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Upcoming TV Appearances

None right now.

Current Projects
New album – “Head Above Water”
Avril Lavigne’s sixth studio album.

“Head Above Water”
1st single from Avril’s “Head Above Water”.
Now available

“Head Above Water”
Music video from Avril’s “Head Above Water” album.
Now available

“Tell Me It’s Over”
Second single from upcoming album.
Now Available

“Tell Me It’s Over”
Music video from Avril’s upcoming album.
Now available

Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne
A clothing line that reflects Avril’s rock n’ roll lifestyle, and attitude towards fashion.

Charming (animated movie)
Avril Lavigne as Snow White.
Currently out in Europe, North America 2018

The Avril Lavigne Foundation
In support of children and youth living with serious illnesses and disabilities.

5th album: AVRIL LAVIGNE
Now available

4th album: “Goodbye Lullaby”
Now available

3rd album: “The Best Damn Thing”
Now available

2nd album: “Under My Skin”
Now available

1st album: “Let Go”
Now available

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