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Avril attended the Juno Awards last night in Edmonton, AB and not only did she take home the (fan voted!) Fan Choice Award, but handled an unexpected stage crasher in a very “Avril” way. Watch below.

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It’s every artist’s dream: to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Avril appeared, wearing the same hoodie she did when she first visited as a young 16 year old, to accept the amazing honor!

“Today, I love making music more than ever. I feel so inspired. And I hope that the next 16-year-old from their small town who comes to Hollywood one day, full of hopes and dreams, sees this star and thinks to themself, ‘Oh my god, my name could be there one day, too.’ Because it can,” she said during her speech according to Variety. “What an amazing 20 years, and I can’t wait for the next 20, bitches! Let’s go!”

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Avril looked stunning in a strapless leather dress with Mod Sun by her side at the Juno Awards in Toronto

April 30th, 2022 by Melissa 0 comments

A wave of nostalgia sweeps over me when I revive memories of being a key holder at Hot Topic, rocking magenta-dyed locks, folding end-less piles of band tees, and singing along to Avril Lavigne’s infectious anthems “Complicated” and “SK8RBoi”. It has been nearly two decades since the Canadian singer-songwriter released her very first debut album, Let Go, but the queen is back and you’re gonna wish she was your wifey. After breaking into the music scene at just 17 years old, the eight-time Grammy nominated global superstar has sold more than 40 mil-lion albums worldwide and has continued mainstream success from the release off our more follow-up studio albums, including Under MySkin(2004),The Best DamnThing(2007),Goodbye Lullaby(2011) andAvril Lavigne(2013). Now, in celebration of her 20-year anniversary, Lavigne is returning to her pop-punk roots with her latest single “Bite Me” and an extensive world tour.
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Avril Lavigne had to fight throughout her career to make the music she wanted to

Lavigne and Rico Nasty candidly discuss experiences as women in music, leading off Alternative Press’ Modern Icons Issue, available now.

Twenty years ago, Avril Lavigne began a legacy with her debut album, Let Go. Its release saw her dominate the pop-punk landscape on a global scale, being one of few women to do so successfully. But it also ignited a journey that required strength and resolve to execute her vision. Along the way, her abilities were questioned regularly, and writing the music she wanted to became a challenge. It took instances such as bringing her own clothing to a photo shoot because the tops on the rack didn’t suit her and defending her teenage rage to her parents to maintain that vision.

Ultimately, it’s Lavigne’s steadfast determination that paved a path forward for new artists such as Rico Nasty.

“You created a standard,” Nasty says to Lavigne from a Los Angeles warehouse. “You created a realm for us to be in. Back when you were coming up, it was like, ‘Well, this is what the fuck is going on.’ But now you’re on the fucking mood board. You’re who people want to dress like.”

Leading off Alternative Press’ Modern Icons Issue, which features a series of conversations between musical luminaries and the artists they influenced, Nasty and Lavigne connected for the first time. Throughout their conversation, the two musicians spoke candidly about their respective upbringings and why music matters more than anything. From musical processes to first jobs, Nasty and Lavigne discovered commonalities and differences, qualities that define them and their artistry. For Nasty and Lavigne, it’s a true meeting of the new school and the old school — one that spotlights alternative music’s bright future.

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Avril’s “Love Sux” album release party was a star-studded affair, with Travis Barker, Machine Gun Kelley and Mod Sun joining her on stage. Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox supported their fiance’s from backstage. Avril performed new songs from “Love Sux”, some of the classic hits, and “Flames” with Mod Sun.

February 8th, 2022 by Melissa 0 comments

June of this year will mark the 20th anniversary of Avril Lavigne’s debut album ‘Let Go’. For many, the album is one of the most accurate time capsules of the early Millenium rock/grunge scene and its impact on those that experienced it the first time round is immeasurable. However, like all good music, the album transcended generations as was evident when Avril Lavigne joined TikTok last year and her first video amassing over 34 million views.

On February 25th, Avril Lavigne is set to release her brand new album entitled ‘Love Sux’ a body of work wholly unique from the rest but still 100% Avril. Writing now as a developed artist with 20 years of life experience under her belt, this album channels all the fun and excitement of Avril’s iconic rock sounds, paired with stories of the ups and downs of her experience in love.

We caught up with Avril to discuss her musical journey, impact and of course, her FAULTs.

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January 23rd, 2022 by Melissa 0 comments

Avril is on the cover of Inked Magazine’s March 2022 issue. Click below to read the article

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