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February 15th, 2019 by Melissa 3 Comments

IT’S HERE! Avril has officially released her 6th studio album, “Head Above Water”! Go pick it up in stores, or wherever you buy your digital music!

Featuring a collaboration with Nicki Minaj, it is absolutely apparent that Avril has POURED her heart and soul into this record. Not only are there emotional songs like the title track and “Warrior”, young playful Avril comes out on “Souvenir”, “Goddess” and “Dumb Blonde”. From start to finish, it’s almost as if the songs tell a story and tie everything together. From going through with her battle with Lyme Disease, dealing with not having creative control all of those years ago and growing up, this record is STRONG, both melodically and vocally. We’ve never heard Avril like this before!!

I do have to say that with the first few listens, this might top “Under My Skin” as my favorite album. Although each song has a certain individuality and I honestly enjoy them all, my faves are “It Was In Me”, “Dumb Blonde”, “Bigger Wow” and “Souvenir”. Which ones are your stand out tracks?

As a lifelong Avril fan (and even as a newbie!), you’ll definitely find something for you on this record. “Head Above Water” is going to be one of those talked about albums as it shows that Avril isn’t just a bubble gum pop diva. She’s a resilient songwriter and artist that’s been put through real-life scenarios and has found a way to translate that into art. Pure art. That’s what makes her so successful. AND WE LOVE HER FOR IT!

Hope you love the record as much as I do! Happy listening!

– <3 Melissa

P.S. Lyrics to all songs are available in the Lyrics section of the site.

P.P.S. Can I also just say… VOCALS. SING GIRL, SING!!!!

  • Belladonna Johnson
    Posted on February 15, 2019

    this album is amazing! agreed her vocals are killer on this album, I hope it crushes and brings her the recognition she deserves!

  • Tim
    Posted on February 15, 2019

    I give Avril serious credit for making this album while she was seriously ill but “Head Above Water” seems half-baked when compared to her past albums in my opinion. Although I do like “Head Above Water” “Tell Me It’s Over” “It Was In Me” and “Warrior.”

  • Cortney
    Posted on February 16, 2019

    I am in LOVE with this album! Totally wish we got this side of Avril sooner! Think of what GL would have been like! I feel like Dumb Blonde doesn’t fit in… I dont know if it’s just not my taste, or if it was not in the right place on the track list, or if it would have felt better with a more upbeat album, but it along with crush are my least favorites.

    Birdie did not let me down!! I have been wanting to hear this song since we first heard about it, and WOW!!

    Bigger Wow, and souvenir were also songs I were curious about and again they did not disappoint! I LOVE their feel good jam ballad feel!

    Over all my top 5 songs are:
    I Fell In Love With The Devil
    Bigger Wow
    It was In Me
    and Warrior

    I do feel like some songs should have been switched around, but I an so thrilled that it is very story-like, like you said.

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