Welcome to the Abbey Dawn section of Only Avril. Here you can every item that has been released from Avril's first ever clothing line!

Not every item is currently available to be purchased online, but if you are interested in any item, check eBay.



April 14, 2018

        This section will no longer be updated. The Abbey Dawn clothing line has evolved and new designs are being posted to AbbeyDawn.com. Check out the official website to buy and for the latest!




April 13, 2013

        AbbeyDawn.com seems to be...gone! Keep checking the website, but you're best bet will probably to find items on eBay. Also,  new layout thanks to Lost Sheep!


April 8, 2012

        The Abbey Dawn 2012 collection has arrived! View the new items in the tees, tops, tanks, hoodies, bottoms, dresses, swimwear, bags, sunglasses, and shoes categories.



March 12, 2012

        Abbey Dawn footwear and handbags have arrived on JustFab.com! View them here and here.



February 26, 2012

        Abbey Dawn shoes have arrived! View them here.



April 30, 2011

        New layout! Thanks Neverland Designs!



April 10, 2011

        AbbeyDawn.com has added Scarves to their online store. View them here.



February 11, 2011

        AbbeyDawn.com has added Hats to their online store. View them here.



December 21, 2010

        AbbeyDawn.com has launched a men's line. View them here.



December 21, 2010

        AbbeyDawn.com has officially launched. Now, fans from all over the world can order a wide variety of items!



April 30, 2010

        Abbey Dawn swimwear is here just in time for summer 2010! Available exclusively at Boathouse. Check out all of the styles here.



August 15, 2009

        New layout! Thanks Lost Sheep!



August 13, 2009

        Abbey Dawn sunglasses and belts are now available that you can see here and here.



July 27, 2009

        Abbey Dawn bags and wallets are now available that you can see here.



July 24, 2009

        Select Abbey Dawn clothes are now available online at Boathouse for Canadians.


July 20, 2009

        Abbey Dawn for girls (kids) has launched at Kohl's stores and online. To see a collection of the currently available clothes, click here.



July 14, 2009

        Abbey Dawn has been expanded into a clothing line for kids at Kohl's stores.


 June 3, 2009

        Abbey Dawn is also available at Ross stores in the US, as well as TK Maxx in the UK, Ireland, and Germany!



January 24, 2009

        There are new Abbey Dawn items added weekly so keep checking back! Avril-L.org will have all of the latest pieces posted as they are released.



November 11, 2008

        Enjoy the new site and layout! Thanks Lost Sheep!