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Have you ever thought that Avril said something really stupid in her songs that didn't make sense, and it turned out that you heard it wrong? Tell us!







"All my life I've been good, but now, I, I, I am thinking what the hell"


Camilla |@|www| All my life I've been good but now i'm singing





"She'll take you for a ride and you'll be left with nothing"


Josefine |@|www| "You'll be like a muffin"






"Got up on the wrong side of life today, yeah"


Courtnie |@|www| Got up on the wrong side of your love.. lol, i dont know why but that's what I thought


"Crashed the car and I'm gonna be really late"


Dee |@|www| hehe my friend thaught it said "washed the car and im gunna be really late" instead of "crashed"


"Laughing so hard it hurts like hell"


Sziszo |@|www| Life is so hard it hurts like hell.. XD


April |@|www| Ok, once I was listening to this song and my dad thought it said "Laughing so hard I hurt my hair" LOL! I got a good laugh out of that!


Jessica |@|www| "Life is so hard it hurts like hell"





"I wanna put your hand in my pocket, because you're allowed"


Brian |@|www| I thought it was "I wanna put your hand in my pocket...with pleasure allowed" lol!


Angie |@|www| "I wanna put your hand in my pocket because you're loud"






"when you walk away, I count the steps that you take"


Marissa |@|www| When you walk away I can't the steps that you take.


"and the days feel like years when I'm alone"


Amelia |@|www| And the days feel like used when I'm alone

Emily |@|www|  And the days feel like youth when I'm alone





"No way no way I think you need a new one"

Avery |@|www| I thought it said "no, wait, no, wait" instead of "no way, no way"

Rachel |@|www| "no way no way i think you need to on a new way"




"This is when I start to bite my nails"


Megan |@|www| "This is when I start to buy my meals." haha Lol





"would you comfort me here"

Kristyn |@|www| "Would you come fetch my hat"

Jess |@|www| I thought she said "Would you come all over me" LOL omg yea....i thought the same thing like, why?? lol

Chelsea |@|www| "Would you come fight me" lol I never understood that part

Lindsey |@|www| I thought it was "would you come with me here"

Lani |@|www| would you come fight me then a few seconds later I realized it say comfort. lol




"all the stuff that you do"

Matt |@|www| When Avril sings over 'all the shit that you do' in the clean version it sounds like she says 'all the skunk that you do'

Elizabeth |@|www| When she sang'all the shit that you do' i thought it said 'all the pits that you threw' ha!

"and letting me know we were done"

Candy |@|www| when I heard "and letting me know we were done" the first time, I thought it was "but doesn't mean that we were dumb"

Sarah |@|www| i thought it was "thanks for taking me 2 the ball" n my mom n dad thought it was "thanks fo ill kick u in the balls". they r both sooooooo retarded!

Carla |@|www| "and letting me like we were done"

Jess |@|www| I thought she said "And letting me know we were tall" LOL

"thanks for watching as I fall"

Sarah |@|www| I thought she said ''You see me running down the hall''

"all of the memories so close to me, just fade away

Tinchy |@|www| My sister thought that ''All of the memories so close to me just fade away'' was ''All of the memories so close to me will stay that way'' haha!!! She's so confused!!! lol!!!



"thought I liked you a lot, but I'm really upset"

Amelia |@|www| 'thought I liked you a lot, but I wanna have sex'

Janice |@|www| 'thought I liked you a lot, but I won't have sex'

Cortney |@|www| 'thought I liked you a lot, but I really want sex'

Lissa |@|www| 'thought I liked you a lot, but you just wanna have sex'

ece |@|www| 'thought I liked you a lot, but I wanna have sex'

Debbie |@|www| 'thought I liked you a lot but I won't have sex.'

Nina |@|www| 'tought I liked you a lot, but im not ready for sex', it could have been that lyric cauze it fits perfectly :)

Sarah |@|www| 'dont wanna have sex'

Nora |@|www| 'That I liked you alot, but I'm running out of sex.' Haha, weird...

Ida |@|www| 'thought I liked you a lot, but I really want sex'

Angie |@|www| I thought it was " though I like you a lot"

Lindsey |@|www| i thought it was " i thought i liked you a lot but i just wanna have sex" i was like , isnt this song about not having sex? lol




"I'm living a lie"

Morgan |@|www| it sounds like "im Lavigne, the lie" or "im Lavigne, a lie" ('the' and 'a' diffrence)

Tinchy |@|www| ''I'm living a life'' haha!!




"I won't compromise. Cuz I'll never know"

Eda |@|www| 'I won't compromise. Coz I'm living now!' i heard it like that:))

Cortney |@|www| "I won't compromise. Cuz I have a note"




"All the pain I thought I knew"

Christina |@|www| "All the pain, I'm falling you."

Tess |@|www| All the pain of fighting you

"It's there inside, all I do is hide"

Sara |@|www| It`s there inside All i do is tired.. haha Lol 




"honesty and promise me I'm never gonna find you fake it"

Sarah |@|www| 'honesty you promise me I'm never going to find your blanket' or something that begins with "B". I know, that's stupid but that's how it sounded for a while!

Gabby |@|www| 'honesty you promise me i'm never gunna find you naked' i was so confused!

Melina |@|www| ''honestly you promise me i'm never gonna find you shake it''......!oh,man!!

Rayne |@|www| "Honestly promise me I'm never gonna buy you bacon"

"I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else gets me frustrated"

Kara |@|www| your acting like somebody else gets me invaded

"take off, all your preppy clothes"

Melissa |@|www| for the longest time, I thought it was "take off, all your crappy clothes"

Morgan |@|www| my mom and my Best friend always thought it was "take off, all your fancy clothes'', instead of preppy clothes

Kayla |@|www| "take off, all your crappy clothes"

Julia |@|www| I thought it was "your baggy clothes", but I'm French and I don't speak English very well, so maybe with your baggy clothes means nothing!

Agnes |@|www| I thought it was "pretty"

"like you can't relax"

Vanessa |@|www| I thought "You can't relax" was "new cadallac" (The chevy car!)

"Chill out, what'cha yelling for"

Astrid |@|www| "Chill out, watching Elle on 4." For some reason I always thought she was referring to the guy watching some chick on TV, instead of paying attention to Avril... Oh man. I never realised it was "whatcha yellin' for" til this year ><!

"Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated

Astrid |@|www| "Why the hell d'you go and make things so complicated?"

"where you are and where it's at you see"

Astrid |@|www| I thought it was "When you aren't very sad, you see"



"grew up in a 5,000 (5 thousand) population town"

Pola |@|www| 'Grew up in a 5.000 sound'

"got fired by a fried chicken ass"

Steph |@|www| "Got fired by five chicken ass"

Brian |@|www| "Got fired by fighting and kicking ass"

"always beat the boys up"

Carla |@|www| "always beat the groups up"

"party up but don't fall down, don't get caught sneak out of the house"

Jess |@|www| I thought she said " lets go up but fall down dont get cold get free from the crowd" i have no idea why but i thought she said that....i guess because i could understand her lol



"It's a damn cold night"

Nicky |@|www| Mum and Dad think it goes :It's a damp cold night'

Selina |@|WWW| It's a dan called light

Carla |@|www| "it's a day called night"

Ryan |@|www| It's A Damp Code Night

Lauren |@|www| "Damp Cold Night" Damn, dude no wonder I was getting weird looks from ppl when my bff and I were singin that song at this party we were at...haha lol!!!!!

Hanna |@|www| "its a damp cold flight"

"I'm standing on the bridge"

Allie |@|www| i was always thinking it was "i'm standing on the fridge" lol




"grinning with a lost stare"

Deb |@|www| "grinning with the washed hair"

Kayla |@|www| "grinning with the watch stare"

Lauren |@|www| "grinning with the lost there"

Felo |@|www| "grinning with the lobster" lol

Beth |@|www| "Grinning with a law share"

Elle |@|www| "Grinning with the lost air." I swear I have been singing it like that since 2002! I actually only just realised what the actual lyrics were LOL

April |@|www| "Grinning with the lost hair" LOL:)

Sadie |@|www| i thought it said: "humping in the blank air"!!!!! LOLOLOLOL! i know its stupid, but i really thought it was that!!

Melina |@|www| i used to sing: "when i watch there"... it didnt even make sense but i didnt care :)

Cortney |@|www| grinning with that whaa stair



"I laugh myself to sleep, it's my lullaby"

Diego |@|www| I thought it said "It's my love device" ha!

Daisy |@|www| "I love myself to sleep it`s my lullaby"

"This world is a beautiful, accident, turbulent, succulent, opulent, permanent"

Lou |@|www| "this world is beautiful excellent turbulent succulent uphill and permanent"


"Sk8er Boi"

"how we rock each others world"

Cori |@|www| "hell we rock each others world"

Michelle |@|www| I thought it was "hell we rock each other's world"

Lydia |@|www| I always thought it said "How we rock each others Word" Word? What?! Lol

"slammin' on his guitar"

Alana |@|www| "so living on his guitar" or i also thought it was "celebin on his guitar" not slamming

Astrid |@|www| Instead of "slammin' on his guitar", I always thought it was "still livin' on his guitar"... hmm...

Jess |@|www| I thought she said " So let him on his guitar" LOL

"feeding the baby, she's all alone"

Damla |@|www| i was singing the part like "finally baby, shes all alone"

"Well, tough luck that boy's mine now"

Kara |@|www| I though it said "Well to block that boy's mind out"

"does you pretty face see what he's worth"

Jess |@|www| I thought she said "To show pretty face see what hes worth" LOL


"Thing's I'll Never Say"

"I want to see you go down on one knee"

Laura |@|www| I thought it said "I want to go down on me"...

Chelsea |@|www| I thought it said, "I wanna see you go down/I want me" lol wow I've been singing it that way forever and never knowing what it was lol