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Who do you think that Avril should do a duet with?





Michelle |@|www| Me | Our vocals sound a lot alike. And I'm conceited, so I'll say myself. lol, no I'm not conceited, I just think it would be fun to sing with Avril.

Jaclyn |@|www| Me | Because it would be so cool to sing with Avril I'm a huge fan

Sam |@|www| John Rzeznik | 'cause their writing style seems similiar, they could end up with some cool songs ;0)

Chris |@|www| Fefe Dobson or Kid Rock | Fefe Dobson cause she reminds me alot of Avril and Kid Rock cause I think they could make a good duet together

Sarah |@|www| Fefe Dobson | Because they are friends and they are both good singers!

Hunter |@|www| Either Me or Alanis Morissette | Because I have good vocals like she does but Alanis Morissette is awesome and they would sing good together. But I like Avril more.

Molly |@|www| Ana Johnsson | They both play similar music

Matt |@|www| Alanis Morissette | Because there voices would compliment each other and they're both exellent- especially Avril!

Sarah |@|www| Either Pink, Ashlee Simpson, or me | Mostly because Pink's, Ashlee's, and my vocals sound a lot a like. That and, for me, it would be awesome to sing with Avril (I'm not sure it would be as cool for Ashlee or Pink, though).

Steph |@|www| Me | Because i have a good voice, I am a sort of singer....I can sing Nobody's home or any other song good for a duet!

Katherine |@|www| It would be cool if it was me but probably Fefe Dobson or Vanessa Carlton | Fefe and Vanessa are both very good singers like Avril. They also play their instruments very well it would be cool because they are awesome chicks...

Sarah |@|www| One of the guys from Simple plan maybe, i dunno, lol. | i dunno.

Annu |@|www| David Desrosiers | Because they're the best singers ever :]

Hollie |@|www| me (of course!) | I just think it'd be awesome to sing with her or for her. She's a cool person. I really like Avril.

Alyssa |@|www| Billie Joe Armstrong and Tre Cool from Green Day | They is hot men.

Eda |@|www| Me | Coz it would be really nice&cool to duet with Avril!!! and ive got song like hers... And believe me: Its my biggest dream!!! It would be amazing that my dream come true!

Pola |@|www| Shania Twain | Because Avril sang a song of hers when she was 14 , and it would be cool to see Avril sharing stage with Shania, plus they're both canadian

Klara |@|www| Hilary Duff | Because I think Hilary is a very very very great singer and I like Avril, I think it should be great.

Steph |@|www| Michelle Branch | Cause they're both awesome singers and I think they'd sound heaps good together.

Sofia |@|www| Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) | Because the gonna make a beutiful couple

Lasse |@|www| Ashlee Simpson or Ana Johnsson | I love Ashlee and Ana so it would be great them with Avril ;D

Jenni |@|www| Deryck Whibley | i dunno?they are bf and gf theyd sound good together lol

ece |@|www| Eminem | because i think they will look perfect together aren`t they?? that is just my though

Priscilla |@|www| Amy Lee (evanescence) | Because Amy Lee has got a beautiful voice and she rocks!

Michelle |@|www| Alanis Morissette | a lot of people i know think that avril and alanis sound the same. sometimes they mistake avril as alanis

Kara |@|www| Pierre Bouvier | I have no friggin' clue.

Kristina |@|www| David Desrosiers | Because he's awesome and avrils awesome lol so yeah it would rock!!!

Katy |@|www| Ashlee Simpson | It would be a rock chick duet and it would be so girl power and also there both would sound great together

Chelsee |@|www| Ashlee Simpson | I like her

Gamze |@|www| Billie Joe Armstrong | because it will be  wonderful

Vivian |@|www| Ashlee Simpson | Because I think Ash and Av are really alike and they both ROCK!!! They would come up with some wicked songs and I bet they would sound great singing together live!!

Coral |@|www| Gwen Stefani | because i think they would sould really good together

Hannah |@|www| Michelle Branch | Totally agree with Steph...I like Avril more though...

Lacey |@|www| Skye Sweetnam | Because they both rock, and they would sound great together.

Nina |@|www| Myself, Maroon 5 or HIM | Myself: Cauze í'm a songwriter too and then we could make a song together and I play the guitar too and if that aren't enough reasons: I want to let the world see that Avril is a real rockgirl by letting her sing a piece of my song: 'Real'. Maroon 5: Cauze They Both Are Making BEAUTIFUL Music And It Would Be Cool To Do A Song Together. HIM: Cauze There Styles Are Totally Diffrend What Makes There Sound Unique

Tiarna |@|www| Deryck Whibley | because they are both awsome singer and they are in love.

Keira |@|www| me or gwen stefani | me because i love her so much, gwen because it would be cool to see how it turns out, and because they are my 2 favourate singer/songwhriters

Heather |@|www| Amy Lee ( From Evanescence ) | Because they both have a beautiful, angelic voice, and I believe whatever song they did together would be a total hit.

Gaz |@|www| Sum 41 | Now that avril is engaged to lead singer, i think it would be really cool for the two to sing a duet together.

Nataxa |@|www| Amy Lee | think it wold be fantastic

Lauren |@|www| Me!! or Chantal Kreviazuk | Well me? I'd probably play guitar while she sings but Chantal? Because they r like best buds and they'd rock together!

Fiorella |@|www| Josh Groban | i like avril and josh

Kenzie |@|www| Me or Carrie Underwood | I love to sing, and Carrie Underwood is good

Melina |@|www| Billie Joe Armstrong or Joel Madden(if he wasn't with hilary!!) | just because they will look so good together!!

Elizabeth |@|www| Deryck Whibley | they both have great voices and i think they would sound good together and it would be cute because their gf and bf...

Marnie |@|www| David and Pierre from Simple Plan | because they are both really good singers and they are good friends of hers and it would sound really good.

Kayla |@|www| Celine Dion | In some of Avril's songs she sounds exactly like her

Ande |@|www| Amy Lee | I totally love both of them, but I love Avril more

Danielle |@|www| Me | I am a good singer not 2 brag!

Maya |@|www| David Desrosiers | because they both are good singers and because they both are good friends so.. they ROCK!!!

Danielle |@|www| Vanessa Carlton | they both have pretty voices

Taylor |@|www| Billie Joe Armstrong | they both rock

Jessica |@|www| Deryck Whibley | maybe the song would sound so sweet

Giulia |@|www| Me | My voice is great,I can sing very well. It would be great for me to do e duet with her!!

Lauren T |@|www| Deryck Whibley | well they are both singers and they are dating and i think it would be really cute!! i think it would be a good song to! like a nice rock song! how cute!

Lindsay |@|www| Deryck Whibley | That would be so cute if they did a duet at their wedding or something.. and it would be a lot cheaper.. they wouldn't need to hire a band lol

Steph |@|www| Deryck Whibley | because they are gettin married

Nina |@|www| Ashlee Simpson, How Peculiar or Adam Levine | Ashlee, 'cauze she just rocks. And Avril rocks too. It makes perfect sense to me. How Peculiar because its my band. The only stupid thing is that we don't have a internet site. You need to come to the Netherlands to check me out. Don't know if Av is willing to do that xP. And Adam Levine cauze hes my favorite male singer. He's the singer of MAROON5 and that's also my fav band. XD Yay. Av really GOT to sing with Adam Levine (: There names really sound the same too. XD

Annie |@|www| Natasha Bedingfield | both of their music is fast and keeps u on your feet. They would soung good together! ;)

Steph |@|www| Hilary Duff | I think that would be a cool duet, to see avril and hilary. They've both got theyre own style of music and to put them together would sound pretty cool!

Christine |@|www| Deryck Whibly | they both have AWESOME voices and they're together now :)

Sara |@|www| Alanis Morissette | coz they have waaaay too much in common

Erin |@|www| Me | Becuase when I sing kareoke our voices blend well and also I am a huge fan.  As well she inspired me to write songs and I think we would be an awesome pair for a duet.

Jeanine |@|www| The Veronicas | They Rock too!!

Jen |@|www| David Desrosiers | because they look so cute!!!

Ania |@|www| Ashley Parker Angel | They both are the best!!

Sumone |@|www| Deryck Whibley | It would be sooo cheesy

Jim |@|www| Ashlee Simpson | They both have similar voices, personalities, and style of music.  They're very similar.  ANd they could end up making a great song.

Jenny |@|www| 50 Cent | i think that cuz i wanna see a clash of hiphop and rock and it will look funny

Leah |@|www| I think she should do a duet with Ashlee Simpson or Natahsa Bedingfield. | Ashlee and Natasha both have amazing voices, and Avril obviously has a really amazing voice. I think it would be cool if she did a duet with either Ashlee or Natasha Bedingfield.

Tink |@|www| gwen stafani or amy lee | both are good and with avril theyd be awesome cuz i think teyre about as close to avrils talent as it can get

Erin |@|www| Me | Because i am a good singer and i am a HUGE fan and she is my inspiration and i have sung over some of her songs and everybody tells me that they sound great

Dawn |@|www| Evan Taubenfeld | Evan has performed with Avril before but they've never REALLY sang together.  I think they would sound awesome together.

Cassie |@|www| Sonny Moore (From First To Last) or Aaron Gilespie (underOATH) | sonny, because it would be interesting with the mix of vocals, and aaron because i love him and his band a bit to much...

Amy |@|www| Simple Plan | because i love them all

Michelle |@|www| Hilary Duff | She and Avril's voice would match perfectly if they sung a song together and they're both amazing singers.

Marissa |@|www| Me or Deryck Whibley | Cuz I know lots of songs by Avril and I think we'd look good singing together, and Deryck cuz well heck they're married and in love, and they're both good singers. Either one is cool with me =]

Michelle |@|www| Me | I have a voice a little like Avril's and it would so much fun for me to sing with her.

Casey |@|www| Me | because im a good singer

Gabrielle |@|www| Me | because we sound alike and i look alot like her (according to all my friends anad family and i admit i look like her too) and thet would be cool to sing with my idol and im her # 1 fan

Mark |@|www| David Gray | acoustically and tone similarities

Jeff |@|www| Amy Lynn ( Lee ) Hartzler and Gerard Way | You don't think, that would be a PERFECT trio ? ( Sorry, I know you want to duet ) )

Jessica |@|www| Iggy Pop | Because he's amazing

Maddy |@|www| Me | im a really good singer and i want to be just like u when i grow up im ten

Helena |@|www| My Chemical Romance | because I love them

Miljana |@|www| John Rzeznik | Because  both of them are great and their  music is so similar...!

Carlotta |@|www| Me | Because my friends said to me that mine and Avril voices are similiar!!So..I think it could be funny sing with my Idol:Avril Lavigne!!!!

Mirco |@|www| Serj Tankian | Avrils Sound Mixed with The Voice of Serj (Ex System of A Down) will be great

Beth |@|www| Paramore | they both kick butt lol

Marilyn |@|www| Evan | they're voices totally rock together,evan is the only guy i like singing wif avril. not the new gay-looking guy

Chloe |@|www| Deryck Whibley or Pink | because deryck is her husband! or pink because she is a punk rock girl too!

Melis |@|www| Jonas Brothers or Ashlee Simpson | 'Cause i like jonas brothers and they'll go on a tour together and Ashlee simpson is kinda rocker but she's crazy so i love her..and they coul look GREAT together

Ashlee |@|www| Rihanna | It'd just be unique

Lauren |@|www| Rihanna or Pete Wentz | It would just be really unique, and I'd like that and Pete because I think it'd sound really cool and if they both werent married to someone else they'd kinda make a cute couple:)

Fenne |@|www| Mike Owen | 'Cause they both have a great, special voice, and they're both great on the piano and quitar. I think they sound perfect toghetter. Mark solo albums are more Rock, so that would be perfect. And I love them both so much <333 :P

Rachel |@|www| me or Linkin Park | im a very big fan of avril and i just want to make a duet with her and i love linkin park too :)

Emily |@|www| Skye Sweetnam | it would be cool to hear two people of similar types of music to do a duet.

Beth |@|www| Krystal Meyers | because she has a unique voice

Sandy |@|www | Deryck Whibley (Her Husband) | As we all know, Avril and Deryck are married, They're both involved in music, and I for one, am a huge fan of Avril's love songs. One she and Deryck write and perform together would be the best damn thing (no pun intended.)

Jackie |@|www| Green Day | Cuz they are both punk rock people and have great voices that would go good together!!

Annie |@|www| Butch Walker | Because hes HOT and they have worked on several albums togethers.

Eric |@|www| Amy Lee | The queens of music

Meghan |@|www| Ozzy Osbourne or Lil Wayne | Because it would be interesting

Dorisz |@|www| Hayley Williams |

Vivi |@|www| Pink | P!nk and Avril are both kinda crazy and fun ,and i think it would sound Gr8

Julia |@|www| Hailey Williams of Paramore, Vanessa Carlton, Rihanna or Taylor Swift | They could all do amazing duets with avril because of avrils light but also strong voice and her pitch. They've all sorta got that softness but the strenght in their voice

Julianna |@|www| Me | I love her and know all of her songs and I think my voice is a lttle good.

Letys |@|www| Evan Taubenfeld & Billie Armstrong | Evan and Avril have voices which sound great together and it would be fantastic to see them sing together! Billie and Avril would be pretty wild couple and it would be nice to hear any song written and sung by them.

Julie |@|www| Paramore | their voices sound alike

Awen |@|www| April Lachance | Because Avril have a good voice and so have April.

Mira |@|www| Haylie Williams (Paramore) Or Amy Lee (Evanescence) or maybe Taylor Swift | Haylie Williams, Amy Lee: There is no good reason, but i like them too. d: An Taylor swift: Maybe they dont make the same music style, but i think they sound a little bit like each oter.

Sofia |@|www| Me | 'cuz i just love her :) and i am always dreaming about it xD  and i think our voices together should sound good! ;)

Yang |@|www| Me | When we sing together, it's going to be more full because when I sing, I sing like her clone!

Denny |@|www| Simple Plan | Because their music styles are similar, it would be freakin' awesome! AV IS THE BEST 4 LIFE! SP ARE AMAZING!

Mihaela |@|www| Eminem | Beacause they look so perfect together and i love both of them, Avril more (of course) :)

Kirsten |@|www| Bill Kaulitz/Tokio Hotel | Because I am a fan of both Avril and Tokio Hotel, and they both really rock! I think their voices would make a great match!

Zoe |@|www| Paramore (Hayley Williams) | They are amazing, Paramore is rock-punk and she's pop, rock, punk.. I mean, they'd be AWESOME together!  I wonder what would the song be like if they'd really make a song together!

Caitlin |@|www| Justin Timberlake | As far as i know they are or were friends and i think they would sound good together cause he has a good voice and she has a good vioce so together they will be amazing.

Nikolina |@|www| P!nk and Marianas Trench and Justin Bieber | Ok the truh is avril is just so talented that she would go good with anyone! Her awesome loojks and versitile image she would even be great with elton john! I say go for whatever Avril!:)