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  March 3rd, 2013

        PLAESE READ: With the exception of most music videos, you might not be able to download your selected videos. I am really sorry for the inconvenience, and because there are hundreds of videos, this is a process that will take some time. Instead of having videos available for download, I will be linking them to YouTube videos, which will make it much easier for you to watch. If you still wish to download the videos you watch, please install an app plugin into your internet browser that will allow for this. Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused. Melissa


  January 13th, 2013

        New layout! Thanks Lost-Sheep!


  March 4th, 2012

        Even though this main page is not updated much, videos are constantly being added to all categories. Check frequently for changes.


  December 29th, 2010

        New layout! Thanks Lost-Sheep! Lots of videos in all categories have been added


  February 21, 2010

        New layout from Lost-Sheep! Added TONS of videos in all categories!


  May 13, 2009

        New layout from Lost-Sheep!


  November, 2008

        Make sure you check the sections periodically, because I am always adding new videos. The sections that are updated the most are Interviews in all years, as well as Paparazzi videos.


  May 16, 2008

        Enjoy the new layout! Thanks Lost-Sheep!


March 15, 2008

        Some of you might have noticed that some videos are not working - this is being worked on so I thank you for your patience. The newest videos will be fixed first.