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What is your favorite music video that Avril has been in?  (Please submit 1 video on 1 form if they are from different albums)




Hunter |@|www| "Complicated" | Because now that I think of it, Complicated was my favorite video because the whole crashing the mall thing was awesome and as it was the first single of Let Go it brings back the memories of Let Go.

Alyssa |@|www| "Complicated" | Because it was the first one, that's when I saw Avril for the first time and it was a funny video. Avril was more laid back, she wouldn't have made a video like this today.

Chris |@|www| Hard to say cause their all great, my happy ending and don't tell me are her best ones yet. But my one fave would probably have to be sk8er boi! | 'cause I like the scene where shes on top of a car surrounded by a crowd singing then at the end when she smashes the windsheild with her guitar and their helecopters surrounding her.

Angie |@|www| "Complicated" | When i saw this video for the first time, i really love it directly. She's sweet. I like her smile at that video. I really never forget it!!!

Giugily |@|www| "Complicated" | 'cuz it's the 1st and Avril looks very cool

Stephanie |@|www| "Sk8er Boi" | Because it explains what happens in songs and I like how that type of video was done

Renata |@|www| "Losing Grip" | Because I love this music and it brings back the memories of the real AVRIL LAVIGNE

Mhyke |@|www| All?! Well I like "Skater Boi"... | I like it because it is so cool! So pretty! I love it so much... the way she slam the guitars on the car... haha! it is so cool... \m/

Katherine |@|www| "Complicated" | Complicated is very fun to watch because it's Avril and her Band having fun at the mall...

Roseanne |@|www| "Sk8er Boi" | it rockz my world

Sofia |@|www| "Sk8er Boi" | It's cool and i like that kind of music.

Myranda |@|www| "Sk8er Boi" | It's funny when the blonde one gets squished!

Paige |@|www| "Complicated" | cuz u no she gets to trash the mall and gets to do whatever she wants thats so i want to too ROCK OUT AVRIL

Charlie |@|www| "Losing Grip" and "I'm With You" | I like Losing Grip because it shows the rocker side of Avril. And I'm With You shows the darker side.

Jackie |@|www| "Losing Grip" | It's my fave song by her from Let Go and since my fave from Under My Skin won't be a video, this one will be my fave :-)

Chelsea |@|www| i love all of em' but if i had to choose one.. id choose "sk8er boi!" | i like it cuz shes jumping around on a car and doing crazy stuff which i would love to do !! lol

Lissa |@|www| "Losing Grip" | Just because it's my fave song too :)

Jackie |@|www| "I'm With You" | its really deep and a good set

Gabbi |@|www| "Sk8er Boi" | All of them really.But "Sk8ter boi" is AWSOME!! I wish she would go back to the ties and all that damn jewlery

Hardish |@|www| "Complicated" | coz that song is good and that is how i becamea big fan of her if complicated wasnt made i would of never been her fan but i am coz of compicated... did that make sense?!

Vicky |@|www| "Sk8er Boi" | is it the casting? the song? the story? Avril? I really can't tell!

Öykü |@|www| "Complicated" | Because in Complicated Avril so cute...She look like a boy child.And I love Complicated...

Nana |@|www| "I'm With You" and "Complicated" | They are the avril i like

Dearbhla |@|www| "Complicated" | I like it 'cause I wish I could mess around in a shopping mall like that lol. And it's Avril's very first video so it's so fun and rocky and it was when I first saw it that I realised she was gonna be my fave singer forever! =)

Kirsten |@|www| "Complicated" | it shows her havong fun and being normal cause every1 goes to the mall

Vale |@|www| "Sk8er Boi" | Because it is fantastic!

Pam |@|www| "I'm With You" | 'cause she gives the right idea of the meaning to be sad when you're alone..u need to be with someone to go on in this damn life!

R G |@|www| "Losing Grip" | I really like the whole idea of this video and the song too! I think that's the real and authentic Avril and I'm a great fan of  her Let Go album! I love watcing old videos and live perfomances of her that remind me of young and unique Avril Lavigne! I just LOVE her!

Nady |@|www| "Sk8er Boi" | Because is cool , crazy.I like when she crash the guitar at the end.

Marissa |@|www| "Losing Grip" | I just love the song and I think the video's awesome!

Martina |@|www| "I'm With You" | when i listen this song i cry..because is a sad song..

Cody |@|www| "Losing Grip" | Because it really showed the true Avril, and it just rocked!

Ashlee |@|www| "Complicated" | It's just a really funny video and awwwwwww, she's adorable:)

Lydia |@|www| "Complicated" | It was the first video I wachted of Avril, and I liked it so much, I've become fan of her very much. I think it's a funny and good video! I love it, but all of Avrils video's are great!

Allie |@|www| "I'm With You" | I dunno ._. i think because it is my fav avril song.

Ingrid |@|www| "Complicated" | Because it's the first time I heard Avril and what made me become a fan she's just awesome in it!




Ariel |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | Because it's pretty 0.o and I think it's the best ever!

Janice |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | I just like it a lot. No particular reason, but it's a great video, and the song is awesome, itself.

Jaclyn |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | It's just cool all of Av's videos rock!

Sonja |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | Cuz she is very cute and very cool and she is just the best.

Kelly |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | It's really different, and the guy in there is extremely hot!

Kitty |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | Because she's cute

Steph |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | I like it because it makes me feel like, if I get a b/f, then I can sing it to my self, and show my self that was a happy ending, but if it wasn't happy, i dunno

Melissa |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | I like My Happy Ending because its very different from her previous videos and she looks amazing, plus its a great song!

Sarah |@|www| "Don't Tell Me" | For some reason I like to see Avril at touch and what she did in the bedroom was a little spontanious but T-O-U-G-H!!!!!!! But besides all that the music video is awesome!!! But "My Happy Ending is my favorite song.

Brooke |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | b/c it's the best freakin video ever by anyone! avril rocks!!!!!

Alyahe |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | its cute :)

Katherine |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | My Happy Ending is very cool made and it's the first time I've seen Avril play the piano

Kelly |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | Its so awesome

Avie |@|www| "Don't Tell Me" and "Nobody's Home" | whell i like everything avril but theese videos are especialy cool!

Vildan |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | I thing Nobody's home is the best video , becouse there are avril and her friend (avril too!) and in this video is she very beautifull !

Martina |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | because its awesome to see avril as two completly different people.

Jessica |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | Because that video is very good, and it shows whats Avril, The video tells so much about the days we're living in now. Its about her feelings and stuffs, When you see it, it's like a real story, but i dont know if it is!. I like it so much. means very much to me. I can almost cry when I see it. Want to see it again!. :( its very cool cuz its like 2 people who have so different lives, so awesome!

Roisin |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | i love it 'cause it's pure kl and i think avril rocks

Carley |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | i don't know

Kiys |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | Because I can relate to it so well and stuff... and i love when she rolls her eyes comming out with her friends! hehehe

Jenn |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | I love the message behind it and how it fits with the song. The rooftop part is awesome:)

Eda |@|www| "He Wasn't" | Coz this video ROCKS ROCKS and ROCks!!! its a crazy video and i loved it @ all!

Katina |@|www| "He Wasn't" | its fast and cool

Lacey |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | Because she is so pretty in that one.

Sarah |@|www| "He Wasn't" | Cos it rocks

Michelle |@|www| "He Wasn't" | cos avril looks really cute and i love it when they get covered in all that paint lol!!

Calley |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | I think its the best video she has ever done, in my opinion. Sk8er Boi is good too!

Andrea |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | It makes me cry because she wrote the songabout a friend who got into the wrong group

Danielle |@|www| "He Wasn't" | cuz it kicks ass, and its so cool when she smashes the guitar on the camera and then on the wall and all the paint comes out!

ece |@|www| "My Happy Ending" and "Don't Tell Me" | because these videos are telling that one girl`s strong behaviors !!!! and it sounds good too!!!!

Alyssa |@|www| "Don't Tell Me" | I think the reason I could like it is because of the black outfit she wears, it's fucking awesome...wish I had one like it

Priscilla |@|www| "He Wasn't" | Because, it's a nice music video =)

Lydia |@|www| "Don't Tell Me" | cuz i know what she is talking about pluse i've punched a few mirriors my self

Daniel |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | Because It show allot of emotion feelings that was exposed very well and I can relat to what she has been through in her life

Mimi |@|www| "He Wasn't" | The song is awesome and so is the clip.

Gina |@|www| dunno! so many good ones to chose from........ probably "he wasnt" | cos its awesome

Meagan |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | I love it becuz if i have a bad day or something happens between me and my boy friend i listen to this song,it the best video ever. Avril kicks a*ss

Miranda |@|www| "He Wasn't" | I love the song and shes been doing alot of acting in the videos, so this is something different...really rad!

Mhyke |@|www|  "He Wasn't"...everything | He wasn't, because she looks really really cute there...evrything, because I just love Avril Lavigne!!! that's it!

Cortney |@|www| "He Wasn't" | it was crazy and it looked like she had a lot of fun making it.

Megan |@|www| "I'm With You" and "Sk8er Boi" | They rock

Ren |@|www| "He Wasn't" | Because it's awesome! It's an awesome song and the most well done video! =3

Kara |@|www| "He Wasn't" | Because at the end Pink stuff comes out of the walls.

Melychat |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | Cause its the relation i used to have with my ex boyfriend and her music just soo cool

Rafaelle |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | video is ...BEAUTIFUL

Brittani |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | It is so beautiful and it is sorta easy to relate to that song and it's just the best video ever!

Justin |@|www| "He Wasn't" | It's very cool and unique. I like the pink stuff at the end! She looks like she had TONS of fun!

Nina |@|www| "Don't Tell Me" | Cauze It's Just A Beautiful Song And The Clip Is Simple .. It Expressed Her Feelings And It Isn't A Flashing Clip With A Lot Of Things In It .. It's Simple And It Rocks!

Ashley |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | Because it's not like any videos out there and she does a great job at acting. And unlike her other videos she's not kicking people's asses and its great!

Nataxa |@|www| "My Happy Ending"  |cause i think she´s opening her heart to the fans and showing how she really fells

Andromaxh |@|www| "He Wasn't | She is herself in that video

Melina |@|www|  "He Wasn't | 'cause this video totally R-O-X!...especially when av gets covered with all that paint!it really ROX,just like avril!!i like the other music videos,too!

Gita |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | Because it tells us a love story and the video is very different than others

Chazi |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | this video shows a different side to Avril. she also has a different hair style. lol.

Toni |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | not only is it her best video, but one of the best videos ever. the video reflects the song and lyrics perfectly and what can i say, avril's acting is spectacular!

Constance |@|www| "He Wasn't" | i just love this song and film clip its awesome its like one of that song that has so much meaning

Giulia |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | Avril is amazing in that video

Natalie |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | cause i love how she dresses in it and it is the best song ever!!!!!

Steph |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | It's just brilliant and yet it's a great song

Lauren T |@|www| "He Wasn't" and "My Happy Ending" | cause they are both really creative!! especailly he wasnt! and my happy ending has  a lot of feelings! its really deep! and sad! but great at the same time!

Alejandro |@|www| "Nobody's Home" and "He Wasn't" | Nobody's Home because It's A Very Cool & Sad Video & He wasn't Because The Song Is SO COOL & The Video Was Cool Too!!!!

Casey |@|www| "He Wasn't" | Because it's a little CRAZY and I like the part with the pink paint but i think all of the videos are great

Dawn |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | It's different from her other vids, almost personal.  It kinda hit me.  It was beautiful, not over dramatic.

Alba |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | I love the song and the video it's just amazing.

Marissa |@|www| "Don't Tell Me" | Cuz its awesome and has a lot of attitude. I just really luv that video!\

Nikki |@|www| "He Wasn't" | Because it's funny and it's i dunno, it's just awesome

Michelle |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | Because Avril is cool in that video and the song is amazing.

Dearbhla |@|www| "Don't Tell Me" | I love her outfit in it, and corset is amazing.

Christina |@|www| "He Wasn't" | i like the vibe it gives off and how shes like 'im not gonna trip over him its not worth it

Audrey |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | ?I love the song and it goes very well with the video, the theme and the setting of it all. Especially love Avril in the "classic" clips where she had her hair set to curls plus that black dress and the rosary around her neck fits it all. Perfect. The best song and video EVER.

Leah |@|www| "He Wasn't" | becuse she looks cool

Ashlee |@|www| "He Wasn't" | The red and black top she's wearing is really cute, I'd wear it. Also, she looks so cute with the little devil horns and the fairy costumeXD Av is an adorable girl...

Ulrikke |@|www| "He Wasn't" | I don't know, I just think the video is cool [:

Tinchy |@|www| "Don't Tell Me" | I like the way Avril crashes the glass of water and a mirror(poor Avril she cutted her hand doing that) and I love the song and the way Avril is dressed and it's just great!!!(btw,I just wached it and decided to write this!!!)

Beth |@|www| "My Happy Ending" | cause avril is da best, and it's an amazing video!

April |@|www| "He Wasn't" | It's just awesome. The fairy costume is adorable lol

Phoebe |@|www| "He Wasn't" | Because it fun and upbeat and i love the song

Lola |@|www| "Nobody's Home" | Coz, I lov her when Avril's hair is black and she wear black. This video is ambitious.



From "The Best Damn Thing":

Michelle |@|www| "Girlfriend" | Because it shows how jealous she is in that video and she rocks while singing that song!

Amanda |@|www| "Girlfriend" | because it tells you that if you want a guy fight to get him

Amanda |@|www| "When You're Gone" | because it slow and very nice how it sounds

Diska |@|www| "When You're Gone" | avril was look pretty, and i like the song, i like the sory of the video, its all great and i just love it

Melissa |@|www| "When You're Gone" | Telling what i feel... And great vid.

Ashlee |@|www| "Girlfriend" | Cuz she's an awesome dancer, she's showing her sexy side and that's awesome cuz I've never really seen her do that b4 lol

Mari |@|www| "When You're Gone" | Avril plays the piano and it's such a beautiful video

Ensieh |@|www| "The Best Damn Thing" | because it is very interesting!

Julianna |@|www| "Girlfriend" | It is funny and I love the song!

Courtnie |@|www| "The Best Damn Thing" | Because it's so up beat and look at me! I love it.

Yang |@|www| "Girlfriend" | She's fighting between herself, and I think it's cool to see how she'd look if she was a nerd with black hair!!

Guoda |@|www| "The Best Damn Thing" | Because I love this song, I love pink color and I love when Avril is a chant leader! Yeah




Sarah |@|www| All of the ones that I've already seen | Because: 1. They have Avril in them and 2. THEY ALL ROCK OUT LOUD!

Tiarna |@|www| all of them | because they all have Avril in them

Beth |@|www| i dunno id have to say...hmmm...ALL OF THEM! | hmmm....wats not to luv about all of her videos?

Julia |@|www| All | Because avril is BEST!

Emily |@|www| All | because its avril!

Lena |@|www| All | Because Avril is the best singer of the world!!! <3