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What's your fave Avril song, and why do you like it? (Please submit 1 song on 1 form if they are from different albums)




Alyssa |@|www| "Things I'll Never Say" | I don't know. I liked the old album more. Even though I like the new one, it ryhmes too well and some of the rhymes don't make much sence, it's doesn't have have as much passion as "Let Go"

Jaclyn |@|www| "Things I'll Never Say" | It's just the way she sings that song it sounds so beautiful! I mean all the laas and daas in it are just beautiful Avril's voice is just.. wow in that song!  :)

Anita |@|www| "Naked" | I love that song!

Avril V. |@|www| "Anything But Ordinary" | Because my friends call it my theme song because I am always doing weird stuff, and I love the lyrics, she is so talented.

Sarah |@|www| "Sk8er Boi" | Sk8er boi was the first song I heard by her and I instantly thought, "She rocks!"

Charlie |@|www| "Losing Grip" | It's the most hard rocking songs she's got.  It's the most hard rock song in pop. And that's freaking awesome!

Shery |@|www| "I'm With You" and "My Happy Ending" | because that's my mood...  ;)

Hayley |@|www| "Losing Grip" | Probably because it's the VERY first song out of al of them

Ashley |@|www| "Losing Grip" | Losing Grip has been my favorite song since I bought Let Go back in '02. I've gone through so many harsh breakups and it got me through a lot.

Brittney |@|www| "Sk8er Boi" | I like Sk8er Boi b/c I love to skateboard and in the video she looks like sum1 any1 would want to hang with. And the lyrics are totally awesome!

Kiys |@|www| "Things I'll Never Say" | cuz rite now when i listen to it... it reminds me of my life and stuff...

Lissa |@|www| "Losing Grip" | Because this song made me like Avril.

Lacey |@|www| "Sk8er Boi" | Simply because it sounds more rock then any of her hit songs

Lydia |@|www| "Losing Grip" | cuz i love it and i can listen to it for hours over and over

Ece |@|www| "Unwanted" | unwanted is my best because this song is really cool and describes me!!!but i lke her all the song

Silvana |@|www| "Anything But Ordinary", "Things I'll Never Say" | When I hear these songs I can truly understand what she's singin about.  I really like all of her songs but these ones are the ones I can never get enough of.

Jackie |@|www| "I'm With You" | it's beautiful

Rachel |@|www| "Unwanted" | I love the hard core beat and the words and everything about it's perfect!

Lizzie |@|www| "My World" | It is the best song and really shows off her voice

Pipi |@|www| "Losing Grip" | It may be old, but it's so cool and the lyrics are great!

Lindsey |@|www| "Complicated" | this song discribes how I feel alot of the times.

Sonny |@|www| "Too Much to Ask" | I dont know but i LOVE it!

Asha |@|www| "My World" | I just like it! lol.

Rina |@|www| "Sk8er Boi" | bec. my frend and i like to skate...

Diego |@|www| "Things I'll Never Say" (The Matrix Mix) | I just love it, It tells the way i feel sometimes

Hil |@|www| "Complicated" | I don`t know. It`s only good!!!!

Mallory |@|www| "Losing Grip" | Avril Sounds amazing. Shes great!!!!!

Jeanine |@|www| "Anything But Ordinary" | Its really beautiful and It's making me feel goovy

Katelyn |@|www| "Unwanted" | Because it's an awesome song to rock out to!

Anna |@|www| "Complicated" | i luv all avril songs's's just cool;)

Hayley |@|www| "Losing Grip" | i love it!

Mary |@|www| "Tomorrow" (Live from Ireland) | Oh, I cry when I hear this song, its so emotional. She performed it live and I was like OMG! when she said that her grandpa past away this day. It was soooo sad, I swear, I cried with her when she performed it. Awesome. This is a really sad story but of course this song is very beautiful without crying. But it sounds.. I dont know really it sounds more emotional and the guitar sounds better live. It is my favourite song, yeah...

Michelle |@|www| "Things I'll Never Say" | Because it's an amazing song and Avril sings it so well!

Damla |@|www| "I'm With You" | actually i love all of her songs in her first 2 albums but this song is so special for me..when i m not a good mood i listen it and it makes me cry everytime..words are simple music is simple and avrils voice is perfect especially in the part when she screams...i m lucky enough to listen it live..(:

Ignacio |@|www| "Anything But Ordinary" | because with this song i discovered to avie

Grey |@|www|  "Things I'll Never Say" | It reminds me a lot of a situation I was in the first time I heard it. Like, it sounded like Avril had just written what was in my brain into song form. It was actually freaky how closely related my situation and the song were the first time I heard it. It's just a song I could relate to.

Carrie |@|www| "Tomorrow" | Because its really amazing and I can relate to it alot.

Lauren |@|www| "Things I'll Never Say" | It's sooooo adorable! The first time I heard I was in shock, but in a good way. It shows that Avril has a sensitive side and I think that's sweet:) It's just a beautiful song cuz it's very calming and relaxing to listen to.

Kayla |@|www| "Complicated" | it is so cool

Kayla |@|www| "Nobody's Fool" | Because it's about being yourself and it has a good beat =)

Alyssa |@|www| "Losing Grip" | I love it and i can relate to it. Plus it's the best song on the cd!

Phoebe |@|www| "Losing Grip" | Its a very good song and I LOVE IT

Savvy |@|www| "Complicated" | It brings me back to when i wad a kid. every time there was something wrong i would listen to that song to relate to it. it gave me hope

Chris |@|www| "I'm With You" | the "yeah yeahs" - Rihanna samples it in "Cheers" - both great songs

Claudia |@|www| "Tomorrow" | Because it's really awesome and it touched my heart.



 Larissa |@|www| "Together" | Avril sounds great in it, not to mention it's got awesome lyrics and the music is fab.

Annie |@|www| "Who Knows" | Its really cool cuz its saying be yourself!

Ariel |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | I totally love the sound, and the lyrics!

Ashley |@|www| "Slipped Away" | It's the prettiest song she's ever done, and the story behind the song is very touching.

Hayley |@|www| "Slipped Away" | It's after her grandpa after he died, and I think the song's very special.

Sam |
www| "Fall To Pieces" | The guitar is just too good.

Sonja |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | Cuz the song is just one of here best song ever lol

Janice |@|www| "My Happy Ending" and "Naked" | My Happy Ending is such a beautiful song, it tells a great love story and the music is amazing. I like Naked cause it makes a lot of sense, its probably about when she liked someone a lot he knew almost everything about her.

Beverly |@|www| "Forgotten" | It's just so pretty.

Kenzie |@|www| "Freak Out" | Well because it just tells u to be urself

Maarja |@|www| "Forgotten" and "Naked" | Naked is just a sweet song... and I kinda relate to forgotten

CrOsBy'Z gRl |@|www| "Slipped Away" | it's such an amazing song i just luv it

Sarah |@|www| "Slipped Away" | It has real meaning, plus its a good heart felt song

Lynda |@|www| "Freak Out" | this sound of the song rocks

Michelle |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | It's just so cool, but all her songs r nice!

Tabatha |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | I love this song because it is how I feel sometimes and is just says so much...Avrils new CD ROCKS!!!

Keira |@|www| "Slipped Away" | i like this song because it reminds me of my grandfather who passed away a year ago

Sarah |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | cuz, i dunno, it's just a kewl song I guess.

Matea Han |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | i like this song cause i was in the same shit...that's why i like it...

Monse |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | I like that music and make the boyfriend when broken up and I love this music is so wonderful and like it!

Cori |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | I can relate to it, and the lyrics are awesome.

Emma |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | i luv that song!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | It just has a really great tune.I love you Avril!!!

Janita |@|www| "Together" | It makes me somehow dreamy everytime I listen to it...

Nicky |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | I love it when she sung it live on Carson Daly New Years Eve Special!

Eda |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | Coz when I listen that song, ý really get sad. its so touching! and the clip is so wonderful!

Michael |@|www| "Slipped Away" | She sings it with so much emotion and it's just a beautiful song.

Fausta |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | Because this song is very nice:)

Xioma |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | it is so real

Lacey |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | Simply because it sounds more rock then any of her hit songs

Ece |@|www| "Don't Tell Me" | because it shows that sometimes boys can be boring and whatever!!! i like my happy ending and he wasn`t too!!! but avril`s all the songs describe me!!! except naked!!! :)

Stephanie |@|www| "Slipped away", "Happy ending", "Nobody's Home", and "Forgotten" | they all rock and are just awesome

Kelsey |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | its sad and it rocks

Chelsea |@|www| "Freak Out" and "Slipped Away" | i like freak out because i can relle relate to the lyrics like the very beginning "try to tell me what i shouldnt ushould no by now i wont listen to u" (sounds like something i would write down to someone!) lol and i like slipped away cuz it's about her grandpa who "slipped away" and its very sad and makes u think(well it makes me think)

Mhyke |@|www| "He Wasn't" | Because i could relate to it...and i just... love it so much

Dorina |@|www| "Slipped Away", "Nobody's Home" | I like those song because they are so emotional, beautifil words....

Silvana |@|www| "Together", "Forgotten", "Fall To Pieces" and "Slipped Away" | When I hear these songs I can truly understand what she's singin about.  I really like all of her songs but these ones are the ones I can never get enough of.

Scarlett |@|www| "My Happy Ending"  | Coz I just totally love it! Its soooo her best song!

Dana |@|www| "Who Knows" and "Together" | like Who knows because Avril sounds so good and I like together because it has asome lyrics!

Katy |@|www| "My Happy Ending"  | Its one song i can really relate to and the vocals are really gorgous specially on the So much for my happy ending parts!!

Chelsee |@|www| "Fall to Pieces" | every time i hear it, it relaxes me

Ishani |@|www| "Who Knows" | the song is so optimistic and the music is gr8!

Cindy |@|www| "My Happy Ending"  | It's werry good song and...I dont now

Nancy |@|www| "Fall to Pieces" | The lyrics are brilliant and she sounds really cool

Vicky |@|www| "Who Knows" | I like the lyrics. All her songs have sth special but I prefer this one

Hannah |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | I love EVERYTHING about the song!!!!!!!!

Justin |@|www| "Slipped Away" | It's very sad and depressing and its very touching

Michelle |@|www| "He Wasn't" | its a really upbeat song, which always make me feel happy!

Kelly |@|www| "Forgotten" | because my dad died when I was 7 and in sum weird way, it reminds me of him

Lucy |@|www|  "Freak Out" | it just makes me wanna rock out !!! i like all avril songs but this one makes me feel like i should do somthing that no one else would dare to do.

April |@|www| "My Happy Ending"  | because it rocks how she just let the guy go

Gabbi |@|www| "Forgotten" and "Together" | I LOVE forgotten!!! it's really rock,and together is awsome too.

Deprise |@|www| "Don't Tell Me" and "Freak Out" the most | It was written by Avril. That's why I like it.

Mikey |@|www| "Forgotten" | i like the lyrics, but i mostly love the music.

Katy |@|www| "Forgotten" and "Unwanted" | That songs rocks!

Rabail |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | Well ...cuz it's totally out of this world!

Allie |@|www| "Forgotten" | The lyrics really relate to me, and I love Avril's voice in it.

Roxy |@|www| "Together" and "Freak Out" | i like these 2 songs cuz they r very touchin and they rock!!! like her !!

Summer |@|www| "Fall to Pieces" | I love the lyrics

Pako |@|www| "Slipped Away" | because I cry everytime that I hear that songs, it's beautiful!!!! love ya avril!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | I like it because its a wonderful song! And all the lyrics in that song helped me get a boyfriend,LOL

Jessica |@|www| "Slipped Away" | Because the song kinda fits what i am going through

Nicole |@|www| "Fall to Pieces" | reminds me of a certain someone ...

Mallory |@|www| "Together" | Avril Sounds amazing in these songs. Shes great!!!!

Katy |@|www| "Forgotten" | That song rulez! I like the sound and the lyrics is good

Pako |@|www| "Slipped Away" | because I cry everytime that I hear that songs, it's beautiful!!!! love ya avril!!!!!!!!!

Candy |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | It really speaks to me. That's all I can say.

Elly |@|www| "Take Me Away" | That song rocks soooo hard!! Yeaah

Azaria |@|www| "Slipped Away" | It's such a beautiful song. I think it's her best song!

Gizz |@|www| "Together" | It just had a kick and it got me singing it so easily... WOW!

Tink |@|www| "Freak Out" | i luv em all but ive luved that one since i was 8 and its so strong and i belive in strong songs,books,comebacks, strong patriotism, basically i feel i like it cuz its  strong if youre gonna do sum thin make it strong

Ashley |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | Not sure but i just love it.

Hadoan |@|www| "He Wasn't" | it's great

Emy |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | it is just beautiful!!!

Roxie |@|www| "He Wasn't" | i dont know i just do i guess

Victoria |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | because it's deep and I think it's great!

Karen |@|www| "Fall to Pieces" and "Who Knows" | They're really nice to listen to (:

Alba |@|www| "Slipped Away" | The lyrics are great.

Marissa |@|www| "Don't Tell Me" | I think its a totally awesome song, and the first time I heard it I was like, "Wow, I LOVE this song!" so I just got more into it and Avril so...yeah. I just really love that song <3

Aska |@|www| "Fall to Pieces"  | I love it. I listen it every day!

Amy |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | I dunno, it's just so nice to listen to, even though the lyrics are so sad, but beautiful

Cori |@|www| "Don't Tell Me" | I love this song because she stands up for what she believes and it is just a great song, like all her other songs!

Lucy |@|www| "Who Knows" | Well, I like allof her songs, but this one is simply nr. 1!

Michelle |@|www| "Freak Out" | Because it's my favorite song from her second album!

Taylor |@|www| "Slipped Away" | It's a beautiful song and it' a very touching song and very spiecal

Abby |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | because it's all about the music!!

Taylor |@|www| "Together", "Slipped Away", "Who Knows", "My Happy Ending", and "Forgotten"

Ulrikke |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | Because I like the lyrics on it.

Szilvi |@|www| "Slipped Away" | I like to listen to it all the time, whatever my feelings. It's a lovely song.

Phoebe |@|www| "My Happy Ending" and "Don't Tell Me" | because the song have a good message in them and they rock

Seth |@|www| "Who Knows" | It's got a great moral and it's something to listen to in the morning for a great day, and when you go to bed for a great tomorrow

Deborah |@|www| "Together" | This song is perfect!!! I love it because has a huge meaning for me and when Avril sings it she transmit me a lot of emotions!!! :)

Kayla |@|www| "Forgotten" | Because it have so much anger in it. I think it's probably the most "rock" song from her out of ALL of her songs.

Jess |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | Because its got a good melody YET vibe of the song to it i really like that song, its what attracted me to Avril lavigne

Mihaela |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | cuz this song is real!

Abby |@|www| "Don't Tell Me"| because the beat just rocks and the song is telling you to not be pushed around.


From "The Best Damn Thing":

 Elizabeth |@|www| "Girlfriend" | because it made me think of my boyfriend when i met him he had a snobby girl friend

Frankie |@|www| "Girlfriend" | It is so fun to sing a dance to!

Dee |@|www| "I Don't Have to Try" | Because its more of a rock song! and I just really like it!!

Michalina |@|www| "Girlfriend" | because then l think about a boy who l love

Michelle |@|www| "When You're Gone" | It's a sweet and sad song about losing your loved one.

Brian |@|www| "Runaway" | What's not to like about it? The beat is AMAZING...I listen to it while walking to college and I swear I make it to college about twice as fast if I walk in sync with the beat, lmao. Also, the lyrics! They're so relevant and everything! I really hope this is the fifth single!!

Clare |@|www| "Hot" | i like the song cos its so strong, sexy, of course HOT,so confident.i even dedicated it to my boyfriend

Julia |@|www| "When You're Gone" | It's AWESOME!!!!

Sila |@|www| "When You're Gone", "Innocence" | cuz those songs have such great music and lyrics!Im between those 2 songs and I cant choose which one I like more.

Katie |@|www| "Keep Holding On" | The lyrics are inspiring and hopeful and Avril sings it so beautifully. I first heard it when I was going through a hard time at school and it felt like she was speaking right to me.

Jay |@|www| "When You're Gone" | I love the way she sings the song, I totally fell in love with it. Her lyrics are breathtaking. :D

Clare |@|www| "Hot" | Because my guy i dedicated it to my boyfriend and he likes it a lot too

Jess |@|www| "I Can Do Better" | just because it's so in your face !!!

Taylor |@|www| "Innocence" | because it is very pretty and very touching

Julianna |@|www| "Girlfriend" and "Hot" | Them,you mean!Because the lyrics are great and sorta describe her personality and the way she sings them are awesome!

Roxy |@|www| "Innocence" | Its very very beautiful. Perfect music and words. Avrils voice is brilliant!

Yang |@|www| "I Can Do Better" | It's so hard on, and I love it!!!

Andreea |@|www| "The Best Damn Thing" | I like it because it's right for me xD

Morgan |@|www| "Hot" | because it is very up beat and it is just a really fun song!



 Dianabel |@|www| All of them | I think all of em r just great I can't decide which 1 cuz they r all really good! duh Avril wrote it!!

Jackie |@|www| "I Don't Give"| 'Cause it goes out to every guy I know

Sarah |@|www| All of them | Because Avril wrote them, they're awesome on their own, and the music videos for them are AWESOME!!!!

Katherine |@|www| All of them | i like them all because they are good songs and avril wrote them and i think she rocks so yeah and ummmm thats all

Johanna |@|www| All of them. | cuz avril's voice is amazing, she's one of the best songwriters ever, and the music is.. awesome.

Tiarna |@|www| all of them | Because Avril writes and sings all of them

Andromaxh |@|www| "I Don't Give" | It's a strong song

Olivia |@|www| All of them! | I love all of Avril's songs! I can't choose! I think she is incredible at singing and she is absolutley georgous!

Sarah |@|www| "Get Over It" | I dont know really but they are all my fave but get over it is my overall fave dont know why

Giulia |@|www| "Get Over It" | It's a great songs and it is very important to me. It reminds me beautiful moments

Lizzie |@|www| "Get Over It" | I love this song because the words are wonderful and they express my feelings  

Rach |@|www| "I Don't Give"| Cause it is just an awesome song!

Amanda |@|www| All of them | becasue she is so good and they are all good i can't choose

Lena |@|www| All of them | I can't choose one , all songs are amazing

Alex |@|www| "I Will Be" | Her voice is soo beautiful in that song... beyond words

Marissa |@|www| All of them | Avril is such a talented song writer, so every song by her is absolutely amazing

Beth |@|www| "Alone" | because it realtes to my life so much that its scary. lol (not really lol)

Ashlee |@|www| "Daydream" | This song is sooooo beautiful it made me cry when I first heard it!!!!! It's such a cute song...aww! It DEFINITELY should be on "Under My Skin" like it was supposed to be:D

Brittany |@|www| "Get Over It" | I was very emotional the first time I heard this song (and by "emotional" I mean crying and bawling so loud u could hear me from a mile away) I can relete to every word of this song because it reminds me of the sad times in my life. It's like Avril was in my brain when she wrote it, IM NOT KIDDING!

Allie |@|www| "Alone" | I like the beat and it goes so well with Avril :)

Allie |@|www| "Make Up" | I really like the beat of the song and the lyrics. That's why it is the number 1 most played song in iTunes LOL

Lena |@|www| All of them | because she's got one of the most beautiful voices ever and because all the lyrics are perfect, and so is the music.

Gigi |@|www| All of them | they all are so cool and well written and well sang.Avril 4-ever!