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If you were to be able to spend one day with Avril, where would you go and what would you do?





Steph |@|www| at the mall, and at a recording studio | I would go shopping with avril, I would then go to the recording studio wherever, and do a duet or something, and sing with her! And I would like her to teach me how to play the GUITAR!!

Maritza |@|www| where ever shed want man! | talk laugh so many things

Katherine |@|www| I hang out with her at her Recording Studio and then with her on Stage at her concert... | We would have soooo much fun and we would do all this crazy stuff like Skateboard

Sarah |@|www| anywhere | shop... hang out... just walk around downtown...

Charlie |@|www| The mall | We'd shop for a while and get something to eat. Then we'd go to the skate park and skate.. or just watch the hot skaters. Then she'd come back to my house and we'd have a sleepover! Yay!

Sandra |@|www| anywhere that has to do with shopping!!!!! | shopping spree and singing and get to kno each other!!!!!

Christianna |@|www| at a recording studio and have fun like in a place thats fun.I would really like to sing some avril songs with her and really really like to play avils guitar,so I can learn how to play it.

Martina |@|www| anywhere!! | so all my m8s can c her cuz we all love her!!

Lauren |@|www| Probably in N.C. | Hang out, of course

Stephanie |@|www| Belgium | just talk hang out anywhere. somewhere  anywhere!!! :-)

Nicole |@|www| go-kart place or where ever she wanted | ride go-carts, laugh ,eat,have a lot of fun,and play her songs on a guitar and sing together because i know her songs on the guitar. I would like her to play knockin on heaven's door because that's the one i know best and i need her to sing it with me at my school talent show.I wish she would.It would mean a lot to me.

Ashley |@|www| I'd do whatever avril wanted and if we could id love to take a picture with her as PROOF!

Carissa |
@|www| mall, but then go home | crash the mall, get to know her and stuff, the she can teach me how to play guitar, hehe

Hollie |@|www| Anywhere she'd wanna go | I'd probably get to know her. We'd cut up, go sk8ing, shopping, and all the fun stuff girls like me do!

Kiys |@|www| Anywhere | I would love to be able to sing with her and stuff and have her help me with mi guitar skillz (dey suck i so need help lol!!!!)

Natalie |@|www| Shopping | me and avril just shopping and picking out great clothes!

Eda |@|www| studio and fanland! | I would sing songs with her and play guitar, I would rock up wiht her and have much fun!

Mhyke |@|www| anywhere where we could talk | ask her everything about everything! take a lot of pictures of her with me and ask for song making advice...also ask her to teach some of the basic strumming and cords...hehe

Martyna |@|www| At her house. | I would play guitar with her and meet with her famous friends:)

Melissa |@|www| Her house | We would play guitar together and jump around and act crazy! LOL!

Breanna |@|www| We would hang out, anywhere we felt like | I would show her all here songs I've learned on the piano and guitar, and maybe she could sign my guitar! Or we could probably just hang around the mall and shop.

Cortney |@|www| where ever she wants | i whould treat her and ppl we mite see like the nomal ppl they are with a little excitment

Gabbi |@|www| At the mall, like Hot Topic and then to my house to sing and watch movies | We'd order pizza, and have a huge sleepover with popcorn, soda and music

Hardish |@|www| At my house | talk, take pictures, erm maybe show her the art i done about her. maybe she could teach me how to play a guitar and maybe she can perform and i can record it!!and also show her my site!

Marni |@|www| Lotza Places | I'd probably go shopping with her cos she has such cool style sense! Lol and then id write a song or two with her and record it with her at a recording studio and then go to abn avril show or maybe some other rock show shed rather go toThen a sleepover cos theyre always so much fun then we'd skate in the morning before she has to go.

Danielle |@|www| wherever she wants | we'd probably go see house of wax and get scared and throw popcorn at everyone :P

ece |@|www| mall,concert,everywhere!!!:)) | Oh mY GoD! i even can`t think about what would i do!!! everything!!! but, i would go to mall! and concerts, i would skate board!:) i would be crazy!!!:)

Cara |@|www| the mall | shop all day in music stores, hottopic, and just have fun

Nina |@|www| She Needs To Learn Me How To Skateboard xp or we just record something | I cannot skate well so she really needs to help me and by the way: Making a record with our 'Talented Outsider' (Avril) would be a honer :)

Tiarna |@|www| I do not give a shit where cause all i want to do is hang out with Avril i do not care where | we would talk, laugh, take pictures and have lots of fun.

Mia |@|www| anywhere like the skate park or the mall | i wud shop, talk and just do anything really

Alexa |@|www| i would take her anywhere because being with her would be the best thing that ever happend to me | talk about her songs because they speak to me and are the best songs

Astrid |@|www| I'd go to a Nightwish's show with her and after we'd go with her friends to a night club.

Dana |@|www| Maybe at the mall and shopping And sing and have fun!!

Giulia |@|www| At Rome's mall "I Granai" | Buy things in the mall and have a lot of fun!!

Sarah |@|www| My house | Well if it was ONLY 1 day I'd do as much as posible

Nicolás |@|www| nowhere particular | I would just look at her, she's got me so hipnotised that just look at her. and if she says something to me , i would probably freakout and run away...

Sarah |@|www| anywhere/anything Avril wanted to go/do

Alex |@|www| I'd have all of my best friends come over and we'd go out with my crazy family to entertain her and then me and all my friends would have a sleepover with her and we'd paint my guy friend's nails and do his hair! :D

Karen |@|www| Anywhere she wants | Sing with her on stage... like she did with Shania Twain!

Michelle |@|www| At the mall,the movies,wherever she wants to go. | Talk,laugh,shop,listen to music,and so much more.

Marissa |@|www| the mall, then my house | Shop till me drop! :P then buy her a gift for hanging out with me, and when we get to my house, id ask her to teach my how to skateboard. Im seriously DYING to hang out with Avril!

Emy |@|www| los angeles | skating,shopping,play guitar,go to some pubs and have fun, i hope so!!!

Lucille |@|www| Yellowknife, N.T , Canada | interveiw for a hiostorica project

Casey |@|www| We would go to a skating rink | Skateboard

Crystal |@|www| At a concert | Rocking out!

Melissa |@|www| Canada | laser quest and movies(scary)!,and shopping

Dearbhla |@|www| Anywhere | I would go shopping, get loads to eat, get to know her really well, get her contact details (hehe), get tons of photos, just have a great time!

Linzi |@|www| Dubuque, IA | Well, Avril is pretty much my hero. I made myself a promise that I would meet her before I die so I could tell her how much her and her music changed my life and helped me through one of the hardest times I've ever been through. So if we hung out I'd do whatever. Laugh, talk, and have a jam session! Chyeah, I play the guitar and I can play any Avril song. Avril you're AWESOME!!! I'm your #1 fan and we'd have an AWESOME time together if we hung out!

Jeannie |@|www| her house;] where ever she want to go! | um,i want avril teach me guitar and skate!Also i want to take a lot photo with her!

Aileen |@|www| We would go to the mall and shop and pick out eachothers outfits so I would get to know her much better.

Amy |@|www| we will go 2 disney land

Lucy |@|www| Wherever! | It would be the best day of my life! We eoud go shping, have some ice cream, than have some great lunch (propably pizza), than go to the cinema to some awsome movie and in the end of the day we would sit under some tree in the park and talk, talk, talk about everything :-). Omg Im really sad, that I wont never meet her :-(

Vanda |@|www| in the photoshop room | having rock pix with her ! and singing  and doing some funny things ! and anything that she want !

Stacey |@|www| we would go with mates and hang out at our new skatepark | show her all my songs that i wrote and i show her how i play the guitar

Alana |@|www| at the mall or a nightclub | just hang out,play games,chit chat

Maddy |@|www| the hottest place that she knows | go on a tottal shopping spree and do what ever she wants

Miljana |@|www| i`d like to show her my country... | we`ll probably hang out for a while, and also i`d really like from her to teach me how to play HER guitar.....

Paige |@|www| Avril's house | make songs and give me tips about song wriiting and singing

Brittany |@|www| At a very glamorous girly, vintage store | shop till we drop, and then go out drinking (clubbing)

Julia |@|www| London in my flat | Telling jokes and talking. Talking about make-up and clothes (tips from Av mostly!!!) And we would then go shopping and run round Hyde Park eating ice cream, having a good time and laughing alot! Then coming back and writing some songs for her new 4th album and then going in a fancy Bently or Royce and skipping along the river (thames) in the night when its all lit up and the city's twinkling like a star and then to a restaurant to chill even more! And get a lil tipsy!! HEHE i do with my friends sometimes but different with Av and more special x

Stella |@|www| At her house. If she has more than 1 then I'd let her choose which house we'd be in | Ummmmm... Anything. As long as its with Avril!!

Mehak |@|www| at the mall, a recording studio | We'd go shopping, sing with her on our way to the mall or the studio. I'll ask her if she'd like to teach me how to play the guitar, ask her tips for saving your voice from getting squeaked up. We'd hang around to her favourite eating spot and get a bite to eat. And oh, getting her autographs plus some pictures together.

Ruxa |@|www| to a bar or club where we can drink anything .... actually anywhere we can do something fun ...

Steve |@|www| the lake district | watch the sun goes down lol

Allie |@|www| the mall | SHOPPING!

Sandy |@|www| My place, Resturaunt, All around the city, guitar store, then roadtrip | Teach me to play guitar, Write songs, Watch movies, Introduce her to my favorite chicken place, Show her what it's like living where I do, Then going to play around downtown and the guitar store, Then hop on the Abbey Dawn bus and go see Avril's favorite places and do the things Avril wants to do.

Jackie |@|www| At her house | i would try to hide my screaming, so i wouldn't freak her out [lol] and we do lots of kool stuff that she would like.

Petra |@|www| In my town samobor in Croatia | as a first we'd go walking around my town to show her my town to show her some thing's of  culture and stufs like thet we'd go something to eat and talk non stop hehe then we'd go to night club to a party only for her ohh I would like to be able to spend day with her I listen her music since her first album and since thet I'm traying to find a way to meet her

Kathleen |@|www| skatepark or just hang around town | skateboard or hang around at the mall

Yang |@|www| Anywhere | I'd ask AVril what she'd like to do, and we could go do that! I don't want to hog a day all to myself!!!

Emily |@|www| Anywhere | We'd go Abbey Dawn shopping and eat at a nice restaurant then i'd show her my room.

Caitlin |@|www| Anywhere | anything she wanted to do

Brittany |@|www| the mall | Shopping! :) Every girl loves shopping.

Bryanna |@|www| Anywhere | Anything she wanted!! :) I'd love to have a picture of me and her. THAT'D ME COOL!

Gigi |@|www| Anywhere | Idk what I would do as long as I meet her and get to know her.She's so cool!

Claire |@|www| In Nottingham | I would go skateboarding

Katherine |@|www| mall , recording studio , backstage at concert | mall to go shopping and hang , sing a song I wrote with her and put it on her new albulm when she has one