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What would you do if you met Avril? Would you jump up and scream, or would you just faint?  Tell us here!





Samantha |@|www| I would... say hi to her........:| DUH!!

Jaclyn |@|www| I would... start to cry because I would be so happy! I'd hang out (If I was lucky) then I'd get an autograph.

Pola |@|www| I would... Tell her that her music is awesome because she says what she thinks and she expresses to the world what she has to say. I would ask an autograph, and take a picture. :)

Jeannie |@|www| I would... Chill with her treat her as a person coz that's what she is!! And we'd go boy huntin :P WOO

Ash |@|www| I would.. BE LIKE OMFG!!!!!!!! CAN I HAVE A HUG!!!!

Chris |@|www| I would... Be Nervous and speechless

Hunter |@|www| I would... Be very nice because I would be afraid that I would say something stupid. I'd ask her for her autograph too.

Ashley |@|www| I would... OMG i would probably faint!!!! I am such a big fan of her I don't know exactly what I would do yet probably die!!!!

Steph |@|www| I would jump up and down screaming and hugging her, crying and ask her to check out my site when she gets time to go on a laptop. I would tell her im going to be a singer like her one day, and that she can't hate me like she hated Hilary, and Britney! hehehe

Justine |@|www| I would... faint and then when I wake up I'd be speechless.

Belkis |@|www| I would... try not to scream and faint of aww and (onec that passed)i would first of all say hi then i'd aks for an autographe say how much her music is soooo great and really true then wile (if I had the chance)i'd hang out with her i'd treat her as a PERSON!and i'd ask her if i where a signer to help co-rite my songs.

Sarah |@|www| I would... spend ten minutes trying to figure out whether my imagination was running away with me or not, then ask for any autograph and give her my e-mail, AIM and she'd actually write or whatava, but hey, u neva know...

Amanda |@|www| I would... die with happieness

Eda |@|www| I would... fail! :) no i would just go and want a signature and talk to her then become her friend! REALLY! :)

Abeer |@|www| I would..dont know what ""IM""gonna do lool i think am goona scream AVRIL AVRIL i love u loool and am gonna do anything 2 c her fase 2 fase and talk 2 her

Cortney |@|www| I would..if i met avril we would go to the mall and have a good time like in her music video, the we would go and rock out im her groge

Stephanie |@|www| I would..scream!!!jump up and down like a  crazy one, tell her  that i like her music, and that sehe is the best and that im a big fan of her

Maia |@|www| I would just go to her and take a picture and ask her for a autograph i hope that happens!!!

Lisa |@|www| I would...start to cry, cause i think i'm nervous to met her and if i see her i would be so happy!!!and i think i ask her for a signature..I love you Avril..!!!

Mandee |@|www| I would... want to just spend the say with her. I already have her autograph, but hey, I would get it again!

Rita |@|www| I would go ... Ahhhhhhhhhhh WOW this is soooooooo COOL!!!!!!!

Lydia |@|www| I would... be happy and glad i would jump on her cuz i might hurt her and i wont faint cuz then i'll miss her but i'll say hey and ask feor her autograph and be on my way a happy girl

Katherine |@|www| I would... ive already met avril.....shes really nice and fun

Jordana |@|www| I would... ask for her autograph and hen tell her how much of a fan I am of her music and her personality. I would bring a pic of my room to show her all my Avril posters and pics off the internet, I LOVE AVRIL LAVIGNE. I'M HER BIGGEST FAN!!!!

Ashley |@|www| I would... Stay happy for the rest of my life. And teel everyone about it, take a picture with her.

Rania |@|www| I would... scream and jump up . I would be nervous . But i know that I'll never going to meet her (( IN MY DREAM ))

Emily |@|www| I would... be so crazy that i'd cry out my face and then scream and fall to the floor and faint. Then miss my chance to actually talk to Avril because she would probably be gone by the time I wake up.

Alicia |@|www| I would... probably ask her why she has been dressing so preppy and ask if i could hang with her! everbody says that i look just like her!!

Thao |@|www| I would... ask her to give me her address to write to her usually..

Daniel |@|www| I would... ask her to either marry me or ask her to be my prom date

Akir |@|www| I would... tell her how awesome her music is and hang out with her

Victoria F. |@|www| I would... say hi and sk if I could hang out with her instead of jumping up and screaming cuz i know she hates that and i would be myself and dress myself not like her

Daniel |@|www| I would... I met avril only once. But If I got to meat her again I would ask her if she would liek to be my prom date.

Tiarna |@|www| I would... pinch myself to see if i'm dreaming.If i wasn't I would start to scream and I would start to cry and ask her for a autograph.Then i would tell her how much I love her music.Well I would try to tell her cause I would probley be speechless or be in hospital from hitting the ground so hard when I faint.

Duje |@|www| I would... fall in a comma and never wake up

Rachel |@|www| I would.... start crying hysertically because i luv her so much lol!

Carmi |@|www| I would.... say hi to her and say dat i'm one of her biggest fan ......ever

Coral |@|www| I would... id be like omg avril i luv u omg i carnt beleive its u id be like i carnt think what to say now and then id be like omg im such a geek id be thinking in my head lol but id get a hug and pictures and that !! :D:D

Trisha |@|www| I would... id be like omg avril i luv u omg i carnt beleive its u id be like i carnt think what to say now and then id be like omg im such a geek id be thinking in my head lol but id get a hug and pictures and that !! :D:D

Taylor |@|www| I would... ask her for her autograph and then ask her if she wanted to spend the day with me... then we would go to the mall and and after that I would see what she wanted to do so she didnt hate me for doing every thing I wanted to do.. then I would take a LOT LOT LOT of pictures of me and her and then ask my mom to adopt her so we could be sisters!!!! Then after all that was done I would probably scream,, then die!!!

Regan |
@|www| I would... take alot of deep breaths and then talk 2 her just chill 4 a while then tell her i am her biggest fan and ive loved her 4 ages.once she knows that ill talk 2 her bout how im in a band and i sing and how she is my role model.then i would let her talk so i seem calm and she doesnt get bored.i ould tlk about greenday and good charlotte i would ask 4 a photo and autograph then tell her that my whole website is dedicated 2 her and that her try 2 shut me up and her bonez concerts were the most awesome things in like 4 me and that she rocks and 1 day she will take over the world.........! I LOVE AVRIL!I AM HER BIGGEST FAN.!!!!!!!! SHE KICKS ASS

Tiarna |@|www| I would..pinch myself to see if i'm dreaming.If i wasn't I would start to scream and I would start to cry and ask her for a autograph.Then i would tell her how much I love her music.Well I would try to tell her cause I would probley be speechless or be in hospital from hitting the ground so hard when I faint.

Candy |@|www| I would... freeze and make sure that it's her, I'd ask her for an autograph and of

Riss |@|www| I would... say hi, drool, yell OMG and it would b the greatest day of my life! ^^ :D

Tyra |@|www| I would... cry and I scream like a crazy girl....

Gaz |@|www| I would... firstly ask her for her autograph, then i'd tell her what a huge fan i was and ask her to dinner :D

Lauren |@|www| I would... Give her my phone number, e-mail and cell and of course get hers and we could hook up sometime-(ya right!)

Jenny |@|www| I would... I'm not like a fan girl I would be all OMG OMGOMG AVRIL you know. Thats stupid and I would hate that if I was in the music buisness. I'm sure everyone thats in the buiness hates that it must get damn annoying. I would probably just walk up to her and be like "Sup hun?" you know I met My Chemical Romance before and walked up to them and was like "Whats up guys?" and acted as though they were like, my best friends or something and we had a really good conversation. And they said they liked how I didnt go all psyco and fangirl on them

Tina |@|www| I would... ask for her autograph. & take a picture with her. & ask for a hug.

Nicole |@|www| I would... start crying becaue i would be soo happy to meet her because Im avrils #1 fan!!!! OMG I WOULD TOTTALY FREAK OUT, LET IT GO, after a while

Ariana |@|www| I would... I have already met her i didnt freak i just acted normal whats there to freak out about shes just a person but i was a lil nervous but she the nicest person i luv her:D

Samantha |@|www| I would... tell her to give me her autograph

Danielle |@|www| I would... be so happy! And i would never forget that day!

Meredith |@|www| I would... prolly pass out and when i wake up I would studder and I would ask her if she mite wanna go to an arcade r something and tell her how much I love her music and so on and ask for an autograph

Jessica |@|www| I would... probably be very quiet im pretty shy all I know is im not going to scream or go crazy I read so much about I feel like I already know her if I met her, id probably chill

Giulia |@|www| I would... cry because I'd be too happy!! Then I'd tell her she's absolutely the best and the most beautiful girl in this world!!

Sarah |@|www| I would.... Run Around With Joy Give Her A Hug And Say Thank You For Singing So Wonderfully Etc. Etc.

Danielle |@|www| I would... be very happy, but I would want 2 try 2 make a good impression.

Steph |@|www| I would... greet her and give her a big hug, I went to see her live in concert 2 years ago at Wembley, I think it would be great to meet her and chat, I'm a huge fan.

Ashley |@|www| I would... go shopping with her

Erin |@|www| I would... ask her Why did you get bullied and pushed around all the time.

Haley |@|www| I would... most likely faint then wake and ask some Q:,A: and then faint agin

Yoyo |@|www| I would... I'll ask her to sign a name in my Under My Skin CD !!! then take a photo with her !!!!!

Sharlyn |@|www| I would... TELL HER HOW MUCH I ADMIRE HER!

Marissa |@|www| I would... obviosuly first ask for her autograph, and try not to scream...but that would be too hard xD And I'd probably hug her reaaaaaaaaaaaaally tight! I'd just be really, really happy <3

Michelle |@|www| I would... jump up and down,then run to her and say hi then ask if I can give her a hug.Then ask for her autograph.

Lyn |@|www| I would... Jump and scream. then i will hug her. and ask her to be my friend. and hang out with me. oh my God, that would be the best day ever. and i really want it.

Dearbhla |@|www| I would... Ask for an autograph, get loads of pictures and compliment her loads!

Jeannie |@|www| I would... cry;P because meet her is my dream!and then hug her,take pic and get autograph

Stephanie |@|www| I would... have HEART ATTACK!

Anna |@|www| I would... well first I would say hi to her and then tell her that I am really happy she made a new album.

Emily |@|www| I would... be so overwhelmed and start to cry, i wouldn't be able to breathe!!!.  i would have to tell her just how much her music means to me and how happy she makes me feel every day, and that she is the reason i get out of bed in the morning.  Then i would get an autograph, a photo and a hug! :D :D then start to cry again when It was time to go :(  

Nikki |@|www| I would... try 2 say hi without faintin!!!

Nora |@|www| I would... Tell her how her music touched me and helped me out in times of need, and I would take her to places and we'd just hang out(if I could) and take a bunch of pictures. :)

Lisa |@|www| I would... be so happy. My life would be complete, even if i just saw her in concert. :]]]

Caitlin |@|www| I would... Probably act neutral, I know celebrities hate it when other people make a fuss over them, so I would say sumthin like "Hey Avril, wanna hang out some time? By the way, love your music."

Lorna |@|www| I would... proberly jump up and down i wudnt no wat to say

Ediiith |@|www| I would... first .. i go crying because i would be so fxcking happy xO Really.. then i would go to her and ask her an autograph! after That all..  i'm going to listen music about her! I<3that!  and at least .. i'm going to dream very good! oh i like That Girl!

Samantha |@|www| I would... hug her... XD >_> i was sooooo close to her last time >_<

Eline |@|www| I would... Convince her to be friends with me.

Maddy |@|www| I would... be soo exited i would wet my pants do what ever it takes to go crazy

Aji |@|www| I would... Say Hi!....And try to get to be a close friend of hers if i get the oppurtunity dat is.... and definitely get a pic wit her and get her autograph on it.

Fenne |@|www| I would...Yelling, smiling, and singing her songs! and say: Ohhh, Avril, I love you SO! This is my dream! I gonna be grazy, I'm sure! :)

Maru |@|www| I would.... start crying of happines, and it would be the best day of my life. if i could i would take a picture of her

Adam |@|www| I would... most likly frezze, stare and then have akward silence till i started talking

Stephanie |@|www| I would... Tell her thank you for everything she has done, and just let her know that she truly saved my life.

Charley |@|www| I would... proberly scream and get her autograph

Lauren |@|www| I would... Probably flip out and have the biggest f*cking panic attack ever! I'd tell her that I love her because her music has literally turned my life around by making me happy in the worst times. Then, I'd probably slip up and say something stupid like "Yeah, Avril, I'm straight but I think, ur really, really, REALLY cute!" cuz I do think dat lol but I would be sooo embarassed if I actually said that 2 her...haha!

Emily |@|www| I would... . be so excited i would start singing at de top of my lungs a the words to "GIRLFRIEND" & give her a big hug.

Maria |@|www| I would... cry.then scream.cry.then scream.maybe faint after/i would get a pik with her get an autograph then hug her and never let go. LOL

Marienne |@|www| I would... tell that im her biggest fan and pls go here here at phil coz im from phil..i love avril

Tinchy |@|www| I would... probably faint and then when i awake i would say hi and ask for an autograph!!!

Fenne |@|www| I would... say: HI Avril!!! So nice to meet you! And then I ask her if she would sign my AvrilMerch t-shirt en CD, en give her an present, en go on the picture with her, and tell her that I love her, haha :P I would be realy nervous and excited!

Colleen |@|www| I would... scream real loud

Ida |@|www| I would... be like: Are you really Avril? or i will be like:OMG! And running around the place.

Jill |@|www| I would... jump!!!!!!......yell!!!!!.......sing her one of her song to prove that i'm her biggest hugest number 1 fan

Romero |@|www| I would... Invite her to visit my home here in China!Cuz it's a dream that she'd come!

Steve |@|www| I would... probably kiss her without a sound lol

Sandy |@|www| I would... Faint, Wake up, see her goregous face, faint again, Wake up for good, Scream, Get her cell number, Have a sleepover with her (later of course) and become like her little sister.

Kouklina |@|www| I would... ask her her e-mail addres...I;wan't it...

Rachel |@|www| I would... be the happiest girl ever!

Emily |@|www| I would... Go insane! I'd spend a nice day with her and maybe do something funny! I'd ask her to sign a lot of my Avril stuff and ask her to write a letter to my site! lol.

Courtnie |@|www| I would... I would ask her for a hug because last time, I was so sycked I didnt say anything exept for Will you sign theese (she said yes) and I said thanks and bye... anyways I would ask her to sign one of the amazing pics I have of her and ask her to sign it to Courtnie

Carly |@|www| I would..ask her for an autograph and a photo and tell her she has inspired me throughout life!

Jackie |@|www| I would... BE SO HAPPY AND STARSTRUCK AND SCREAM AND MAYBE EVEN CRY, cuz she is the best singer in the world , i love herr

Carly |@|www| I would... Well i already sort of have, just got her autograph, cause there was 100s of people. I was crying, crying so hard, hystericlly. i almost fainted. she said Awe to me, and smiled. it was amazing! best moment of my freaking life, i was speechless. and if i actually MET HER i would faint, no dought about it.

Calvin |@|www| I would... I would hug her and take a photo with her..

Leah |@|www| I would... RELAX!!! cuz she would be scared at what the rest of you guys are saying you would do. like scream at the top of your lungs girlfriend? cry?faint? tell her how much you love her and your her number 1 fan? fact: SHE HEARS THAT EVERYDAY!!!besides i met her, and she told me i was cool cuz i keep it REAL!

Salwa |@|www| I would... tell her her music rocks, ask her to take a picture with me, hug her, SCREAMMM, ask her to sign her name on some paper, and ask her if she could stay in touch with me somehow like email, phone number, website, etc.

Jess |@|www| I would... go fucking insane!!!!!!!!!!

Eric |@|www| I would... scream, try not to make her deaf, at the top of my lungs...than faint.

Julia |@|www| I would... OMG!!!!!!!!!!   i would be happier than EVER!!!!!!

Lindsey |@|www| I would... I would tell Avril to keep inspiring her fans and everyone around and to never change! .. then id probably hit the mall with her. haha

Anna |@|www| I would... be like omg!I would tell her that she is awesome and I love her and I'd ask for an autograph,tell her I'm a big fan.

Jordan |@|www| I would... it would be so awesome because i have looked at her as a idol since i was 4 and now i am 11


Noam |@|www| I would... smile and die .. it is so exciting!!!i so want be with av forever!!!

Marjorie |@|www| I would... First I would ask her for autogrpah.. then take some pictures with her, and then at last i will shake hands to her ^^ and tell her that she is so amazing

Bine |@|www| I would... say hello and tell her:you're the ONE! :D

Samantha |@|www| I would... scream and ask random stangers for a pen and paper 9=(if no paper my head) if her bodt gaurds if try to stop me i will takle them just to met her...and ask her about her life...and then ask if i could hang out with her and try not to be a stalker...and if shop with her...mabye even at kohls

Yang |@|www| I would.. Try to kill myself, but notice that I wouldn't be able to see her again... So I would scream beyond that top of my lungs!!!

Courtnie |@|ww| I have met Avril before so basicly Im just saying what I WISH i did! I would ask her for a hug, an autograph that says To Courtnie then whatever she wants, I would ask for a high five and probly a picture and I would tell her she is beautiful and that she is my idol!!!! I love Avril and to be honest I'd probly pass out or cry...

Rajmonda |@|www| I would.. mm..I Will cry !? and i will make a photo with her !? i will aske her for msn ? ang i will give her kiss from her h-uge fan !

Samantha |@|www| I would.. when i met her the first time i barely talked so i'd try to be more calm and stuff this time and I would deff ask her for these 3 things a hug, an autograph and a picture... Be the HAPPYEST girl in the world and I would keep that picture as my Facebook Profile Pic!!!  I love her sooooooooooooooooooo much it's insane

Gigi |@|www| I would.. GO CRAZY!!!!AVRIL!!!!!ROCKS!!!!!!!!