Just wanted to say a huge "thank you" to all of Avril's Little Black Stars for sticking around with me and avril-l.org for the last 13 years. My life has drastically changed in that time but my love and admiration for Avril has not. I promise to keep you updated with everything as Avril prepares to make 2017 HER YEAR. -Melissa

26 Mar 2017 07:07 pm - Comment by : DAM
Thank you Melissa for keeping us up to date on Avril . Its really hard to get any info on her . Did she go to the Grammys or Academy Awards ? I don't think so . Strange for someone who is saying new music is coming out . So its new label , same Avril . smile

27 Mar 2017 11:44 pm - Comment by : John
Hey Melissa! Your website has been my go-to source for all things Avril for years now. You really have a great thing going here and are doing a fantastic job at it considering how hard it is to get any information on Avril these days.

On that note, I do hope that Avril's new label will work harder than ever to get her new music out there so that more than just her loyal fanbase can hear it. I would also expect Avril to put the same amount of enthusiasm into her new music as well.

30 Mar 2017 08:17 pm - Comment by : DaveB
Yes! Thank you! You've been our "rock" for Avril info through your the years. Even during Avril's down time. This is an exciting time with new material on the way. Keep up the good work!

05 Apr 2017 07:06 pm - Comment by : Ran
thank you Melissa .. your website is still my no 1 source for Avril's info

09 Apr 2017 07:00 pm - Comment by : jon hon
wow people still burning the touch for this lady. Just wow. I wonder what she is going to pretend to be this time country now? Maybe she can get together with the writers from her first album again. Funny how they talk about girlfriend the song that rips off a beat.

10 Apr 2017 03:55 am - Comment by : John
@jon hon

I wouldn't call it "pretending." It is a well known fact that Avril does indeed have Country roots considering the fact that she once started her career (back in the pre-label days) when she sang on stage with Shania Twain, did covers of her songs along with a few from Garth Brooks as well, and also was very active in her church choir.

On that note, if Avril is being serious about "going back to [her] roots" then I'd expect her next album to have a mix of Country, Blues, and a hint of Gospel as well.

19 Apr 2017 02:29 am - Comment by : John
Avril is going quiet again aside from promoting her clothing line, Abbey Dawn. Hope we hear some more music news soon!

26 Apr 2017 11:10 am - Comment by : jessi tyson
ive been following this website since 2008. im a big fan lol it's my goto for anything Avril Lavigne.

08 May 2017 02:56 pm - Comment by : Christine O'Reilly
Thank you Melissa for your website. Wow, I couldn't keep a site for avril for that long! Maybe I'm not a hardcore fan, but I still love her, and I miss her "UMS" era...
She says she's going back to her roots A BIT, so I don't expect full country music... also, listening to "Listen"... meh. Same old 2000's-teen pop song :( So I hope the new material is not this way!

08 May 2017 06:32 pm - Comment by : Hope Carr
And thank you for such an awesome Avril fan site! I've been a fan for 15 yrs... that sounds so weird, it doesn't seem like that long ago! I've got a huge Abbey Dawn collection & alot of Avril graphics I've made over the years. If you ever want to use any of them feel free to email me, I'm always happy to share my Avril love! smile

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