter Seals.

"I'm honored to be here," said the Canadian born star who started performing as a child in a church choir.

Honor was harder to get in the celebrity grocery bagging contest.

Despite robust cheering from fans, Lavigne's efforts bogged down as she struggled to not smash a bag of marshmallows with a 2-liter bottle of soda.

Rob Sotomayor of Pleasant praised Lavigne for being a good sport and allowing her to have her photo taken with him.

"I'm a big fan," Sotomayor said. "Unfortunately, my friend had a problem with the camera and the photo didn't come out."


Avril was seen in a tattoo parlor called Shamrock Social in Los Angeles, with Marilyn Manson on Saturday night. Does this mean that she is getting a new tattoo? Do you think they are working together? A very odd pairing this surely is!



L.A. Reid has called Avril's new album 'purely magical'! Yesterday Avril said on her Twitter that she was excited to see one of her favorite people, who happens to be her mentor L.A. Reid. Reid responded by saying "My girl @AvrilLavigne is simply amazing and deeply adorable...and the music? Purely Magical!!!"...

Avril has been showing him her new songs, and according to her tweet yesterday morning, she is done in the studio this weekend! Do you think this means that the album is completely done? We can only hope!


Avril Lavigne Dishes Her Beauty Secrets

While 27-year-old rocker Avril Lavigne is typically known for her pipes and punky style, she's foraying into nail polish design. This April, she will debut a 12-piece collection of Sally Hansen Salon Effects Polish Strips ($9.99 each) featuring animal prints, polka dots, glitter, and more. We sat down with our music crush to chat about manicures, how she creates her signature smoky eyes, and her secrets to getting awesome bed head.

Real Beauty: Tell us about your new nail polish strips.
Avril Lavigne: I love to have good nails at all times, especially because I’m on the red carpet often. I can apply these polish strips in the car, airplane, or studio. They are awesome because it takes me five to seven minutes to apply them, there's no drying time, and they last for up to ten days. Just take them off with nail polish remover.

RB: What influenced your designs?
AL: My personal style and all of my favorite colors. I love skulls! I love pink! I love black! And I love sparkles!

RB: Does music play a role in them?
AL: The names are music related. My favorites strips are the leopard and star styles. I just think they’re really pretty.

RB: What three beauty products could you not live without?
AL: All I need is black eyeliner and lip moisturizer, like Rosebud Perfume Co. Salve. I also use Proactiv for my skin.

RB: How do you create your signature smoky eyes?
AL: I guess I just put too much on. That’s sort of my goal. I don’t like a little bit, I like a lot! I like to be super messy when I apply it, and I bring it really low under my eye. Then, I take a wipe and smear it. Just go nutsódon’t hold back!

RB: What about your hair routine?
AL: I have dry, thick hair that I wash every three days. It’s also healthier to not wash it every day. I like to have messy hair, so my new thing is to use a lot of hairspray on clean hair. That's how to get bed head.

RB: Do you have naturally straight hair?
AL: I have kind of wavy hair. When I was little, I had ringlets, and it was blonde! Now it’s like dirty blonde.

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She's done hot pink and lime green, so why not, right? Avril has expressed interest to add blue to her hair soon! Love it? Hate it?

There was a lot of back-and-forth between Avril and the Sally Hansen team before the collection came out just right. “I kept wanting more color,” said Avril. At the time the singer’s hair was green for her tour, and she really wanted a neon pop of color for her nails that would match her hair. Her next hair color? “I think I’m going to go blue… I don’t know why, but I am loving the blues.”

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"In school I cut my friends' hair and gave them all Mowhawks."

Avril Lavigne is one of the few people who have graced the NYLON cover not once, but twice...and for good reason. Since she first broke out back in 2002, the Canadian rocker has made a career built upon her signature unshakeable punk-pop sound (seriously- the lyrics to"It's Complicated" are still unforgettable, even after a decade). Now the musician-turned-Abbey Dawn designer branches out into the beauty world with a new collaboration with Sally Hansen. We talked with the 27-year-old yesterday in NYC about her nail art addiction, new album, and why 10 years later, her music message still remains the same.

You’re one of the few people who have been on our cover twice! What do you remember?
Yeah! I remember NYLON had such fun, loose, cool indie vibes.. It was nice because sometimes when you do photo shoots it has to be perfect, but those times it was super laid back.

So, Sally Hansen. How did the collaboration happen?
We had a meeting where I tried the Salon Effects strips and fell in love, so we decided to work together and do a collaboration. My designs reflect my personal style and favorite colors- I love skulls, stars, studs, all that fun stuff.

Do you have a favorite?
I like all of them! I’m wearing the pink with skulls right now. I also like the leopard one.

We try the Sally Hansen strips all the time in the office, and they're great.
Yeah, I hate sitting around while someone does your nails, so these are great because you can do them yourself. I’ve done them in the studio, in the car, on the plane from my show in Europe flying to New York to do my fashion show. Everyone who's with me loves them.

Are your friends into it?
Yeah, definitely. I’m that kind of girl that’s like, “Can I cut your hair? Can I do your nails? Can I do your makeup?” In school I cut my friends' hair and gave them all Mohawks. I’ve done my stepmom's nails, my mom's nails, my sister's nails. And even when I have just one left I turn to my guy friends and am like, "Can I do a nail?"

What are you up to now besides this?
I’m in the studio right now, and that’s going really well. I’m in the studio up to 12 or 16 hours every day, so nothing else other than that. But I get to put all my energy to being creative right now and it feels really good.

What can you tell us about your new album?
I have so many songs, so many great songs. I’ve been doing a lot of new stuff, this record I’ve worked with a lot of people I’ve never worked with before. It’s always interesting to be like, “Hey nice to meet you! Now let’s sit down and write a song.” When I write songs all by myself I’m lazy, I don’t finish them, it takes forever. So it’s really nice to collaborate, and to work with the guys I’m working with right now, who are so talented. I’m also working with LA Reid; he signed me to my first record contract when I was 15, and now we’re back together again.

In general, what’s your ideal situation for someone to listen to your music?
Definitely in the car; it's feel good music. I always want my music to inspire someone and be uplifting and give them strength, so when they’re hearing it they’re like "F*ck yeah!" I want my music to be an empowering message to young girls. Not taking any crap from guys; just be yourself and stand up for yourself.

Buy Avril Lavigne x Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in drugstores now.


Avril was in New York City yesterday for a press event to launch her partnership with Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips. Check out some Twitter pictures from the event below! Yesterday we were talking about what kind of strips Avril would be sporting, and I correctly guessed the sparkle pink with black skulls! Cortney was even better saying either the green sparkles or black and pink sparkles... Avril wore both!


On Thursday I posted a photo of the Abbey Dawn boots that I received from (which are soooo comfy and I LOVE), and tweeted @JustFabOnline as well. Well this morning I had the best wakup with tweets from LOTS of people, because Avril mentioned me on her Twitter!

She tweeted:

“@JustFabOnline: Thanks for sharing a pic! RT @avrillorg: LOVE my new @AbbeyDawn shoes!! Thanks @JustFabOnline!!” sweet

I know it's only something small and a retweet (with a "sweet" mentioned), but it shows that she is slowly starting to acknowledge us Little Black Stars!


Remember on Friday how I told you to check for some more Abbey Dawn items? They have just added some tshirts, tanks, hoodies and dresses, either for $39.95, or 2 for $39.95! Most of the styles are older items from, but there are a couple of new ones such as the dress Avril wore to the Teen Choice Awards, and a dress from a recent Abbey Dawn shoot. Quantities are very limited, so get ordering!. As always, it is free shipping to the USA, and Canada is $9.

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