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Melissa (site owner) |@|www|

I met Avril for the first time on March 18, 2008 in Winnipeg, Canada.. I attended the show and meet and greet with my cousin. I ended up winning the meet and greet package, and when I found out I would be meeting her, I set up a project that I could give to Avril from the site. I asked visitors to submit their messages, which I put in a book. I also gave her a cute pair of hot pink slippers (you can see the finished products here). Avril of course loved everything, and was extremely friendly and interested when I was talking to her and telling her about the site. I was nervous, but not as much as I thought I would be. It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to meet her again!



We (my cousin and I)  went to where we were supposed to meet Avril's tour manager, and luckily he was just coming around the corner, about to call me. He whisked us backstage, then I saw Amie coming out of one of the dressing rooms. I said Hi of course and she said Hi back. We were told to wait in catering until they were ready.  While we were sitting there, Gabriel walked in. I introduced myself and we had a quick exchange. He said it was nice to put a face to the back and forth tweets and told us to have fun meeting Avril! So again, we waited for about 10 mins then went out into the hallway. I could hear her talking to the Vice President of the arena a little and taking a picture. Then it was our turn!

Her tour manager quickly introduced us and we shook her hand (the details are a little shaky but I’ll try my best to remember everything) She started off by talking to us about the mutual friend we have (my cousin is good friends with one of her good friends) and how she was excited to spend the day with her. She said she’s happy to be in Canada. I said too bad it’s getting cold but at least she has her “fox” to keep her warm, in which she replied “the fake one” and giggled. We all took a photo together then Avril mentioned “someone’s wearing Black Star, it smells good!” which was me haha Funny how she recognizes these things, but I guess when it’s something that you created, you would be drawn to it too! Then I mentioned and was happy that she knew all about the site! I showed her the Hello Kitty cow first, she said it was so cute and that she had never seen anything like it before, then she saw the book in which she said that she loves fanbooks and reading messages from fans. She looked at the cover for awhile and ran her hand over it, saying how it’s the poster for the tour, and on the tour book. We flipped through the book together, and she said “wow there are a lot of messages!”, and loved the mosaics as well (she said “ahh these are so cool!”). The Hello Kitty devil necklace and the bag were a hit as well! She then wanted to take a picture holding the fanbook with me! She was so excited to get it and probably said Thank You 10 times haha We talked some more, but it’s kind of all a blur right now. I asked if I could give her a hug (didn’t j ust wanna pounce on her) she said “of course” and giggled. Said bye to Avril and Gabriel, and Amie escorted us out back to the VIP, shes so friendly (where we got some evil looks from those in the stands probably wondering what we were doing haha)

I was very pleasantly surprised how giggly and happy she was with us. I think that it is completely different when she isn’t doing full meet and greets, in which she has to meet hundreds of fans a night and it makes it difficult to have a conversation. All in all, we had just over 5 mins with her, but I will never forget it.

The show started about 10 mins after we got back to the VIP section. When everyone says that her voice has matured, you can absolutely tell. The stand out songs were Alice, the very end of I Always Get What I Want where she does this really high note that I’ve never heard her do before, and of course, Avril and Evan’s duet of his solo song The Best Years of Our Lives! Their on stage dynamic is amazing to see. Avril kept looking over at him and smiling. This show is definitely the most happy I have ever seen her. Smiling constantly, engaging the crowd, doing cartwheels. She also interacted quite a bit with Jim. There were some feedback issues with the guitars during My Happy Ending in which she kept looking at him and giving him a “What the hell?” face. My only comment would be to move around the slower songs. Right now she does Alice, When You’re Gone and Wish You Were here together, and it seemed to drag a little bit. I heard people around me commenting, “another slow song”? I love her ballads because it truly showcases her voice, but I also love to see the crowd rocking out and having fun too. It’s too bad that her TV performances aren’t as amazing as the shows. There were 6,800 people at the show, and so far the biggest on the Canadian tour! (which really surprised me as we are not the biggest city). Overall a great Avril show, with some great songs, great energy! A night to remember!




Nikka |@|www| I was at her show in Helsinki, travelling all the way from melbourne for Avril... and it was worth it! She was so sweet! I got her a present; a necklace and a small letter. She (of course) loved everything. That was the best damn time of my life! And me and Avril had our moment. I couldn't beleive it! She was singing Did You Think and then she looked at me and gave me a big smile and I smiled back and waved! Wow. That was so awesome. I love you avril!!! and!!!!!

Michael |@|www| I HAVE MET HER! She was So chill and I was like chilling too, we were both laughing, and after a while she asked if I wanted to have anything signed

Amanda |@|www| I had VIP in Sweden, she were so nice and kind and lol i was close crying when i saw her smile to ME haha. and i gave her a letter, he tanked so much and we take a pic (dont wanna put it here cause ppl may take it -.-) She's so wonderful. the best damn day of my life

Emily |@|www| My meet and greet was amazing!!! First she said hi Emily! I didn't even have to tell her my name! I said hi and then she asked me where I was from and I told her. I handed her my gift and said "This is for you." She looked at it and said "Aww, thanks so much! It's awesome." She peeked in at the necklace and earrings and said "Aww, that's so cute! I love it!" She smiled at me and I smiled back. I said "I actually own a fansite for you called" she replied" You have a fansite? Awesome. I'll have to check it out." We both smiled. She said "I like your outfit" and laughed, I was wearing Abbey Dawn. She pulled out a photo of her and wrote "To Emily, Avril Lavigne". I took it and smiled. She asked "Are we gonna take a picture now?" "Of course." I replied then Andria Case from CTV news asked if I wanted her to take our photo with my camera. I said sure and then Avril quickly said "Oh you have a canon! Awesome! I have a pink one too!" | Picture