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What's your favorite Avril picture? Send it in HERE and tell me why you like it.

Jaclyn |@|www| I like it cause the way her hair is in the picture it's in her face and also because I spiced it up a little.



Sam |@|www| I love it so much because she looks so natural beautiful in it.



Sarah |@|www|

I found this one surfin, I thought it was awesome! | I like her clothes in this one, I sooooooooo want them!!! | I luv her hair, and it's just a cute picture. | I dunno why, I just like this one.



Maude |@|www|

I looooove this picture ! I don't know where she was, but the picture is soooo good



Scarlett |@|www|

I LOVE this picture. She looks totally awesome! and her clothes rock!



Gabbi |@|www|

I just think it's awsome!! I love her tie



Eric |@|www|

I just think it's awsome!! I love her tie



Dubravka |@|www|

I like those two pics


Phoebe |@|www|


Joao |@|www|

She is so beautiful, with a beauty as natural. *-*


Lauren |@|www|

She's lookin GORGEOUS! lol I think she had a lot of fun in the "Girlfriend" video cuz I had fun watching it...XD Av has a nice smile.


Lee |@|www|