FINAL ROUND STARTS NOW! Avril is still in the overall lead over Justin Bieber but in order for that to stay the case we need to all get together and vote multiple times. I know, you are all probably sick of hearing about this but one more week! Let's give Avril the best award of all - something voted for by the fans!

if you have never voted before, now is the time! VOTE VOTE VOTE


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Round 5 is starting on Tuesday but Justin Bieber is getting REALLY close to Avril for Round 4.... Please tell everyone to vote over and over!!! VOTE HERE


I didn't post this article before because it seemed a little odd to me, but it's funny whether it's true or not

Avril Lavigne and Keri Hilson in hotel room mix-up

R&B star Keri Hilson was left red-faced on a recent trip to London after a hotel room mix-up led her to walk in on Avril Lavigne while the pop star was relaxing in her suite.

The "Knock You Down" hitmaker checked into The May Fair Hotel, but didn't realize her room had been doubled-booked - and she had no idea Lavigne was in the suite when she entered with her 10-strong entourage.

Hilson reveals her security guard went in first and Lavigne was given a serious fright when she spotted an unknown man in her room.

Hilson tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "My bodyguard went into the bedroom and saw a girl sitting on a chair who almost jumped out of her skin. Her magazines were all laid out on the bed. I thought, 'Wow, this is a good service if it comes with the hotel!'.

"When I was told it was actually Avril Lavigne's room, I said, 'Oh, my God!'"


Could this be the instrumental to Avril's unreleased song "Gone". Sounds great!

P.S. New layout coming this weekend!


It's official! Avril is coming back to Brazil after a long hiatus. Dates include Sao Paulo on July 27 & 28, Rio de Janeiro on July 31, Belo Horizonte on August 2, and Brasilia on August 4


Man, I wish I could have been there!

P.S. Abbey Dawn shoes are coming soon! Avril posted a sneek peek on her Twitter page


Avril and Brody out shopping in Malibu yesterday.


A tour date in Caracas, Venezuela has been announced for July 18. It joins Santiago, Chile on July 22. Rumored dates include Lima, Peru on July 20, and Buenos Aires, Argentina on July 24. More South American dates should be out soon!


Today is the official day that Smile is on iTunes! Get It!


It's amazing how far technology has come! But this doesn't beat having the actual hand-signed photo in front of you.


Round 4 has begun in the voting for UR FAVE ARTIST at the 2011 MMVA's. We can't let Bieber win this round as well. Tell EVERYONE to go HERE (you have to login to your Facebook to vote) You can vote multiple times, just log out of your FB account after you've voted, and log back in!! We have to get Avril a victory, people! An award voted by the fans (especially in her home country) will mean everything to her!

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