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4 Real: From “Goodbye Lullaby”
17: From “Avril Lavigne”

Adia: Performed as part of the Roxy concert series in Nov 2007 as well as in a Napanee before she was famous (a Sarah Mclachlan cover)
Alice: Written for the soundtrack to the 2010 film “Alice in Wonderland.” A video was made to promote the song and movie. It is also featured on “Goodbye Lullaby”
All Because of You: a Puffy song written by Avril and Butch Walker (a rejected song from “The Best Damn Thing”)
All I Wanted: From “Love Sux”, featuring Mark Hoppus
All The Small Things: Performed as part of the Bonez Tour and various TV appearances promoting “The Best Damn Thing” (a Blink 182 cover)
All You Will Never Know:  Unreleased b-side from “Let Go”
Alone: A B-side to “The Best Damn Thing” available on the “Girlfriend” single
American Idiot: Performed as part of the Bonez Tour in Australia (a Green Day cover)
Anything But Ordinary:  From “Let Go”
Avalanche: From “Love Sux”

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: a Christmas duet with Jonny Blue (cover)
Bad Girl: From “Avril Lavigne” featuring Marilyn Manson
Bad Reputation: Used as as part of a video montage on the “Best Damn Tour” (prerecorded – a Joan Jett cover). It is also featured on the deluxe edition of “Goodbye Lullaby”
Basketcase: Performed as part of the Try to Shut Me Up Tour (a Green Day cover)
Best Years of Our Lives: Evan Taubenfeld’s solo song, but recorded as a duet with Avril in 2011. Also performed for the very first time together on The Black Star Tour in Winnipeg, MB on October 14, 2011.
Bigger Wow: From “Head Above Water”
Birdie: From “Head Above Water”
Bitchin’ Summer: From “Avril Lavigne”
Bite Me: 1st single from “Love Sux”
Black Star: An intro song from “Goodbye Lullaby”. Also the name of Avril’s 1st fragrance
Bois Lie: From “Love Sux”, featuring Machine Gun Kelly
Breakaway: a Kelly Clarkson song written by Avril (a rejected track from Under My Skin). Avril also recorded it pre-Let Go
Break of a Heartache: From “Love Sux”
Bright: B-side from “Head Above Water”

Calendar Boy:  Performed in a Napanee, Ontario festival (a cover)
Cannonball: From “Love Sux”
Chop Suey:  Performed during a promo tour for “Let Go” (a System of a Down cover)
Complicated:  1st single from “Let Go”
Contagious:  From “The Best Damn Thing”
Crush: From “Head Above Water”

Dancing Crazy: A Miranda Cosgrove song written by Avril
Dare To Love Me: From “Love Sux”
Darlin’: From “Goodbye Lullaby”. Also the one of first songs that Avril ever wrote by herself when she was 15
Daydream: A B-side to “Under My Skin” (this song was never completed by Avril), and was given to Miranda Cosgrove
Deja Vu: From “Love Sux”
Don’t Stop: B-side from “Head Above Water”
Don’t Tell Me:  1st single from “Under My Skin”
Dumb Blonde: From “Head Above Water”

Everybody Hurts: From “Goodbye Lullaby”
Everything Back But You:  From “The Best Damn Thing”

Falling Down:  A B-side from “Let Go” available on the “Sweet Home Alabama” movie soundtrack
Falling Fast: From “Avril Lavigne”
Falling Into History: Unreleased b-side from “Let Go”
Fall to Pieces: From “Under My Skin”
Fat Lip: Performed during AOL Session in 2004 (a Sum 41 cover)
Fix You: Performed during select shows on “The Black Star Tour” (a Coldplay cover)
Fly: Written for The Avril Lavigne Foundation
Forgotten:  From “Under My Skin”
Freak out:  From “Under My Skin”
Fuel: Performed on “MTV Icon: Metallica” in 2003 (a Metallica cover)
F.U.: From “Love Sux”

Get Over It: A B-side to “Let Go” available on the “Sk8er Boi” single
Girlfriend:  1st single from “The Best Damn Thing”
Give You What You Like: From “Avril Lavigne”
Goodbye: From “Goodbye Lullaby”. Avril has said this is the most personal song she has ever written
Goddess: From “Head Above Water”

Half Full: B-side from “Goodbye Lullaby”
Head Above Water: From “Head Above Water”
Headset:  Unreleased b-side from “Let Go”
Hello Heartache: From “Avril Lavigne”
Hello Kitty: From “Avril Lavigne”
Here’s To Never Growing Up: 1st single from “Avril Lavigne”
He Wasn’t:  4th single from “Under My Skin”
Hey Ya: Performed as part of the Bonez Tour on Halloween in Philidelphia (an Outkast cover)
Hot:  3rd single from “The Best Damn Thing”
How Does it Feel:  From “Under My Skin”
How Do I Live: Performed in a Napanee, Ontario book store (a LeAnn Rimes cover)
Hush Hush: From “Avril Lavigne”


I Always Get What I Want: A B-side to “Under My Skin” available on the “Nobody’s Home” single
I Can Do Better:  From “The Best Damn Thing”
I Don’t Give: A B-side to “Let Go” available on the “Complicated” single
I Don’t Have to Try:  From “The Best Damn Thing”
I Don’t Wanna: a Puffy song written by Avril and Butch Walker (a rejected song from “The Best Damn Thing”)
I Fell In Love With The Devil: From “Head Above Water”
I Love You: From “Goodbye Lullaby”
Imagine: Available on “Instant Karma: The Campaign to Save Darfur” benefit album (a John Lennon cover)
I’m With You:  3rd single from “Let Go”. Also sampled in Rihanna’s “Cheers”.
Innocence:  From “The Best Damn Thing”
In Touch: B-side from “Head Above Water”
Iris: Performed with Jonny Rzeznik during Fashion Rocks in 2004 (a Goo Goo Dolls cover)
Ironic: Performed with Alanis Morissette in 2005 (an Alanis Morissette cover)
It Matters to Me: Performed in a Napanee, Ontario book store (a Faith Hill cover)
It Was In Me: From “Head Above Water”
I Will Be: A B-side to “The Best Damn Thing” released by iTunes, and also recorded by Leona Lewis


Keep Holding On:  From “The Best Damn Thing” and “Eragon” movie soundtrack
Kiss Me: Performed in a Napanee, Ontario festival (a Sixpence None the Richer cover)
Kiss Me Like The World Is Ending: From “Love Sux”
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door: A B-side to “Under My Skin” available on the “Nobody’s Home” single as well as the 2003 War Child benefit album (a Bob Dylan cover). It is also featured on the Japan edition of “Goodbye Lullaby”

Let Go:  Unreleased b-side from “Let Go”
Let Me Go: From “Avril Lavigne”, featuring Chad Kroeger
Let’s Get Weird: B-side from “Avril Lavigne”
Lights Out: B-side from “Head Above Water”
Listen: a duet with ONE OK ROCK
Losing Grip:  4th single from “Let Go”
Love Is A Battlefiend: Performed with Pay Benatar on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011 (a Pat Benatar cover)
Love It When You Hate Me: From “Love Sux”, featuring blackbear
Love Me Insane: From “Head Above Water”
Love Revolution: Performed with Lenny Kravitz, Hayden Penettiere, Vanessa Carlton and the Plain White T’s for Kohl’s (Lenny Kravitz cover)
Love Sux: From “Love Sux”

Make Up:  Unreleased b-side from “Let Go”
Mobile:  From “Let Go”
Move Your Little Self On:  Unreleased b-side from “Let Go”
My Happy Ending:  2nd single from “Under My Skin”
My World:  From “Let Go”

Naked:  From “Let Go”
Near to the Heart of God:  Performed in a Napanee, Ontario festival (a cover)
Nobody’s Fool:  From “Let Go”
Nobody’s Home:  From “Under My Skin”
No One Needs to Know: Performed in a Napanee, Ontario festival (a Shania Twain cover)
Not Enough: From “Goodbye Lullaby”
Not the Only One: Unreleased b-side from “Let Go”

Oh Holy Night: A 2003 Christmas duet with Chantal Kreviazuk
Once and For Real:  Unreleased b-side from “Let Go”
One of those Girls:  From “The Best Damn Thing”

Pumped Up Kicks: Performed during The Black Star Tour in Manila, Philippines (a Foster The People cover)
Push: From “Goodbye Lullaby”


Remember When: From “Goodbye Lullaby”
Runaway:  From “The Best Damn Thing”
Rock N Roll:  2nd single from “Avril Lavigne”

Sippin’ On Sunshine: From “Avril Lavigne”
Sk8er Boi:  2nd single from “Let Go”
Slipped Away:  From “Under My Skin”
Smells Like Teen Spirit: Performed as part of the Bonez Tour (a Nirvana cover)
Smile: From “Goodbye Lullaby”
Song 2: Performed as part of the Bonez Tour with Avril on drums (a Blur cover)
Souvenir: From “Head Above Water”
Stay – Be the One:  Unreleased b-side from “Let Go”
Stop Standing There: From “Goodbye Lullaby”

Take It: A B-side to “Under My Skin” available on the “My Happy Ending” single
Take Me Away:  Unreleased b-side from “Let Go”
Take Me Away:  From “Under My Skin”
Tell Me It’s Over: From “Head Above Water”
Temple of Life:  Pre “Let Go”
The Best Damn Thing:  4th single from “The Best Damn Thing”
The Scientist: Performed during Radio 1 in London on July 6, 2007 (a Coldplay cover)
Things I’ll Never Say:  From “Let Go”
Tik Tok: Performed during Radio 1 in London at Taratata in France in February 2011 (a Ke$ha cover)
Together:  From “Under My Skin”
Tomorrow:  From “Let Go”
Tomorrow You Didn’t:  Unreleased b-side from “Let Go”
Too Much to Ask:  From “Let Go”
Touch the Sky: Pre “Let Go”
Two Rivers:  Pre “Let Go”

Unwanted:  From “Let Go”


Warrior: From “Head Above Water”
Wavin’ Flag: A charity song for the earthquake in Haiti of 2010 featuring Canada’s Young Artists for Haiti
What Made you Say That?: Performed with Shania Twain at Ottawa, Ontario’s Corel Centre (a Shania Twain cover)
What The Hell: 1st single from “Goodbye Lullaby”
When You’re Gone:  2nd single from “The Best Damn Thing”
Who Knows:  From “Under My Skin”
Why: A B-side to “Let Go” available on the “Complicated” single
Wide Open Spaces: Performed in Napanee, Ontario (a Dixie Chicks cover)
Wing’s Clipped: a duet with Grey from album “Chameleon”
Wish You Were Here: 3rd single from “Goodbye Lullaby”
Won’t Let You Go: An unknown track (possibly written for the film Eragon)


You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet: From “Avril Lavigne”
You Never Satisfy Me:  Unreleased b-side from “Let Go”
You Were Mine: Performed in a Napanee, Ontario festival (a Dixie Chicks cover)


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