Abbey Dawn is OFFICIALLY going to be available worldwide, starting in Spring 2012.

Avril has sold Abbey Dawn to stores in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, France, Poland, Germany and Sweden (to name a few). A European website has launched to promote the brand. I don't think that this site will sell the clothes (that is what is for) but instead will use it as a promo to sign new stores.

Avril will be attending the London Edge trade show in London on September 4-6 to promote Abbey Dawn.


It's day 1 of the International Bread & Butter apparel trade show in Berlin, Germany. Avril is there to promote Abbey Dawn (new items such as clothes, bags, shoes, and hats), and to sell Abbey Dawn to stores. Avril will also be there tomorrow, from 11am- 1pm and 230pm- 4pm. Thanks Avrilsmusic.


Here's a fun photo shoot for the "Smile" single.


Look familiar? Given the fact that is out 1 year after Forbidden Rose, I expected a little more creativity in Wild Rose. As you can see, the bottom and packaging are almost identical. I look at it as a sort of part 2 of Forbidden Rose. Most celebrity fragrances have done it (a similar style of a previous fragrance - Britney Spears, Beyonce, etc). I am hoping that the scent will at least blow us away.


Here is the first promo image for Avril's third fragrance, "Wild Rose" (it's gorgeous even though it's photoshopped like hell).


Avril's France vacation is over, and it's on to Germany for the Bread & Butter clothing apparel show to promote Abbey Dawn! Thanks Avrilsmusic.


FINALLY! Sony Music has come out with an official Avril Lavigne mobile app. It works on all Apple products (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad), and within it, you have unlimited listens to all of Avril's albums in full, you can watch all of her music videos, you can view and post on the Fan Wall, you can check out the latest news and much more! It's available for free download in the iTunes App Store (download it on your device).


Today marks's 7 year anniversary! WOW I can't believe how fast time as flown! Thanks for being a fan of the site and of Avril, and I can't wait to see what the future brings!


This interview is a must-see. Avril was so relaxed and was genuinely happy to be there. GREAT! Credit to AVRIL-L.ORG


Have you purchased your AD Loves Japan tshirt yet? 100% of all net profits go to the The Avril Lavigne Foundation to support Mercy Corps’ “Comfort for Kids” program in Japan to provide post-trauma assistance to children following the Japan earthquake and pacific tsunami. It's a great cause!


Remember last week when I pposted about Abbey Dawn being showcased at the Bread & Butter Brand Supershow in Berlin, Germany July 6-8? has posted (with a beautiful new photo) more info regarding this, and it looks like Avril herself will be attending, and showing off the newest additions to the line such as shoes, swimwear and handbags. Abbey Dawn will also be made available in Hot Topic stores as of July.


Looks like the rumors are true! Avril's awaited third fragrance, Wild Rose will be out soon. Avril said earlier today on her Twitter:
New fragrance Wild Rose almost done. Cant wait 4 U to try. One of the ingredients is inspired by French dessert, Creme Brulee :) xo

The bottle is pretty much the same as Forbidden Rose with a Black Star coloring. Not exactly imaginative, but hopefully it smells as great as the first 2!

Avril Lavigne will launch her ​​third fragrance called Wild Rose. The fragrance is a fruity and floral scent that described as feminine and blend of sun- kissed fruit and a beautiful flower, will be available from August 2011.

Previously, Avril Lavigne has launched her first fragrance in 2009 called Black Star and her second fragrance Forbidden Rose in 2010. As we know that Wild Rose fragrance was developed from her earlier fragrance.

The fragrance is made from the composition of fruits with notes of mandarin, red grapefruit and plum. It’s has a heart with accents of the frangipani flower, blue orchid and orange blossom, while the base notes are musk, sandalwood and creme brulee.

Avril Lavigne Wild Rose collection is available as:
15ml EDP
30ml EDP
50ml EDP
Shower Gel 150ml
Body Lotion 150ml
Deodorant Aerosol 150ml

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