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What was your first impression of Avril (what did you think of her), and where did you first hear her music (tv, radio, etc.)





Chris |@|www| I thought she was country, cause when I first heard complicated it sounded a bit country to me at first. I thought it should have been a video on CMT | Complicated video on MTV trl

Hunter |@|www| When I first complicated I did not know who the singer was and I was eager to find out. I did not have any money at the time so I begged and begged my mom so bad she always said no. Then I got to the point I bugged Her So much she said, "Ok, but don't ask me for another thing ever again!" My first impression was she was going to be my favorite music artist and she still is. I know almost everything about her ( Except very personal of course) I love this site and I'm so happy to be on an earth were Avril exists! :)

Valeria |@|www| I thought the girl is cute, video's funny and the  song's cool | MTV

Sarah |@|www| I actually didn't know what I thought at that moment. When I heard "Complicated" for the first time it sounded like she was older than she was. Cuz my parents listen to people elton John and Sheral Crow so that's what I assumed at first. I didn't immediatly like her like I do now. Then I saw her and I was like "WHOA!!! That's what she looks like!? She's looks really cute! | radio

Charlie |@|www| It was after midnight and I was watching All Things Rock. It was 6th or 7th grade when they played the video for Complicated. I was freaking out saying,"OH MY GOD! This girl is exactly like me! We both have brown hair and are tomboys!" I write down her name (cause it was hard to pronounce at first!) and went and bought her CD. She started getting huge. I was proud. Still am. | MTV's All Things Rock

Katherine |@|www| It was WOW!! I've never heard such a cool voice and soooo loud...I heard Sk8ter Boi and it was just so booming with fullness... | I heard her on "Hit List top 20"

Belkis |@|www| First i  use to never listen to music and then I heard her for the first time and i was like wow that girl is diffrent from all the rest and liseninng to her songs i totally freak at first i thout  she is really like me inside and i'm a tomboy just like since then my fan side for has just kept on growing | on the radio

Sarah |@|www| an awesome singer, with an awesome voice | "Sk8er Boi" on the radio

Khadeja |@|www| When I heard her music I was like OMG! who i sthis girl i gotta know! | radio

Johanna |@|www| saw a little bit of the video for complicated on TV an then heard it again on radio, loved it, asked my mum who was singin' and then we went to buy it ;P

Hollie |@|www| I thought her voice was really smooth and pretty. Then when I started looking for her video on TV, I was like, 'This song rocks, I really like her.' Then I got her CD (of course!), and learned the lyrics and just fell in love with them. I like her personality too. (I took a quiz on her and got a 'good grade') When i took the quiz and read about her, I liked her even more. We have a lot in common and I'd love to meet her!

Eda |@|www| i heard complicated first and i loved the song then i bought her album and became her BEST! fan! i really love her so much and i'm not sorry to hear of her!

Lacey |@|www| I thought wow I hafta get her cd because i liked the song Complicated. | In the car listening to the radio.

Joni |@|www| I had been watching All That on Nickelodeon and she performed "Sk8er Boi" at the end of the show. My parents liked her too, so they bought her CD for me. | All That on Nickelodeon

Sigga |@|www| I was just listening to the radio and i herad Sk8er Boy and i was just so impressed! And few months later i got Let Go and i was so happy! I Loved Her!! | On the radio

Danielle |@|www| my friend was obsessed with her and let me borrow her cd and as soon as i heard it, i loved it.she had it on the school bus in 6th grade when we were going on a ski trip and we were singing "IT'S A DAAAMN COOLD NIIIGHT" at the top of our lungs and pissing off all the teachers, it was hilarious.when i went home, muchmusic was playing the video for complicated and i bugged my mom for her cd, got it and fell in love lol. | friend's cd player on the school bus in grade 6

ece |@|www| i have seem her first in the television with the complicadet song!!  i was really impressed but i wasn`t knowing that she is avril lavigne or somethin` then i heard at all the raidos and when i have seem  one magazine that about avril lavigne-complicadet i was just gonna die!!! and then when i came unidet states i brought her cd!!! because i didnt find is in turkeyyy!!! | television and magazine!

Alyssa |@|www| First I heard Complicated in my car and I was like this is an awesome song...and then I started liking her went to a fan website about her and people were calling her a poser and all that and stating the reasons why like 'she thinks she's punk when she's pop' which isn't true but it started making me think then I was dumb and went along with them for awhile and thought Avril was a poser and she says she never claimed she was punk and stuff and I was just like what the hell am I doing hating on Avril she's like my fucking idol...she actually WEARS clothes unlike stupid Britney Queers and Christina Faguilera then Hilary Duff comes out, total prep and since 'punk' style was 'in' she decided she had to look punk and have Simple Plan at her 16th b-day party and then she flirts with Pierre by feeding him cake and stuff ...god I feel sorry for him...he probably took like 15 showers that night...then she goes and dates Joel Madden..yes I know they wont' admit it, y!
et but you know damn well when she turns 18 if they are still together the whole media will know about it | Radio

Lydia |@|www| i just thought "I have to know who this is sk8er boi rocks" | in pizza hut

Chelsea |@|www| I thought avril was very "tomboi" so of course i had to be very "tomboi" if my idol was | well i had always been listening to complicated on the radio and figured it was by an artist my mom listened to because she knew all the words then soon i knew all the words and one day my friend jessica brought the avril lavigne CD to school and im like oh that's cool (not that i wanted it or anything) then i came home frum school and the CD was sitting on my kitchen table .. my dad had bought it for me:) i then loved all the songs and became avril's biggest fan!:) lol

Candy |@|www| Well, I thought she was a real punk and is a wild type of person, So I didn't like her much. But when I heard her music things has changed. The first song I heard was "My Happy Ending" I luved the song so I decided to visit an Avril Lavigne fansite and I found Only Avril's button on and I thought, "cool!" Than I heard "Take me Away" It was great but I still liked Happy Ending better after that, I went to a xanga site and heard another song, "Nobody's Home" I really loved that song and kept on listening to it, and than I went to and saw "He Wasn't" by Avril and I watched it and I fell in love with the song. Not long after, I bought her newest CD and loved all the songs I didn't hate one of them I loved them all! Than I went back to Only Avril and became a fan of her, I realized that she wrote all her songs and I was AMAZED! Yea so that's my! | A music video made by Madison of

Melissa |@|www| I didnt like avril when i first heard of her the summer of 2002, she was on TRL when i first heard or saw her and she was talking bad about Britney, and i am also a britney fan and that got me mad, so i didnt like her, then i heard her somg Complicated and fell in love with her. now im obsessed with her! GO AVY!

Debbie |@|www| Whao, she got me like "Who's this girl?" She sounded really cool and she's like the role-model for me. | Her Album in a Album store.

Carmi |@|www| awesome. really diff. from other singer | on TV

Nina |@|www| I first heard Complicated and I was freaking out! I loved her single right from the start. Avril Rocks! And She Will Never Stop! And it wasn't hard for me to sing along cauze if I heard a song once I just can sing it, so I sang it to the man who was working at the cd shop and he said: That's from Avril Lavigne and I bought the Cd! I LOVE AV!! ROCK ON GIRL!! | TMF: A Dutch Music Network

Taylor |@|www| When I first saw her she was at I think a beach party and was performing on MTV... it was a while ago.. so i could be wrong... ok anywayz... my mom was sitting on the couch and she was like, have u heard of this girl?? i was like,, uhh noo... who is she?? my mom was like,, Abril Labine.. I was like noo... I dont like her.. she doesnt sing good... now I regret saying that sooooo much!!! its not even funny how sorry I am for saying that!!! AVRIL I LOVE U SOO MUCH!!! IM SORRY FOR DOUBTING YOU THE FIRST TIME I SAW AND HEARD YOU!!! DONT EVER CHANGE A THING ABOUT THE WAY YOU ARE!!! YOUR GREAT THE WAY YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!! Then i didnt care if i met her or not....... now I am gona die if i dont ever meet her!!! I hope that for my next birth day my present is her coming to my house and performing for me and my friends at my birth day party!! but withher busy schedule that may never happen..... Ohh well.... A girl can dream cant they!?! ~*~Go AvRiL!!W! | Television

Tiarna |@|www| the first time I heard complicated I was amazed, cause of her voice,style and song.I was very happy cause it wasn't another Britney Spears.I told my mum that I loved her song and I got her was soooooooooooooo awesome. I have now got under my skin which i love just as much.I don't know what i would do without Avril being apart of my life. | i first heard her in bribane cause i was on holidays

Hannah |@|www| I was like, okay, that's okay...but not the greatest. I was a (ugh) Hilary fan. HOW PATHETIC! But now I am totally different. AVRIL ROX! | radio

Jackie |@|www| I thought she looked incredibly tough for such a small girl. She seemed strong with in her music | radio

Lauren |@|www| I thought she was a punk that had died her hair way too red! | on tv

Nataxa |@|www| i thought we have many things in common | i saw her in the tv

Danielle |@|www| i thought her voice was amazing! | radio disney

Meredith |@|www| I didn't reely like Avril at first until I had to share a room with ma sister and when i was sleepin she turned the radio on and i would start moanin and groanin and i started listenin and i was like WOW! I LIKE THIS WHO IS THIS i asked ma sister who is this and she said Avril Lavigne and i didn't even knoe she had a second album so i made a copy of the CD and thats when i reely started to like Avril | Under My Skin

Jessica |@|www| I knew she was pop/rock | I heard complicated from my friends first whom were always singing it.back then I didn't have a clue who she was or how she looked like or anything until I saw her complicated and im with you video on MTV

Candy |@|www| The first Avril song I heard was 'Complicated' on the radio. I just figured she was a regular pop artist with more expressive lyrics. | Some radio channel

Hollie |@|www| Why is that girl wearing a tie?! | MTV

Michaeleen |@|www| My first impression of Avril was, "Wow, she's not like every other big Hollywood singer. This girl's gonna make a difference for other girls like me out there." | I think I first heard her on the radio.

Larissa |@|www| When I first Googled her after hearing Complicated, I didn't see pictures of her. Then I bought her CD and still didn't picture her with all the bracelets and the fun, original attitude. By the time I actually started going to Avril websites, it wasn't really shocking to see her be completely different from everyone else. I thought it was awesome that she was so original. | Complicated on the radio

Alba |@|www| I thought "she's a cool girl, great pop song". | Complicated video MTV

Michelle |@|www| When I first heard S8ker Boi,I thought "WOW she's a great singer! Who is she?"

Marissa |@|www| I think Avril is an awesome singer! She's been my idol since I was like..7 or 8. I didn't know too much about her back then, but now I do. Umm I actually heard of her by listening to her song Sk8er Boi but I mostly heard of her more than like, seeing her on TV. But now I know a lot about her and why she's my fave singer in the world =] But yeah like I said the first song I heard from her was Sk8er Boi but yeah when I did I just thought "I like this song a lot, but I really dunno whos singing it," so after like 2 or 1 years later, I was like, "Ooh, it's Avril Lavigne!" And I thought that was a really cool name. So when I was in grade 3 and up, I finally knew about Avril Lavigne and now she's my favorite singer in history! Oh yeah, my impression was that I thought "This girl is totally cool." And cuz of her and her music, I started to love her more and more =] | Probably somewhere on radio or a random cd

Yeoli |@|www| when i first watched the video i thought it was a band like no doubt, because she was with the band all the time, but then i realized it was just her, but since i watched that video that i'm a fan of avril, i remeber beging my mom to get her album, i got as a gif for christmas, then i stared to look in the internet info and piks of avril, and i have liked her since then... avril rock | MTV

Kimberly |@|www| frist impression was ...i was skating outside when my older sis called me home and said hey look at this chick she is skating like u...and i looked at her Complicated video when she did a litlle skate think and me and my mate got on the computer and find something about when i saw Sk8er boi video i was so in love with her  i saw a video when she skate a litlle  and she was totally different form other girls and i love that on her....i was like:oh my freakin god this chick skate too...i love her man and everybody look at me i was what she is ever since that day i love her so much..i"ve never met her and probably never will cause i live in the smallest country in the world called Slovenia......she is cool she have that atittiude that a lot of people love about her cause she is real...but the people  who diss her are just the people that dont have their own personality | TV

Emily |@|www| My First Impression of Avril was "OMG I LOVE HER" when i first heard complicated i just fell in love with it.  Ever scince i have been a massive fan! | just on the radio

Mitch |@|www| My very first impression of Avril was that i loved her.  She was my idol, i begged and begged my mom for the cd and after that i got the second one. Avril was my idol and she was the first person who introducted me to rock music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):)

Dee |@|www| she was the first new singer that wasn't all poppy and, well.. crap! All the good music at the time were the oldies!! The first song i heard was complicated! | Radio

Abby |@|www| i was like omg!she is my favorite singer ever!..i didn'ty even know how to spell lavigne that moment..LOL | TV/Mag

Yanmu |@|www| I think she's playful, and i love her song | Complicated video

Fenne |@|www| Haha, when I heard her for the first time (Again, I talk about when you're gone), I think: Oh My Fucking Gosh, is that a Japanees girl? xD When I heard it was Avril, I just remember her voice! | Radio

Clare |@|www| Rock chick, thats says it all.........i was speechless | Complicated video

Lauren |@|www| An awesome sk8er chick who's frickin! A great singer who's very talented, a good role model, and not afraid to be herself. | Complicated video on VH1

Olivia |@|www| I saw "Complicated," and I thought, "This girl really knows how to prove she can be whoever she wants to be!" and I become a fan right away! | MTV

Allie |@|www| Well I was watching MuchMusic with my BFF then i've see the "Girlfriend" video then I say "OM*G!! She is awesome, what's her name?!" | Muchmusic

Sandy |@|www| Wow, I love this girl, She has an amazing voice! | The radio

Ida |@|www| I didnt understand anything what she say.But i was thinking that she was good singer and look a like bit of Jennifer Anniston.. | Complicated video on MTV

Cami |@|www| i didnt really have a first impresion of her it was really randomn like i was in a cd store and i was just looking around then my dad yelled at me to buy something already so i picked up the first one in site which happened to be avrils 3rd cd i listen to it then i loved it cuz she had a lot of additude

Katie |@|www| I was 10 and "Complicated" came on TV...I wasnt really paying attention (shame on me!) but I remember thinking Avril was a cool name. LOL. A few months later I heard the song again and fell in love with it. :) | TV

Tom |@|www| I first heard Avril when my sister showed me Sk8er boi, which she had recorded from the radio, so this was around the time of Let Go album release... I thought wow, those lyrics rule! I remembered the song then, but didn't really cared about the artist... Well, I knew her name, that's all... Then later (meaning a few years maybe) I watched the video of Nobody's home on MTV, and again, I was like wow, that's a great song... After that, I don't know... I only remember listening to all of her albums and b-sides, and being a fan:D Then I think I've heard When You're Gone in the radio on the bus, and I was like "hmm, this voice sounds familiar, but I don't know this song..." then they said it's from the new album of Avril... I was like what, there's a new one? Gotta listen to it right now!:D And ever since that point (I can't exactly tell when it was... it's kinda confusing:D), I can't stop listening to Avril!:) | Radio

Yang |@|www| I thought she was just some tomboy girl who I'd always follow as my guardian angel. | MTV

Julianna |@|www| When I was 5 my friend told me about Avril and sang Girlfriend(Even the bad word),and I loved it!When I was 7 my Aunt Carly played her Best Damn Thing CD and I WAS OBSESSED OVER HER!!!!!!!!!!!I'M HER NUMBER ONE FAN!!!!!And on the iPod I've listened to all of her songs and on here I've read the lyrics!!!So,my first impression was basicly at school in kindergarten.Now I'm 8. | School and then Grandma and Grandpa's house

Mango |@|www| OMG! I love it! It`s real music! I thought I had never heard smth like that before! How could I live without her songs?! It was in 2002.  | on MTV (her video Complicated)

Lindsey |@|www| When I first heard sk8er boi, I was curious so I looked around barnes n' noble when I was there (9) and came across her album and wanted to buy it, however my mom at the time was all "spikes = bad" and thought she was some evil child but then when we were in the car and heard her song she changed her mind completely.  But when the song first came on I didn't let my friend touch the stereo until I knew all the words to Sk8er Boi. :) | Best friend's radio.

Abby |@|www| When I first discovered Avril was when my mom had bought me "hit" "clips" which were songs that played on a small music player for 12 secs and Sk8er Boi was one of the music choices so when I first her Sk8er Boi I was like OMG this song rocks! later on the radio Sk8er Boi was aslo being played and I would just die because it was such a good song, then later I would hear Complicated which I didn't really like that song very much. I remember being at Target with my mom and we were looking at the music section and I was like mom buy Avril Lavigne and she said no so when she started to walk away i grabbed Avril's cd and I snuck it into our cart and once my mokm paid for everything she didn't know we bought  the cd LOL. she found out though and just laughed and she said I could keep it. and when I was listening to the cd in the car I just loved every piece of music on that cd. Avril is still my music hero till this very day. peace out Avril. | Hit clips

Sam |@|www| The first time I saw or heard Avril was in her girlfriend video so I heard the motherfucking princess bit and I was like OMG holy shit she really freaked me out cuz I thought she swore like that in all her songs