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April 15th, 2022 by Melissa 0 comments

Avril loves getting presents from her fans, so this fan project is sure to make her feel so special! If you’ve been a fan of for a while, you’ll remember us doing similar projects like this for The Best Damn Tour and Black Star Tour. Avril absolutely loved those books so let’s make this one bigger and better than ever!

I (Melissa) will be seeing Avril on May 17, 2022 when she stops in my city of Winnipeg, Canada on the “Bite Me Tour”. If COVID protocols don’t allow for an in-person presentation of the book, alternate arrangements will be made. But Avril WILL receive this.

All fans who wish to submit a personal message will be put into a scrapbook style book, along with your picture and name. Put some thought into it and tell Avril what she means to you.

See the list at the bottom of this post of those who have submitted messages. The order of the messages in the book will be the order that they are received.


Email with the subject “Fan Book Message”
– Message for Avril (including your name and location, social media @ handle if you want)
– Photo (Attach to email. Ideally a picture of you but can be anything you want. Just note that it might have to be cropped. Only include 1 image) – this is optional

– Message length be no longer than 300 words, please
– English messages only
– No offensive messages or pictures. Have fun!


Deadline: May 1, 2022 (subject to change)

1 entry per person

Please share this news to all of your friends on social media. We want to make this a HUGE success for Avril!

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The cute couple got engaged in Paris on March 27! Check out that beautiful heart shaped ring!

People Magazine Article (with exclusive photos)

    Avril Lavigne Gets Engaged to Mod Sun in Paris: ‘The Day We Met I Knew You Were the One’

    He was a boy, she was a girl — and they’re going to get married!

    Avril Lavigne got engaged to fellow pop-punk rocker Mod Sun on March 27 in Paris, the couple announced on Instagram Thursday.

    “It was the most perfect, romantic proposal I could ever ask for. We were in Paris on a boat in the Seine River. We had a violin player, champagne and roses. It felt like time stood still, and it was just the two of us in the moment,” Lavigne, 37, tells PEOPLE exclusively of the proposal.

    Mod, 35, popped the question with a custom-designed, heart-shaped ring set in a royal setting with little hearts from XIV Karats from Beverly Hills.

    Read more.

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Avril Lavigne had to fight throughout her career to make the music she wanted to

Lavigne and Rico Nasty candidly discuss experiences as women in music, leading off Alternative Press’ Modern Icons Issue, available now.

Twenty years ago, Avril Lavigne began a legacy with her debut album, Let Go. Its release saw her dominate the pop-punk landscape on a global scale, being one of few women to do so successfully. But it also ignited a journey that required strength and resolve to execute her vision. Along the way, her abilities were questioned regularly, and writing the music she wanted to became a challenge. It took instances such as bringing her own clothing to a photo shoot because the tops on the rack didn’t suit her and defending her teenage rage to her parents to maintain that vision.

Ultimately, it’s Lavigne’s steadfast determination that paved a path forward for new artists such as Rico Nasty.

“You created a standard,” Nasty says to Lavigne from a Los Angeles warehouse. “You created a realm for us to be in. Back when you were coming up, it was like, ‘Well, this is what the fuck is going on.’ But now you’re on the fucking mood board. You’re who people want to dress like.”

Leading off Alternative Press’ Modern Icons Issue, which features a series of conversations between musical luminaries and the artists they influenced, Nasty and Lavigne connected for the first time. Throughout their conversation, the two musicians spoke candidly about their respective upbringings and why music matters more than anything. From musical processes to first jobs, Nasty and Lavigne discovered commonalities and differences, qualities that define them and their artistry. For Nasty and Lavigne, it’s a true meeting of the new school and the old school — one that spotlights alternative music’s bright future.

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