Here are a couple more Abbey Dawn 2012 photo shoot pictures for the fall collection. Is everyone excited for the official launch of footwear and handbags on JustFab.com, March 13?!


Today, March 8, marks the official 1 year release of Goodbye Lullaby all around the world. It was this time last year that the world got to hear these amazing, heartfelt songs. Do you remember what you thought of the album the first time you heard it?


Some adorable Abbey Dawn 2012 photo shoot pictures for the fall collection.



Avril posted her surprise, and thank you to us fans yesterday. The beginning of the video we see Avril expressing her gratitude for this Goodbye Lullaby album era, as well as The Black Star Tour.

While shooting the Vanity Fair Italy magazine spread in early 2011 with photographer Mark Liddell, the two of them shot a video, set to Avril's favorite song from Goodbye Lullaby, "Goodbye". It's a powerful piece that shows (at least how I have interpreted it) Avril's character arriving home into an empty apartment, then getting ready and waiting for someone (her lover?) to get home. When she realizes that no one is coming, she begins to get upset and angry, ripping off her wig and crying. At the end of the video she leaves the apartment, but we don't know where to. VERY moving and it's soooo impossible to not feel Avril's emotions when she cries!

What do you think?

[EDIT] An official explanation from the director of the video, Mark Liddell.
"This is not just a video but a film with a message and a meaning. It shows a beautiful strong woman coming to terms with who she is. At the end of the day, at the end of our life,at the end of a tour..who are we?. We have to be able to accept who we are and look in the mirror and see the real person,the person behind the image..We have fantasies but it is reality that runs our life. It takes bravery,it takes strength, it takes vulnerability and it exposes beauty. I am so proud of my friend, the iconic, super talented,person, that i know as AVRIL LAVIGNE. Thankyou for trusting me with something so personal. PLEASE DONATE TO HER FOUNDATION TO HELP THOSE THAT NEED OUR HELP SO BADLY"



Avril tweeted this photo of her with Chad Kroeger of Nickelback in the studio together... What do you think they are working on? A real rock song, a performance at the Juno Awards together? What do you think? And do you think this has anything to do with the big surprise? I'm excited for this new era in Avril's music!


If you've been following Avril's Twitter profile, she has said that she has a a surprise, a thank you to us fans! We have been wracking our brains trying to figure it out, what do you think it is? Some good guesses include a 10 year anniversary edition of Let Go, Goodbye as the next single, Push as the next single, Hello being released, 5th album news, or info on possibly being a new judge on the X Factor USA

Avril's tweets:

Feb 25: "Guess what little black stars... I have a surprise for you.....!"
Feb 25: “@GABRIELPANDURO: @AvrilLavigne LET ME GUESS??:)” Gabe, u already know what's coming for my fans.... Exciting!!!
Feb 26: "This "thing", this "thank you" to my fans...will be coming soon.....I'll send a hint tomorrow. Should only be a couple of days.."
Feb 28: "Hint ..for my surprise..what is the title of my favorite song off of "Goodbye Lullaby" ?????"
Feb 28: "Guess what I'm doing right now??!"
Feb 28: "I'm in the studio...... Who am I working with???? He's Canadian"
Feb 28: "Bro'ing out with Chad Kroeger in the studio http://t.co/apQTm8rp"
Mar 1: "Wait for it......"

Mark Liddell, one of Avril's good friends and photographer extraordinaire (he has shot LOTS of Avril's best photo shoots - Maxim, Goodbye Lullaby, The Best Damn Thing, and Prestige, to name a few) has updated his Facebook recently with this cryptic message:
"Working on a very special and private project with one of my favorite clients. Cant say a word yet...but dam..people are going to FREAK the s*** out!!!! ..like nothing you've ever seen before!!!!!....." and also "it's going to be a big week for a lot of fans this week!!"... so the surprise has something to do with him and a photo shoot perhaps???


If you haven't already, please vote for Avril at the 2012 Juno Awards! Avril is nominated for the Fan Choice Award! This award is controlled by us fans, and we can bring it home for our Canadian girl! Click the link below to vote. You can only vote once.



Could this be the 'big surprise' that Avril has teased us about on Twitter?

AVRIL LAVIGNE In the Running for 'X Factor' Judge Job

With two judging slots to fill, it seems the folks at "X Factor" might not have to look far to fill one of the spots ... because former L.A. Reid protege Avril Lavigne is interested in the gig ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, Avril had her people reach out to the folks at "X Factor" to let them know she'd like to be considered for the job. Our sources says Avril feels that since she came up in the biz at such a young age, she can mentor the kids on the show the right way.

We're told talks are already happening between the two sides.

Besides her connection to Reid, Avril performed on the finale of season one of "X Factor" with finalist Chris Rene.


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