EDIT: All of our hard work didn't pay off.... Justin Bieber won the UR FAVE ARTIST award!!! Avril was sooo far ahead and I guess he came from behind to win it... We tried... Avril, you are our FAVE ARTIST

Avril also lost the Best International Video by a Canadian to Drake and Justin Bieber (they both won, it was a tie)

This is the mega post for the MMVAs!

Avril arriving on the red carpet

Avril performing "What The Hell". She was a but naughty and sneaked in a What The F (which they were a little too late with bleeping out). Great performance!


Avril this morning doing some last minute rehearsals for the Muchmusic Awards. Check back to the site later tonight for pictures and videos!

Friday's soundcheck courtesy of WTH.TV


Thanks for entering! Contest is over.


Avril, Brody, and company were spotted outside the Four Seasons Hotel/Bar in Toronto last night. Thanks Avrilsmusic.


TOMORROW is the 2011 MMVA's and Avril is performing "What The Hell" and is up for 2 awards. It's gonna be a good night! Here are some pictures of Avril at the rehearsals.

Avril performing What The Hell at rehearsals

There is still time to vote for Avril as UR FAVE ARTIST at the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards live this Sunday at MuchMusic in Toronto. Use this link to vote. Muchmusic JUST changed their voting system (who knows why) so if you haven't voted, DO IT!


Time is almost up to vote for Avril as UR FAVE ARTIST at the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards live this Sunday at MuchMusic in Toronto. Use this link to vote and just click the "Like" button. Then, go into your Facebook page (in another window), log out, and refresh the voting page. Keep doing it over and over and we will get Avril the well deserved win!


Avril and Brody were spotted heading out to the seas yesterday at Channel Islands Harbor in California in a private boat. Thanks Avrilsmusic.


Thanks for entering! Contest is over.

We all know that Avril Lavigne is an extremely talented musician, designer, philanthropist, and actress, but did you know she is also a spokesmodel? Avril teamed up with PROACTIV Solution a few years ago and has participated in a few print and TV campaigns promoting the product, and her experience with it.

They want you to experience their newest products, so PROACTV and have teamed up to give 5 lucky Canadians Proactiv Clear Zone Body Pads and Green Tea Moisturizers! If you are interested in receiving these freebies, send me an email with your full name and mailing address. I will randomly pick 5 people. Deadline is Sunday, June 19, 2011 at 5 pm (ET). Sorry, this is open to Canadian residents only.

EDIT:If you follow on Twitter and tweet to your followers "Hook me up with a prize courtesy of @AvrilLorg and @ProactivCanada" you will get a bonus entry!


FINAL ROUND STARTS NOW! Avril is still in the overall lead over Justin Bieber but in order for that to stay the case we need to all get together and vote multiple times. I know, you are all probably sick of hearing about this but one more week! Let's give Avril the best award of all - something voted for by the fans!

if you have never voted before, now is the time! VOTE VOTE VOTE


A new layout is here! Made by Natalia. Please comment below! It will take a couple of days to work out all of the tweeks.

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Round 5 is starting on Tuesday but Justin Bieber is getting REALLY close to Avril for Round 4.... Please tell everyone to vote over and over!!! VOTE HERE


I didn't post this article before because it seemed a little odd to me, but it's funny whether it's true or not

Avril Lavigne and Keri Hilson in hotel room mix-up

R&B star Keri Hilson was left red-faced on a recent trip to London after a hotel room mix-up led her to walk in on Avril Lavigne while the pop star was relaxing in her suite.

The "Knock You Down" hitmaker checked into The May Fair Hotel, but didn't realize her room had been doubled-booked - and she had no idea Lavigne was in the suite when she entered with her 10-strong entourage.

Hilson reveals her security guard went in first and Lavigne was given a serious fright when she spotted an unknown man in her room.

Hilson tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "My bodyguard went into the bedroom and saw a girl sitting on a chair who almost jumped out of her skin. Her magazines were all laid out on the bed. I thought, 'Wow, this is a good service if it comes with the hotel!'.

"When I was told it was actually Avril Lavigne's room, I said, 'Oh, my God!'"

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