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Alyssa |@|www| I saw Av live in Chicago on April 19, 2003. I really liked it, Simple Plan came out for no reason and were running across the stage a few times. She did a pretty good job. I wanted to be in the mosh pit, my seats sucked. I was the very back of the whole place. I was against the wall. It was still really fun but I needed better seats.

Jaclyn |@|www| I went to see Avril in march. It was the mall tour in Philadelphia so I went with my dad, mom, and brother it was so cool I got really good pics and was up front! I got a press pass cause my dad works for the press. and that's how I got upfront Avril did a wonderful job performing my happy ending, nobody's home, take me away, don't tell me, sk8er boi, and complicated it was great!

Sarah |@|www| I saw Avril last night [04.10.2004] & she was amazing.  She sang a mix of both album darting from one side of the stage to the other, She could really sing too.. i was more surprised when she came on playing the piano. if i had to sit through her again i'd deffinately say yes. 10/10 for her performance last night.. still can't believe i actually saw her lol. w0w. | Birmingham England.   

Alana |@|www| 10/10 She was wicked but we had crap seats near the back, would definitely go again but have better seats!

Lacey |@|www| She did quite well, and sounded really good on all her songs! Better than Hilary Duff who I also saw live some time before that! | At The Palace of Auburn Hills in MI on November 3, 2004

Andrea |@|www| It was an awesome concert...well worth its money...would definatly go again! | Kelowna, B.C., Canada November 2004

Sylvia |@|www| 10/10 Avril Lavigne was in Colorado November 14, 2004. It was her bonez tour. She sang, played guitar, and the piano. She asked the crowd to sing happy birthday to Butch Walker. It was really fun!. | Denver, Colorado Pepsi Center

Matt |@|www| I saw Avril's Bonez tour on October 10th at Wembley Arena, UK. She was so wicked! I'd been waiting for that day since the second I booked it, I even made a count down! It started at something like 80 days! I went with my dad, sister, cousin and his girlfriend. She was so amazing! In the car on the way, we listned to nothing but Avril! When we finally got there we qued up for ages, and then when we got in, I was SO excited! We all got an Avril t-shirt and then walked into the arena, it was so awesome. The Simple Plan curtain was down. We went to our seats and waited for it to start. It was so loud. Simple Plan were OK, but I'm not a huge fan. The only song I knew was Addicted. Anyway, when they finished, we had to wait a bit longer, and then suddenly, the lights went off, and the lights on the stage came on, and you could see Avril shadow with her guitar, flicking her hair back, and then she started to play He Wasn't, it was so amazing. She did so many encores, one of!
 them was Woo Hoo, where she played the drums. I sung, i mean screamed, every word to every song! When it finished my throat killed! We didn't get back till midnight, and I had school the next day! :( I couldn't speak at school! But it was the best night of my life- by far. | Wembley Arena, UK.

NIcky |@|www| Wow! What a voice! She has got a really strong voice for a girl her age!!! She was amazing. My fav song was definately Slipped Away. She did that on the piano on her own. that was the bit I remember the most! I would sooooooooooo badly go again if she did another tour!! | Wembley Arena, England. 11th october

Daniel |@|www| I saw Avril on November 19th. Iwas a blast. I was in the front row. I got to go on stage and sang with her. . It was cool. I got an autograph form her and i got to take a few pics with her.  | San Jose California

Arian |@|www| saw Avril's Concert in Manila, Philippines. She rocks!! She opened with the song He Wasn't with that devil horned headband she wore in the music video. She also brought along Simple Plan for the opening act. She and David Desrosier did an encore together. Me, my best friend, and my bro still had lots of energy to sing along. We were at the back but it was still fun :D | The Fort, Taguig, Manila, Philippines

Tiarna |@|www| Avril's concerts are soooooooooo much fun. she sounds AWSOME live. Even with the flu. I was on the dance floor she laughed at me and my sista for danceing like we where crazy. Iwas so excited. AVRIL ROX!!!

Alwyn |@|www| She sang a mix of songs on both albums, it was awesome! I love her!She looked right at me...maybe it was cos everytime she came my way I waved my poster up in the air & jumped up and down! lol | Singapore

Brian |@|www| It was the first concert of my life and the best. i saw Avril live in San Diego November 20, 2004. Teh opning act was Paul something!! Well I sat like on stage right and I was actually NECXT to avril but i was so nervous that i forgot to take pics of her! Well that was ll and it was the best!!  | San Diego, CA

Sonny |@|www| I`ve seen Avril in June (16th) in Hamburg! It was amazing! She sang all Songs from Under my Skin ,some of Let go, I always get what i want & American Idiot from Greenday! It was pretty cool and i stand in the first row so i was so close to her! Her outfit was really cute and her voice was awesome :) So it was really fun and i falled in love with a boy there;) Sice i was there i love Avril more than before :) SHE ROX  | Hamburg

Alyssa |@|www| I saw Avril live on July 19th 2005, in Nashville, Tennessee. It was VERY awesome. I, myself think her voice live is WAY better than the cd. I was in the mosh pit, at the VERY front! Hanging on to the bar for my life.. lol. I got there about 3 hours early, I was the first one into the pit. I thought it was tons of fun. | Nashville, Tennessee

Mallory |@|www| I saw avril on August 10th 2005. It was so cool!!!!!!! | Concord Pavillion

Jayne |@|www| AMAZING! BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!! Gavin was also awesome! and BUTCH WALKER KICKED ASS!!!!!!!

Steph |@|www| I went to see her 2 years ago | In London Wembley Arena, it was just great and I couldn't stop screaming.

Lauren T |@|www| omg! well i saw her twice in detroit!! she did really good both times but she did better at dte energy music theater because in was outside instead of a stadium!! if ya know what i mean! but yeah it was by far the best two days of my life!!  | palce of auburn hills and dte energy music theater

Larissa |
@|www| I was one of the lucky people picked to go see the first concert from The Best Damn Thing a few hours from where I live. I took a road trip to go see it, and it was definitely worth it. The few new songs I heard were amazing: "Girlfriend", "I Can Do Better", "When You're Gone" (a really nice song that shows off Avril's singing ability), "Everything Back But You", "I Don't Have To Try" (which started off with a rap about Avril wearing the pants), "The Best Damn Thing", and "Runaway". It sounds like the new album is going to be a lot of fun and shows a lot more of Avril (almost every song had her swearing). Her band was completely different, and she brought along two back-up dancers that also sang the parts of the songs that were reserved for Evan in the past. Avril came up with a few routines to go along with the drums in her songs, including "Sk8er Boi", and the dancers most helped her to act out the lyrics of her new stuff. She also played a few of her old
 singles, "I'm With You", "Don't Tell Me", "My Happy Ending", "Losing Grip", "Sk8er Boi", and the concert was finished off with "He Wasn't" (where she unfortunately started losing her voice). Instead of an encore, she came on and explained that she hadn't done a live show in a year and a half and wasn't prepared for it, and that The Best Damn Thing is sure to please. | Calgary, AB

Steven |@|www| I saw avril in calgary for try to shut me up which was awsome@ then i saw her on her mall tour in calgary and that was really exiting cuz i was dying to hear new songs, then i saw her on her bonez tour and that was AMAZING! i met her that nite and got her autogrpah she signed my bonez tour book. that was the best day of my life! | Calgary, AB

Belen |@|www| I saw Avril live in Argentina on September 17th, 2005. It was a really cool gig, but she seemed tired, because she had been on Chile the day before. We jumped along on the VIP section and she performed 18 songs. In the middle of the show, before she started singing "together" all the crowd together started to sing "ole, ole ole ole.. Avril!!! Avril!!! and then Avril joined us!! it was amazing!!! i hope she comes back here!! | Argentina

Dearbhla |@|www| I went for her Bonez tour in Ireland. Simple Plan opened the concert. I was really far away from the stage, but luckily my friend brought along binoculars so I could see Avril. She wore black and looked amazing. For 'Slipped Away', she played the piano and sang. It was a great concert, but I wish I was closer to the stage! | Belfast, Ireland.

Rachel |@|www| it was fantastic | London

Sophy |@|www| my god avril was so immense at that concert i can't wait to see her again but omg she played drums and evreything how she interavted with eveyone was so good it has to be my best concert i every went to. i was right at the front and i soooo happy lol | London

Federica |@|www| I Saw Avril yesterday night [18.07.07] In Rome. She was beautiful..She was amazing..I loved the concert and i loved her..She is the best. | Rome, Italy

Jane |@|www| I saw Avril for the FIRST time on August 11th, 2005 in Los Angeles where I used to live and I can describe it in one word...amazing. Avril really knows how to put on a show. She was full of energetic with her blonde curls bouncing with her as she plays guitar and piano. It was my first American concert ever so I was siked and nervous and when she jumped out playing "He Wasn't" I was shakin and excited at the same time. I loved it and I can't wiat for next year's concert ;] | Los, Angeles, CA

Lizzie |@|www| I saw Avril in Turkey.She was sooooo greaatt.when I saw her I cried cause see Avril is one of my biig dreams since 3 years | Turkey

Marianna |@|www| i saw avril before two days in flybeeyond festival in greece. it was the first time that i saw her and the first time for her as she said that she got the chance to come here. it was a really good performance that last 70 minutes with songs mostly from let go and the best damn thing. the highlight of that evening was that she changed outfit something like 3 to 4 times!:P | Greece

Fantine |@|www| I saw Avril in Paris on march 25th '07 for her promo tour! First, she played Girlfriend (and ya guys couldn't imagine how much i HATE that song..) than she jumped on Sk8er Boi, it was juste awesome! I was screaming and jumping.. she played couple of other new and old songs.. she finished with Complicated and I'm With You, everyone was singing, amazing show. | Elyse Montmartre @ Paris, France

Danis Lo |@|www| I saw Avril live in Hong Kong on Aug 18 2007. It was awesome. She looked enjoying very much. She did 17 songs, 8 from TBDT, including Girlfriend, I Can Do Better, Runaway, The Best Damn Thing, When You're Gone, Everything Back But You, Hot, I Don't Have to Try;  4 from UMS, including Don't Tell Me, He Wasn't, My Happy Ending, I Always Get What I Want; 4 from Let Go, Losing Grip, Complicated, Sk8er Boi, I'm With You; 1 Blink-182 song All The Small Things. It was great, everyone sang the chorus. Hope I can see her again :) | Hong Kong

Eda |@|www| I saw Avril in Turkey, Masstival. I was stunned after the concert, she had a great performance there were dancers and she began with Girlfriend the dances were great the outfits were astonishing! i really really liked it and in the end of the concert, i got to take a photo with her & get her autograph that was the best concert ever =) | Turkey, Parkorman, Masstival

Fantine |@|www| I saw Avril in Paris on march 25th '07 for her promo tour! First, she played Girlfriend (and ya guys couldn't imagine how much i HATE that song..) than she jumped on Sk8er Boi, it was juste awesome! I was screaming and jumping.. she played couple of other new and old songs.. she finished with Complicated and I'm With You, everyone was singing, amazing show. | Elyse Montmartre @ Paris, France

Mary |@|www| omg! i saw avril live 3 years ago and it was sooo amazing! i still remember this day and i still feel happy about this.. the feeling was so awesome and everyone jumped around.. my seats were not the best but i enjoyed the concert very much! i bought a t-shirt that i placed over my bed when it got too short.. =) this was the best day of my life! (sorry for my bad english, im from germany | Munich, Germany September 22, 2004

Gil |@|www| Avril was awesome last nite!!! She played an acoustic set wirh "Tomorrow", "Don't Tell Me" & "When You're Gone", the best moments of the night. She said some words in spanish to the fans and thanked all of us to be there and rock on stage, she rules, I can tell you she gave a great performance!!! | Mexico City

Lexi |@|www| Avril Lavigne's The Bonez Tour 2005 in Winnipeg at the MTS center was my first concert I have ever went to, and it was amazing. I went with my big sister Crystal and we got floor seats, so we went to the MTS center at 6:00 in the morring and waited all day and it paid off! We ended up being front row center! It's like so amazing to be front row center at your Hero's concert! | Winnipeg on July 25/05 at the MTS center

Olivia|@|www| I saw Avril on April 18, 2007. It wasn't really a concert, it was a CD signing, but she did play three songs. When she played Girlfriend, Sk8er Boi, and Everything Back But You, they were all so good and I was so happy. =) Then, we had to wait in line for about 2 hours to get our stuff signed, but it was worth it. | Virgin Megastore, New York, April 18, 2007

Kassie |@|www| I saw Avril a looonnggg time ago when she was first going on tour. But OMG the concert was amazing! I'd see her again if I had the cash. I think it says a lot about her since her concerts where really good even when she was first starting out. | Washington

Liza |@|www| it was vere cool!her voice the most beautiful.I have remained is happy and I can not forget this concert! I hope to see Avril again| Moscow in B1 club

Chelsea |@|www| Well i saw avril lavigne march 12/2008 . She was amzzing . < 3 | Edmonton, AB

Lilly |@|www| I havent seen her but i going to see her at summer whit my friend soffi thats gonna be fun!! i gonna cried i promisse!! i cant relly wait!!!! this is my big drem ever! <3 | Sweden

Said |@|www| She's really fantastic, I had the opportunity to have her sign in tbdt cd when she came to Mexico's city, and in the concert she has a LOT of energy, it's a real magic moment!!!, it's incredible, and the best song, in my personal opinion, she sings alive is He wasn't, if u have the chance to go don't waste it! | Mexico

Eric |@|www| I Saw avril march 5th at nissan live sets. i was the only one to have gotten her autograph that night | Los Angeles

Jess |@|www| It was a good concert was good but shortend a couple of songs!! | Kingston, ON

Ryan |@|www| I saw Avril live at the Manchester MEN Arena on 29th May 2008 and she was f*cking brilliant! The setlist seemed to have been cut down though because she was only on for an hour and a half. Other than that it was a brilliant show, my first ever concert :D | Manchester MEN Arena

Erica |@|www| I saw Avril live in Sweden june 28, 2008. She was totally awesome and it was the first time I saw her live. Omg, I can't describe it. It was just amazing! I'll never forget about it!! <3 | Sweden, Stockholm, june 28, 2008

Georgia |@|www| When i saw avril come out i screamed! it was so much fun i didnt have that great of seats but i did see her which was sooooooo cool!! i wished i was in the pit!!! | Best damn tour i saw her march 21st in chicago!!

Helena |@|www| I saw avril April 20 2008 -n- it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!i was able 2 stand up front. we would have been able 2 touch her hand but we were 2 far left. anyway it was sooooo much -n- i LOVE avril -n- i'm definately going 2 watever it takes 2 buy some abbey dawn when it comes out!!!!! | cruzan amphitheater (april 20 2008 florida)

Phoebe |@|www| i thought it was really cool and i love when she played the drums | London

Miley |@|www| I saw Avril monday night (: It was the concert.. She was so cute! I was badly, and it was raining.. but wasworth it to wait. I will never forget it :) | Budapest, Hungary

Neo |@|www| I have seen Avril loads times but this time was the best. We were there from 4pm waiting on the doors to open and then we got brought in checked our names on the list and gave us or goodie bags and vip passes and wrist bands to get to the different areas. We waited about for a hour or so and then John her body guard came out and told us we were to follow him and when we got on up we had to stand in a line behind the partition. We did so and gradually the line decreased to we were at the top of it and went behind the partion to see Avril. OMG i was speachless shes so small, cute and quiet it was my dream come true. I stood beside her and she signed my Vip Pass and i got my foto took with her she was very soft spoken and has a kool tattoo on her wrist and loads we stars so wanted to hug her or ask her loads questions but was afraid to and we were on a tight schedual and others had to meet her. We then got brought down to the front of the stage in front the GA and we watched the Joans brothers they were really good then Avril came out my heart was going really quick she was so full of energy and amazing she reached out and grabed our hands during the concert and we were on the screen behind her when she sang im with you. She played the guitar, drums, piano she rocked loved every min of it and her staff and band are so nice. Would love a job with her on tour doing anything.  All i can say is amazing day and nite and would love to do it over again thanks Avril and staff for a great time. | Ireland June 7th 08

Szilvicus |@|www| Yesterday there was Avril's show in Hungary. I was soo excited. I'vre been waiting for this show for months already. I arrived 2 hours earlier, to have a good place, and I was so surprised how many fans Avril had in Hungary. As soon as I reached the Petofi Csarnok, it started raining like mad! There was no way of starting the concert at 8 o'clock. Everyone was waiting indoors, (cuz it was an open air performance). A man told the crowd many times to stay calm, and that the concert will only start if the weather gets better. After them saying it for the 9th time, people around me started crying, that it's sure to be canceled. Suddenly the rain stopped (at half past nine) and we were let out. We had to stand there and wait until the guys on stage finished unpacking the musical instruments. GOD! Why couldn't they do it while it was raining! This took another 15 minutes. And then, finally Avril came on stage, told us we were her greatest fans in the world and that thank you so much for waiting in the rain. blablabla. the usual stuff. and then it started. Sometimes the sky was clear, she played about 5 songs and then it started pourring again while she was singing the best damn thing. She didn't sing: Hot, Innocence, Don't tell me, Runaway, no girlfriend remix, no When you're gone.. (the drum, the pink piano :-() Sometime it rained sometime it didn't.. i managed to make a few videos.. but the concert only lasted 50 MINUTES! it was over very soon. Most people were crying, other were annoyed. I, however, am quite happy and i liked it. And so are a few others. Avril was amazing anyway. I didn't actually realise what a lovely voice she has (all these videos on Youtube misled me) I was so happy to see her again that the rain couldn't ruin the feeling about it. :) It's just a pity it was so short. | Budapest, Hungary

Julia |@|www| I saw Avril in Amsterdam, 20 June. She really rocked out! I went to a lot of concert [paramore, panic at the disco, hilary duff, kelly clarkson], and this was definitly the best ever. her voice was great, the show was amazing. after a lot of pushing around, i ended up all front row! i really looked avril in the eyes. if i could go again, i would go, that's for sure. She rocked, and can play the drum reaaaaly good, haha (a). i just love her <3 | Amsterdam, Heinken Music Hall, 20 June 2008

Julia |@|www| Avril was absolutely amazing! I saw her at the NEC arena and boy, what a performance she gave us! The singing, the dancing was great and she's so much fun too. She got us all singing and dancing so hard that the next day we were hoarse and our limbs ached alot! No pain no game! Or whatever.. Anyways, She covered the more popular ones off 'Let Go', 'Under My skin' but obviously she did all the songs from TBDT but left out the last three songs on the album (One of those girls, Contagious & Keep holding on) She did a cover of Bad reputation which I absolutely adore. I would go again and again if I could - Love you Av x Dont stop Rockin' x | NEC Birmingham 30/5/08

Allie |@|www| I saw avril live in bournemouth UK on june 3rd 2008. it was amazingly awesome. i was right at the front too, thank god for friends saving spaces haha! i have loads of pics too so if you guys want them email me! I love avril, her show was so awesome. | Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth, UK.

Liyah |@|www| I've first seen avril this year in leoben austria. I live 4 hours with the train away from there and it was an hard journey... *gg* but it was so worthi it. As she came out on stage I started to cry... I couldn't believe it that it was really her (and that she was so small suprised me a little bit... *gg*) the show was freaking awesome. i've went to a lot of concerts but this one was the best damn show I've ever seen... hehe! and as she sang Innocence I started to cry. She never sang so beautiful before.... I can't wait to see her live again!! | Leoben, Austria

Tanner |@|www| i saw avril live in edmonton and i was front row! this concert was amazing! she is awsome! love her! | Edmonton, AB

Courtnie |@|www| It was AWESOME, I got to meet her.the concert wass so UP BEAT. ne wayz I got to go, Bye... PS: I LVE AVRIL LAVIGNE | Calgary, AB

Fenne |@|www| I say Avril in Amsterdam, 20 june 2008. I was there with my dad, cause I'm too young to go alone to a concert (I'm 12). It was SO SO SO great! Avril was very very good, you just can saw that she have a lot of fun on stage. I loved the way she sing I'm With You, it was so beautiful. Too bad she didn't sing When You're Gone and Innonocence, but the rest was awsome! I totaly loved it. Next time she come here, I wanna meet her! | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Marissa |@|www| I saw Avril last night (August 10, 2008), and it was my first concert ever! IT WAS AWESOME!!! I seriously screamed when I saw her I'm like OOOMMMG!!!!! But Illscarlet opened for her....they weren't too bad, they were actually better than I thought. It seemed so short when the whole concert was over xD but I don't think it was. She sang like, 13 songs I think. She sang: Girlfriend, I Can Do Better, Complicated, I'm With You, Losing Grip, Hot, I Don't Have To Try, Everything Back But You, I Always Get What I Want, Don't Tell Me, My Happy Ending, When You're Gone, Keep Holding On, and at some point, her husband came on stage and they both sang In Too Deep! It was so cool! I tried to sing along to all her songs, but my voice kept getting sore [lol] If she ever came again, I would defintely go see her again. It was the best night of my entire life! | Halifax, NS

Stephanie |@|www| I saw Avril live in 2008 at the WPST Winter Wonder Jam. I thought that she did an amazing job. I LOVED all of the songs that she chose to sing. I really liked her outfit. Her backdrop was so cool. It was her logo for her third album. I really hope she comes out with her next CD soon! I talked to her and she said that when she was done with her tour she would start to record and make it. I really hope i can go to another concert of hers and hopefully meet her. That is my dream. I really want to meet her. | New Jersey

Eric |@|www| last year on MARCH 5TH, 2007 i went to see Avril at the Private concert recording in LA for Nissan Live Sets< it was the best experience of my life I WAS THE ONLY ONE THERE WHO GOT AVRIL's autograph! and you can see a picture of avril handing me the autograph on Over all i was the luckiest one their to be the only one to get her autograph WHILE SHE WAS STILL ON STAGE. and i heard all the new songs off her record before it came out | LA March 5th, 2007

Sam |@|www| She's cute, she's hot and she's pretty. The fans sang along with her and I found it amazing. She rocked us and we love every moment she was on the stage. I love that crossbone banner at the back of the stage, it was awesome. I do wish Avril to come to Malaysia again! "When you're gone, I miss you but please remember that I'm with you! :) | Malaysia

Serena |@|www| i saw Avril on her tour and i really like it even if her piano broke down and i really liked when she played the drums which was really cool~! i hope her the best luck in the furture!~~~~ | Victoria, BC Canada

Andreagoh |@|www| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Avril came to MALAYSIA!! AAAAAAH it was super awesome! im so touched dat she came!! I was part of the project Melissa was doing early this year. The scrapbook and slippers. Yeaaa.. n my msg is dat i wished she'll come to Malaysia. And she did!! She totally rocked us!! wooooh Thank you, Avril for coming! And screw the Malaysian government tho... no sense at all. But the Malaysian loves u!! =] plas come again!!

Nicky |@|www| I saw Avril on July 8th, 2008 in Prague. It was amazing show! Great experience, never to forget!!&#9829;I love Avril, her music and style! | Prague, Czech Republic on July 8th, 2008

Tanner |@|www| the best damn concert i have ever seen! she really puts on quite a show! | Edmonton, AB

Lisa |@|www| I saw her live in Tallinn on July 1th, 2008. It was so amazing! She is my only idol. And I like her very much. Me <3 her! Just, amazing. I was almost on the first line. AMAZING CONCERT!  | Tallinn, Estonia

Kathrine |@|www| I saw Avril from (precisely) a half year ago on her Best Damn Tour. I stood 5 feet away from her. It was amazing - hope she'll come back to Denmark soon, then i'll sure give over 300 us dollars to a meet & greet ticket!  | KB Hallen, Copenhagen - DENMARK

Min Sun |@|www| wow!! she was best I've seen!!! | Korea

Chelsea |@|www| I saw Avril in March of '08 in the Borgata (a casino) at Atlantic City, NJ. My aunt surprised me with the tickets, and how could I say no?! Somehow my aunt managed to get floor seats literally about 3 feet away from the stage, it was incredible. I never got the chance to see her live before, and let me tell you, she is amazing. Her concert was unlike any concert I've ever been to, and I'm not just saying that. She sings so good it sounds exactly like the CD tracks, lol. The preformances she does are great too, she really gets the audience into the show. If you haven't yet, Avril is a must-see show. | Atlantic City, NJ

Cik |@|www| my 1st time saw her in her concert on 29/8/2008 for THE BEST DAMN TOUR.. i''ve been waiting to go her concert is 7 years and it was an awesome concert..her voice make me cry and we love to sing along with.PLEASE COME TO KUALA LUMPUR again AVIE| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia