Avril's collection of Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Nail Strips are out in the USA! You can pick them up at Walmart and drug stores. For my fellow Canadians, these will be available in May. I don't have word if they will be released in any other countries, but if you have seen these in your stores, the odds are that Avril's designs will soon be appearing. They are also only available instore and not online.

To celebrate the launch, Avril is in NYC today doing some promo!

Check out the full collection below! Which one is your favorite?


Avril attended the 30th birthday party of blogger Jared Eng at Pink Taco Sunset Strip on Friday (March 23) in Los Angeles. According to sources at the party, "Avril went crazy on the dance floor, whipping her hair to Rihanna‘s We Found Love and Azealia Banks‘ 212.” Check out the pictures of Avril posing with Jared and Rumer Willis.

Remember to check tomorrow for some new Abbey Dawn items!


In case you have been living under a rock, has been selling Abbey Dawn handbags and shoes! They have a great selection at great prices (most are all $39.95 with free shipping to the USA - they only ship to Canada and the USA).

I received my order today of the "Hell Yeah" and "Rock On" boots! They are such great quality and fit great! I am always skeptical when ordering shoes online, but these are actually true to size. LOVE them and can't wait to start showing them off!

A little birdy might have told me to check on Monday for a special AD surprise....


Proactiv is having a contest to win an Avril autographed skateboard deck! Subscribe to their Youtube page and keep checking for instructions! No idea if this is worldwide or not, though.


A cookbook and makeup line in the future? WIth Avril's ambitions and projects lately, I wouldn't be surprised!


Avril was photographed at Katsuya Restaurant and later at Drai's in Hollywood. She was spotted inside the club with Chad Kroeger fron Nickelback.


Avril Lavigne : My New Album is Very Emotional

Avril Lavigne just ended her whirlwind “Black Star” tour and tells us that she’s already back in the studio working on what will become her 5th studio album.

“I’m in the studio right now and I’m working with another Canadian guy who is super rad, Chad Kruger from the band Nickelback and David Hodges, he’s also a super talented [producer] who did a lot of Evanescence stuff,” Avril tells us at the launch of her Abbey Dawn collection presented by Just Fabulous.

She also says she’s working with a high profile X-Factor judge, “I’m working with LA Reid and we’re all really excited.”

That will only further fuel the rumors that she is in talks to join the judging panel of The X-Factor. Though when we asked about the judging rumors, she simply says, “I already performed on the X-Factor and that was awesome.”

For now we can absolutely look forward to her new album, which she says is not as “young” but definitely very “fun.”

“I don’t think it’s as young,” she says of her new album, “A lot of acoustic guitars and pianos. There’s a deep message…it’s emotional, [but] it’s a good time because the album is a little more upbeat I think. It’s got some pretty crazy fun songs. It’s about living life and just like making the most of it and having a good time.”

I guess we can expect a classic Avril sound with some more guitar and a lot more fun. Sounds good to me.


Avril and Deryck were spotted out in Hollywood last night with Rob Dipple (Deryck's best friend and the guy who films WTH.TV) and Deryck's girlfriend!


Avril was asked on the red carpet at the JustFab Abbey Dawn party if the rumor about her being a judge on X Factor is true, and Avril replied "No. I'm making a record. I want to make movies - no, it's not happening!". Phew!


Avril attended the Abbey Dawn handbag and shoe launch party at The Viper Room last night looking, might I say, 'just fabulous'!. She put on a small private show (only singing My Happy Ending, I'm With You, Girlfriend, and Sk8er Boi). The show was streamed live on, but if you didn't get to watch, it will be added there shortly.

Deryck was also spotted at the show, but no Brody... hmmm


Avril made an appearance at The Grove in LA yesterday, promoting her new Abbey Dawn handbag and shoe collection. The segment was taped for ExtraTV.

ABBEY DAWN @ JUSTFAB.COM HAS LAUNCHED / LIVE STREAM OF CONCERT has officially launched Abbey Dawn handbags and shoes! only ships to the USA and Canada, so girls, get shopping, and guys, start getting presents for your girls! All Abbey Dawn items are $39.95 or $49.95 (AMAZING deal!). Enter the code AVRIL25 at checkout to get 25% off! Right now it's also buy one get one 50% off! Make sure you create your account to view the full collection.

**Avril's concert LIVE from the Viper Room in Hollywood will be streamed on the website, their Facebook page, as well as a few other sources (Yahoo homepage) at 8:45pm PDT (California time). More details will follow.

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